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ladyIsa - 2016-03-03
Question about a Ball-Python? If a Full grown Python enters a home and wraps its self around a young child's head and around the ear area you find blood like if the snake bit the child what type of behavior is going on with that snake ? and is it common for a Python snake to have this sort of behavior?

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  • Scalez - 2016-03-04
    UUUhhh, thats an oddly specific question. How would the snake just "enter" a home, does it have a key? also pythons aren't really active predators, they dont go out and look for food usually they wait for it to come to them. The behavior youre describing is probably hunting and is normal. There you go nothing to worry about ,the snakes fine, the baby however most likely had a slow agonizing death by suffocation, being unable to breath the baby could not scream.
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Cristi Jennings Wilson - 2014-10-10
I just inherited a 9yr old male ASN and he has only ate raw meat ( beef, pork, and chicken ) for at least the last several yrs. They also fed him bologna and hot dog. Also the fellers water temp was kept at around 72. I have raised his water temp to 76 and will try to raise it more, I'm just taking it slow. What about his diet? I've read that they eat more veggies and greens the older they get but Gilbert won't eat them. I wanna do right by my new man but he seems to be breaking all the rules


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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-11
    What a great new pet, sounds like you are going to be a great keeper too. These turtles will continue to eat proteins, and snack on some veggies.  General foods as listed above are'commercial aquatic turtle food and will eat fish, crayfish, worms, and even crickets. They will also pick at aquatic plants and especially enjoy taking bite-sized pieces from the leaves of water hyacinth and water lettuce.' I don't know that I would feed processed foods like bologna and hot dogs though.
  • Nikki Bee - 2016-03-02
    Ive read chicken and beef are bad for them. As they get older they prefer plants more but dried or live proteins like shrimp krill and minnows are good, along with the pellets that have more vitamins. However I've just been doing extensive research because I just bought two juveniles, and dont have much personal experience.
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Marybeth - 2016-03-01
Do not listen to the 'dry environment' advice. Sulcata are hatched near mi soon season-- a base temp of 80F with 90% humidity for the first 8 mi THs or so of their lives is needed to prevent the metabolic bone disease known as pyramiding-- the spiky backs they should not have but so get if raised in a dry enorpent! These spikes are malformed spongy bone that predispose the sulcata to other problems. Many sulcata, raised according to this out of date uneducated advice suffer deformations for close to 100 years. Anyone wanting a heritage pet should give it the optimum care, including temps, humidity, diet, daily soaks the first year and every other day as long as you can lift it (or access to a shallow pool when big enough to be in an outside habitat).

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CGcapitol - 2016-02-21
I love green iguanas. They're such extraordinary creatures. I'd get one but my parents said it would get to big and my mom hates iguanas.

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Terri Bloxom House - 2016-02-21
This was the very first snake I ever had and what made me fall in love with snakes as a child.  My dad brought home two rough green snakes that he found while out hunting.  Once I held them, I was addicted.  I would love to own one again someday.  I currently own 16 corn snakes and 12 Kenyan sand boas which I also breed.  Please keep in mind that, as the article suggests, these are typically not good starter snakes for begginer snake owners.  The best snakes for beginners would be the corn snake and the Kenyan sand boa.  There are also a few other snakes that would also fall into that catergory, but always do your research when purchasing a new pet of any kind.  Make sure you know and have all you need before making the purchase to make sure your pet has the best chance at a long healthy life.  

Jill Loughton - 2013-01-31
iam getting one next week and need more advice about correct setup please

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-01
    These snakes like to climb so have planty of branches for them to climb.  There is a variety of substrates that you can use for these snakes.  Make sure to all ways have water available. 

    They do well in 70° to 80° F with moderate humidity. Lighting requirements are minimal, they do not need full spectrum lighting though it is good for long term maintenance as it helps them feel good. You can use a substrate heating device for basic heating. For additional heat, you can add a full spectrum incandescent daytime bulb and a blacklight bulb or red incandescent bulb for nighttime heating. Be sure you use a thermometer so you don't let the terrarium become overheated!
  • Jill Loughton - 2013-02-03
    Thank you.
  • Terri Bloxom House - 2016-02-21
    You can also use a heat mat though it's probably better to use a heat lamp due to them being arboreal or to use both since they will also want to be on the floor of their vivarium. One thing you need to consider is not only having a thermometer but also connecting your heat lamp and/or mat to a thermostat. The thermostat is very important to help regulate the temperature in your vivarium.  Make sure to vary their diet and never ever use wild caught insects since they may have been subjected to insecticides which could harm your pet snake.  
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Brandy - 2011-01-10
We have an albino corn snake that was a Christmas Present for our then 10 years old. We have had her for a little over a year now. Her name is Zero. Everyone that finds out we have her are always asking what we were thinking and honestly at first I didn't think that I would like or have much to do w/ her. But, over the last year I have grown to love her as much as our other pets. She is very much a part of our family. She has a personality of her own, would never dare to bite one of us (altought I'm sure if she didn't feel safe she would for protection). She is beautiful, white w/ the pinkish spots and of course her red eyes are so amazing. She has gown quite a bit since we first got her. Honestly, I would much rather get another corn snake then a cat, dog, bird, or any other kind of pet. With the proper care they do not stink, or make a mess. They are easy to feed and care for. They make a really wonderful pet for our sons and our family. We hope she will be in our family for many, many years to come.

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  • Random person - 2011-10-22
    Really! My snake kind of that bad her cage can get messy from poo...are those bad!?
  • Mikayla - 2012-01-13

    Yes that's bad! They could crawl over it and then get so used to it that if you do clean it, they'll probably strike you( Which isn't a big deal really) and get really mad at you. Just letting you know.
  • bree - 2015-09-20
    I agree with you. I have a corn snake, bought him at LLL Reptile in Escondido, CA. Have never had attitude probs, and he LOVES his morning warm bath and can go to the bathroom there, and it gets washed down, and he loves a floating color changing light floater that he puts his head on and spins around the tub on it. He has never been agressive, and now is almost a year old. A darling pet, that you can wrap around yourself as you do laundry and such, as he gets lonely for company too. A better pet is what I agree to. I never wanted a snake in the beginning but when I went looking for a pet, I fell in love with this albino coral coloured corn snake, and he has been the love of my life and my mom loves him and also our leading pastor has met sir sneekisnake and loves him too. I agree with you to keep a love 4 your cornsnakes, as they also have love to give.
  • Anonymous - 2015-10-14
    I love corn snakes
  • Terri Bloxom House - 2016-02-21
    Mikayla, I don't know where you got your information from, but your very wrong.  Very few corn snakes are agressive if handled often and though keeping a clean cage is very important for the health of the snake, it does not make them agressive in any way shape or form. I have rescued quite a few corn snakes myself and none of them became agressive after cleaning their enviroment.  That said, it's likely that not holding your corn snake often enough would be the cause for a snake becoming agressive. As for corn snakes being great pets, that is very true.  I keep and breed corn snakes and Kenyan sand boas and they are both great pets for the beginner to the advanced reptile keeper. I currently have 16 corn snakes in my personal collection and 12 Kenyan sand boas.  If you are interested in a new corn snake or a Kenyan sand boa, you can look up my page on Facebook by searching for Tails of Scales, like my page and leave a comment.  
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Jessica Turtles - 2010-08-27
That would be the turtle I have- I currently own two box turtles, Scout/female/5yrs. & Percy/male/8yrs. They LOVE to eat grubs, worms, centipedes a roly-polies. Advice: If you are new at turtle owning, I suggest you read this page thoroughly and go to your local vet for help- maybe even go to your pet store. Some turtles that have a new environment are often uncomfortable and will refuse to eat. Try to get a tank, some nice terrain, a pool, a food dish, and a plant potter/ and or hollow thing that is big enough for a turtle. When filling up your tank, my turtles like water but mainly live on land, so the pool is great for turtles like mine and possibly yours. Make sure when you are pouring your dirt to pile it up in one area (turtles like to burrow). Put your hideout(your plant holder and or hollow thing) on the dirt or wood< whatever your using as terrain, then put your pool and your food dish. Try to put a variety of things in your turtles food dish like: cantaloupe, lettuce, carrots, apples, worms, grubs, roly-polys, centipedes, caterpillars, and turtle food you buy. Do not kill the bugs, or chop the lettuce or carrots, but do chop the apples into slices. Because, turtles will not eat the food because it is not how they would find it in the wild. Take your turtles outside also, keep a good eye on them, they can be fast( no sarcasm intended) your turtles or turtle will enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. Try not to linger on the turtle, for it will be scared and feel unsafe and wont go play. But do keep a good eye on them. Turtles are great friends, but need special care, so do not leave your turtle or turtles in the sun too long, and do NOT take your turtle out in freezing temperatures, keep them in their tank and a heat lamp hovering over the tank. That's my advice :)

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  • peggysue rivers - 2016-02-12
    Thank you so much. You told me everything I needed to know ! Found a turtle mother had been hit by a car.Brought it home and realized I don't know anything about taking care of a turtle.Tried to get him to eat but he wont.thanks again !
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john - 2012-08-15
hey, I'm releasing my wild caught ribbon snakes that I caught and cared for for 3 months and plan on getting a red tailed green rat snake or 2(preferably a male and a female) and I would like to breed them. I would like as much info as possible. Is lll reptiles a reliable dealer for this snake, I checked the website and they have it, but I have never ordered ANYTHING over the web, so please tell me asap.

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Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
I had a turtle named Sunny. He was healthy, but he wouldn't eat. I didn't want him to starve so we set him free. I don't know where Sunny is or if he's alive or not. I hope he's alright. He may have been upset because we took him from the wild and forced him into a life of captivity.


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