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DAVIMOORE - 2015-12-30
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Moe Rosca - 2006-09-19
I had this spider for a month. the day i got it i tried to hold it and it bit me. i had to go to the hospital, it's bitten me 5 times at least. i sold it to a guy who killed it accidentally because it bit him, and he had an allergic reaction to its
venom and he almost died! so i held a chilean rose-haired tarantula and it never tried to bite me, it rocks. so i suggest the chilean rose-haired tarantula but what ever you do, never...EVER...EVER get an ornamental tree spider.

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  • John Green - 2013-07-21
    These spiders are sweet hearts. They are just shy. There have been no deaths from tarantula bites. The chances of being bit by a tarantula are very rare. The chances of severe side effects from a bite of this genus are significantly low against the number of bites. Moreover, tarantulas will warn you several times before they actually bite.
  • Arachnafaria - 2013-09-20
    Never pick up a tarantula unecessarily. Owned spiders for years. Never needed to pick one up. They aren't cuddly pets. Now a very beautiful tarantula has been killed unecessarily because people can't resist picking up a tarantula. Before you ever purchase any pet (whether it's a tarantula, dog, cat or anything else) DO YOUR RESEARCH! Indian orantmentals are well known for biting. Several Old World tarantulas are biters as they don't flick hairs as a form of defense.
  • chuck - 2014-06-09
    never ever had a problem with mine and its been 3 years.
  • Anonymous - 2014-09-09
    This is why we need to do research and actually know how to care for tarantulas before getting into old worlds. Old worlds are not meant to be handled. As a matter of fact I handle none of them. That post is 8 years old but there are still people out there who have no experience with tarantulas and they try to handle OW. Major lack of common since.
  • Anne-Marie Harris - 2015-01-18
    This is why you do not handle a p.regalis, they are known for biting and being venomous, of course a Chilean rose will not bite unless you agitate it but as a guy above said it is not necessary to hold tarantulas and they don't like it or get anything out of being handled. I would advise only experienced spider owners get true spiders, I have one and have experience and even get nervous trying to get her into another tank to clean her tank. These kinds of spiders are not ones you want to mess with and most likely won't give as much warning before they bite as a new world spider would.
  • john - 2015-11-27
    ive been collecting tarantulas for over 22 years now and its a proven fact u cant have an allergic reaction too a tarantula bite u can get nasty symptoms from pokie bites old world tarantulas the s calceteam dont know if ive spelt that right its common name is feather leg baboon has the most potent venom of any tarantula and the symptoms can last up too 3 weeks nausia flu like symptoms hallucinations aching joints but it is not possible to have an allergic reaction to a tarantula bite the proteins in there venom dont affect our histamines like bee and wasp stings can i no this isnt about this subject but some people still believe were its legal too feed live mice that u shouldnt give them mice cos all the calcium in the mouse will make the tarantulas exo skeleton to hard ant it wont be able to molt so will die during moulting thats rubbish as well think about how many tarantulas eat mice in the wild every know and then or the t blondi or the t apophysis or t stirmi a medium amount of there diet in the wild is small rodents and they do fine its common sense
  • James Popov - 2015-12-29
    do your research, idiot. never hold a Poecilotheria.
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Amanda - 2015-05-27
I recently was given a red eared slider from my in laws. It's about 5-6 years old and has lived in about 3 inches of water in a 15-20 gallon tank with no lights or heaters of any kind. I immediately did research and figured out that he needed a lot of stuff. I bought the uva and uvb lights above his basking rock right away and he now has about 5 1/2 inches of water. I'm not sure if I should fill the tank most of the way. I have read a lot of information online but not sure how deep the water should be r if there is something else I should be doing. Also how big of a tank should I have? He is about 5 inches long and about 3 wide. Gave him some minnows and he had so much fun catching them. Please help!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-31
    These turtles get to be about 8-10' in length. I have 3 adult sliders (about 18 years old now) and keep them in an outdoor pond. Read about the indoor setup above, a large tub  that's 48'w x 84'l x 20'd will be needed indoors. As far as food, they do like some live prey, but they also need a lot of vegetable matter. I alway feed turtle and pond pellets and they feed on the aquatic plants too.
  • Paul C - 2015-12-29
    A RES turtle's water depth should be at least equal to the length of their shell as they need this to swim that they enjoy. So a RES with a 5' shell needs water that is at least 5' deep.Got 2 in July 2011 around 5' long and kept in a 20G long tank they outgrew within a year. Now in a 45G long that is half filled, same as a 55G but couple of inches shorter, both turtles are about 7' now. Never fed them live fish, they have been fed and eat varieties of turtle pellets, floating sticks supplemented with freeze dried mealbworms and krill. On sunny days from mid spring to early fall, put them in a plastic kiddy pool with a large rock island during the daytime for their dose of vitamin D.
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rita ward - 2015-07-05
My male beardie has a watery left eye and it seems to get a form of mucous which I gently clean with cooled boiled water

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  • Kaeo vert - 2015-12-27
    My bearded dragon started to do that l took him to the vet and my vet gave me theses eye drops.The eye drops worked well
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kb - 2008-06-26
My rtb, Forbes, is the best snake ever. He will be 3 in July and has never even attempted to bite. I have even needed to clean bedding out of his mouth with no problems from him, and he doesn't mind dogs sniffing at him when he crawls on the floor. He will lay on me for as long as I will rub him - but I can definitely see a difference in his interaction with me as opposed to anyone else.
My boy is very spoiled and he loves it. I take him out of the cage nearly every single day, and he goes swimming and takes drives with me in the summer. I will be sad when he is just too big for me to handle alone. We are in the process of having a floor to ceiling enclosure built for him.
A lot of people ask how big will he get or how long will he live, and when I tell them, the reaction is usually 'what are you going to do with him then?' I'm going to keep him, of course! These reptiles are a true commitment and should not be a short term novelty to 'show-off'. Before purchasing one, be prepared to handle them regulary for many, many years - intentions otherwise are just not fair to them.

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  • Ernest Williams - 2011-09-23
    You should never let an RTB on your floors,unless you have just cleaned the floors with a pet safe cleaner. You should also not ware shoes that have worn outside,while you are in your house. You should never let animals near your RTB. You should take a shower before handling your RTB. Captive bred RTB have a poor immune system. It's very common for a young Boa to die from parasites just because the owner was reckless and careless enough to not take all precautions before feeding or handling there snake.
  • Victoria - 2013-08-02
    You can clearly tell that you care for your big boy, and glad to hear you'll give him a great LONG HEALTHY LIFE.
  • robert - 2015-12-15
    Have you had him its whole life.
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Edina - 2015-12-13
Hi, We got 4 greek tortoises, 3 female and one male. I live in Dubai and was planning on keeping them outdoors all year around in a nice big pen. However after reading more about them I'm not sure anymore if outdoors is the right place for them. Our lowest average temp is 19 degrees in January and highest is 36 in August, however with lows of of 14 degrees during winter and highs of 42 in summer with bad humidity. Is this ok for our tortoises? Will they be fine outdoors or should we move them indoors??? Because I haven't been certain if they are cold, we have been brining them in at night which I am pretty sure is not ok either. Also, we water our grass and plants everyday which will leave their moist and watery in the morning for some time, is this fine as well? I read that moist and humid areas can cause respiratory issues. Would appreciate any advise. If there is a tortoise expert out there with a few spare minutes, please email me on Thanks, Edina - a concerned tortoise owner :)

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Annette - 2015-12-12
I love budget frogs because they are frogs a budget frog is my favorite animal.

Annette - 2015-12-12
I love budget frogs they are really cute.

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kye turnbull - 2013-05-15
its banned to have these turtles in Queensland! they are a pest in the Brisbane area!

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  • layla - 2015-11-30
    No animals are pests, PEOPLE are the pests!
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Diane Davis - 2011-10-31
I have a pink toed tarantula but for the last 6 months or so has not eaten. She will kill but not eat it. Also for about a month she left her web and stayed lower to the ground than usual. I have had her for about 2 yrs and have not seen her behave this way. Any idea what is going on with my spider?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-01
    I can't tell you for sure but it sounds like she is going into her first major adult (puberty or whatever) molt. They frequently do not eat - even for months during this time and seem to be OK with it. I have read it is not unusual for them not to eat for this prolonged period of time. It would make me crazy but not unusual.
  • Keely Waller - 2015-10-05
    My partners has a pink toe tarantula he has onley had it for a cuple of days and he got her from a pet shop and she was fine she was kinda moveing arround but wasnt eating and she would onley kill her food but naw she is just curld up in a ball and not moveing my partner went to move her and she didnt flinch he thinks that she is dead but we have have her walter but she has onley moved slitley and she hasnt malted since she has bean with us some one help.
  • Stacey - 2015-11-30
    Comment above me. Your T is on a death curl. Probably dehydrated.

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