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The Queen Angelfish is a bold and dazzling aquarium fish, a "queenly" specimen indeed!
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Tyrese - 2010-02-23
I am loving the Queen Angelfish it's the name of my report.

Mike - 2007-10-24
I've had mine for half a year and it hasn't touched a coral!

Gino - 2007-08-29
The Queen Angelfish is so beautiful!

I have created a fan site for Queen Angelfish because I love them so much!

jeff - 2007-05-21
these angel fish are cool and a good topic to do research on luv you angelica

Chelsea - 2007-02-27
i am doing a report on the Queen Angelfish and think it is a great kind of fish to study!

Rosebelle - 2006-05-19
This is really cool website to get info on queen angelfish!!

Hannah - 2006-03-20
Your site really helped me with my report for school. THANKS!

janelle - 2006-03-01
COOL i am doing the queen anglefish for a project in science