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   This alert little fish is a great addition to a reef setup. The Pink-Spotted Shrimp Goby or Pink-and-Blue-Spotted Goby are very easy to keep!
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Jared - 2017-05-03
I'm pretty sure my pink spotted goby ate my pistol shrimp and my cleaner shrimp and one of my hermit crabs and he hides under my Rock all day

Josh - 2008-11-13
My Pink Spotted Shrimp Goby lets itself get clean by my Cleaner shrimp, they are best buddies.

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  • Rick Irwin - 2016-02-16
    My Pink-Spot gets it's mouth cleaned a couple times a day (that I see) by my Cleaner Shrimp.
Tollie - 2007-10-29
Be careful with keeping arrow crabs around this goby; they might get eaten.

Rachel Dixon - 2004-04-14
My pink-spot goby is a fantastic character. once,when i fed him and the rest of my fish with a cube of frozen brine shrimp,he leaped up and grabbbed nearly all of the food in his huge mouth. He was chewing on it for the rest of the day! He is now such a lovely and striking fish!

sean - 2010-06-10
My pink spotted gobbie is a real cheeky little fella, Mr mischief.... I have seen him chilling in my mushroom coral, almost using it for a sun bed?
He eats just about everything even my cleaner shrimps, I woke one morning to find half still hanging out of his mouth! And with a full belly.
Fun little fella.


chris - 2007-08-14
My Pink-spotted goby came with my tank setup. He was nearly full grown and has maybe grown an inch. He's about 6" long from lips to tail. Very fun and one of my favorite fish. Plan for your sand and subsequent rockwork to be adjusted by this guy.

Heather - 2006-03-23
I was so excited to get my Goby home. I named him Archie (after Archie Bunker) because he has the personality of a grumpy old man. I dont like the fact that every time my little Regal tang swims by, my Goby will bite it, and keep on biting at her until she swims away. That is almost a daily occurance. I am barely able to give any flakes to my crab, or shrimp because he takes it every time, and he even bites the claw. Boy, he sure does bite hard. I am thinking of returning him because of that.

Art - 2005-04-09
My daughter went looking for a sand sifter to replace a gold headed sleeper and came home with a pink spotted. What a wonderful addition to my tank. The sales girl obviously didnt know what she had and practically gave my daughter the fish. It dosent bother with the tomato clown either and the tomato clown learned early to leave him alone ;) LOL

Tony - 2004-01-17
my one is very ambitious on trying to swim through the glass and when he get tired he just sits there like a stone.

nick - 2003-09-24
my pink spot did same thing when i put it in my spare tank whilst waiting for new tank. I came down in the morning it was on the carpet jet black in color. I got the net to pick him off the floor to dispose of him/her... it moved so i left it in the net it slowly started to breathe it came round and now its in my new tank carrying on as nothing had happened to it. Its the boss of the tank and defends its home against any fish whether its a tang or my blue thorat trigger.