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   Displaying some very unique and conspicuous features, the popular Naso Tang is one of the most attractive surgeonfish!
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Jarod - 2006-07-24
I have a juvenile tang which is 3-4 inches. At first he wouldn't eat, then after a week of trying everything, he would munch at blanched lettuce, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, and julian sprung's purple seaweed. He likes the purple better than the red and green. I just increased the water flow and he is loving it. I've had him for about 4 months and he will eat out of my hand. Really friendly fish. His new favorite food is SPECTRUM THERA+A by new life. It keeps him plump and ick free.

Also, I have a mixture between a reef tank and FOWLR. The only problem I have with my tang is that when he is hungry and I don't feed him or leave some purple seaweed for him, he will bite at the coraline algae. But I purchased purple up and it is making the tank look great by replenishing the areas where he nipped at the rock.

Amir Gray - 2005-09-18
My Naso is a beautiful fish. it has been with another naso for a while. they sometimes fight but usually no fin dammage.

Fran Ralph - 2005-06-24
Just got my "lipstick Tang" 3 days ago. Not eating well yet but after reading the comments I can try some new ideas. Just new at this so I hope my tang is good to me! I have a bird nose wrasse, a clown and a yellow and black damsel with my Tang they seem to be ok together.

Denise - 2005-02-05
Just got our lipstick tang today for our reef system, keeping fingers crossed..we have 2 "nemo clowns" 3 chromos, and a yellow tang. Also some peppermint shrimp, snails, small crabs, and corals. Tank has been up and running since November, and is a 70 gallon tank. Also have about 130 pounds of live rock in there. New at this, but also found that I prefer to take about 8 gallons out a week and add back + 2 of fresh for evaporation. Think more often and less works better. Our tang started grazing the minute let him (or her) loose. We have quite a bit of green and red alge growing in there. Good Luck to all, and to me too, will write back and let know how made out.

Anonymous - 2004-10-06
I just bought my Naso Tang a few days ago. My other fish are a rather large Lion fish, a Niger Trigger, a sebea clown, and a Lunar wrass. This is the first of many fish that can hold their own with these guys. Tried brown, green, red seaweed and he did not even see it. He would not take silversides or shrimp either. Finally, he will now only eat Formula two and MYSIS shrimps. The unfortunate thing is that all the rest of my fish like that even more than he does and he is still a little timid about going for the stuff so my other fish end up with buldging bellies before he gets enough to eat.

Andrea - 2004-07-27
I just bought a Naso Tang today....He is a beautiful fish, but I hear they can get up to 20 inches. Hopefully my 125 gallon tank is adequate for him. I also have a Yellow Tang, so I have been watching to make sure they get along...wish me luck!

mark - 2004-07-16
I just bought a Naso Tang and he/she is doing great. I love them, they are beautiful fish. I just thought I would add that they love purple algea, brine shrimp, blood worms, and formula two. I recommend giving them formula two because of the garlic, it boosts there immune system. Also note for Sarah and Duke Dellaroco do a 5 gallon water change weekly instead of a 25 gallon monthly. The less more often the better. Hope this helps anyone thinking of getting one.

duke dellarocco - 2004-04-26
we are sick over the loss of my naso tang. he had the best personality, he would eat out of my hand and love to show off when he knew we were watching. he went to fish heaven this past sunday. he went into shock and never came out off it. we had him for almost 2 years. coolest fish in our 72 gallon reef tank. we did a water change of around 25 gallons this time no different from any other time, but for some reason he did not like it. he will be missed. for anyone thinking about gettting a naso, DO IT. - sarah & duke dellarocco

Bryan Gaines - 2003-11-28
My Naso Tang is a beautiful fish. I just bought it a few days ago and I noticed that it was not eating, and I became nervous. I experimented with all types of foods - frozen, live, flakes and green seaweed and he just ignores it. Finally I tried some purple seaweed and he devours it.I hope that this information can be helpful to those who are having the same problem.

William - 2003-11-01
I have had my naso for four days now and he has been grazing and eating brine like little pig. He also gets along with my two other tangs, a yellow tang, and a hippo. They all do great together, but I also think depends on the persnalities of the fish.