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   Where did this fish, the False-eye Puffer get it's "false-eye" name? (Also called the Sharpnosed Puffer, Solander's Toby, or Blue-spotted Toby) Well, the false eye is a black spot at the base of the dorsal fin! You can just barely see it in this photo.
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Hieu - 2019-04-25
Can False-eye Puffer be kept with nemo clowfish?

Anonymous - 2017-06-29
I have a standard 29 gallon tank with two maroon clownfish about an inch in length. Would one of these get along with the clownfish?

lakeyn - 2012-09-17
I believe it mostly boils down to the specific fish & tank size. My Toby Puffer has been in a 110gal with my dwarf lionfish & blue damsel for a few years. NONE of the fish nip or have any other issues with one another. The smaller the tank, the more territorial fish are going to be, period. The order they are put into the tank can make a difference too. My damsel should be eaten by my lion, but because he was there first she yields to him & his territory. I love these little puffers, they are full of personality, but be careful - mine likes to jump out of the tank any chance he gets.

Mika - 2005-07-20
I have a blue-lined toby, and although he is personable and rather easy to keep, he does take nips out of the other fishes fins. My poor sailfin tang looks scalloped now!

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  • Bill - 2012-07-24
    I had a bigger Maroon clown that used to always have bits of her fin bitten off and you'd always see her chasing the puffer and anything else away from her anemones. The poor fish had a pretty hard life and died early for other reasons. One bad winter the water temperature got pretty low and every fish died in the tank but the Maroon clown and her little partner. Then we restocked the tank and it happened a couple of weeks later and her partner died. She probably died a year or two after that. Oh yeah, puffers are infamous for nipping.
nosphantom - 2009-12-13
I have a Blue Spotted Toby, he always waits untill after all the other fish have eaten then he takes what's left or the meal. He is very reclusive and does not seem to like coming out when the tank light is on during the day, but loves to come out from the rocks at dusk and dawn, by far the most docile fish in my tank.