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  The Scooter Blenny, or more accurately, the Ocellated Dragonet, is a smaller dragonet that costs less, however needs just as much consideration as it’s colorful mandarin cousins.
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Moses 2006-11-07 - 2006-11-07
I have 8 Scooter Blennies. I had theam for 4 months. they are really active and love to eat worms that swim all over the live rock and the live sand. 7 of theam are 1-1/2 inches long and the biggest one is 2-3 inches. I love this fish and I recommend that you should buy this fish.

Denis J. - 2006-10-06
How to pick a male and female pairs of scooter blennies: Look at the folded fin before its dorsal fin much like a bottom mast on a sailboat with the sails down. The male will have a longer mast past the beginning of his dorsal fin. This flag fin is impressive when he raises it or opens it in front of the female! Food they like which i discovered by accident: My male eats formula 1 marine pellets which i feed my flame angel. I drop 5-7 pellets for him everyday on the sand which he picks up one by one as he goes around sifting the LS. The female won't eat it though. One day when i was feeding my arrow crab, cleaner, fire and peppermint shrimp with small pieces of fish and shrimp, she went after the piece of fresh shrimp on my grabber. She really tore into it! Now that's what i give them daily besides what they eat in my tank with 70lbs LR & 35lbs LS. I don't know why they're considered intermediate when they're so adaptable, hardy and seem easy to care for.

kristen - 2006-07-16
We have two scooter blennys that are mating! We found this site that described the ritual. The male flares his fin to get her attention, then they swim up together. Though their eggs will probably get sucked up by the filter its so awesome to watch!

allan - 2006-03-25
I have 2 Scooters in a small 18 gallon reef tank, I had a horrible hair algae problem... but now, only 1 week after the blennys' have eaten over half of the algae in the tank, its fun to watch them scoot around and eat that algae off. They are very active during the day.

Will - 2006-03-05
My scooter blenny is always active except at night. It is always eating alge off the rocks, and I love how it climbs on rocks.

Marquise Barfield - 2005-12-09
My scooter blenny is very active, and is always cleanig and eating anything he can find. I have currently a 30 gallon tank , but soon to purchase a bigger tank.