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The pretty Three Stripe Damsel is one of the few damselfish that keeps its stripes for life!
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Tim Arnett - 2006-02-19
Little tough guy likes to bite me if my hand ever enters the tank and always kicks my sand around. but i've had him so long i can't get rid of him. definetly not afraid of anything, used to smack my snowflake eel with his tail all the time. Cool looking but definitely aggressive fish

Danny - 2006-01-18
Their cool. They are meaner than other damsels. They swim alot and work in community tanks. They do fine with damsels of the same size and larger. They really stay away from larger damsels to stay out of trouble. So if you need to add a tough fish that is smaller than others this might work. Very hardy fish that keeps moving all around the aquarium.