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The pretty Three Stripe Damsel is one of the few damselfish that keeps its stripes for life!
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Timothy Sherlock - 2016-05-09
Not a fish I would recommend, particularly for beginners for one major reason... they terrorize the aquarium. Many new to the hobby would be put off due to it's agressive nature towards other fish. They can go so far as taking chunks out of other fish that are introduced after it.

Wendy - 2012-02-18
I have two of these fish. One is a bit bigger than the other. The big one is very aggressive. If I could catch it I would probably get rid of it. I can not put any new fish in the tank without it chasing them and making them hide all the time. My clown fish seems to hold its own against the bully fish. My dragon-net guy that hangs out on the bottom doesn't seem to get picked on either.

wade burkman - 2013-04-02
Ihave one three stripe humbug damsel and one false perculla clown, and two neon yellow gobys, a starfish, hermit crab, and pensil urchin in a 15 gallon hex aquarium and my three stripe does not bother anyone in the tank he seems to like the clown fish and totally ignores thr neon gobys have had all 4 fish for about four years and love them all

roxy - 2012-05-10
yea we need help what kind of food do these fish eat were in 8th grade doing a project lol!!!!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-10
    In the tank setting these fish will eat flake but will take a variety of things. If you click on the fish and go under feeding, it is all there.
Indunil - 2010-05-25
I have one three striped Damsel along with 1 Devil Blue, 1 Domino and 3 Clown fishes. Before I bring my clown fish damsels were aggressive to each other but when I put 3 clown fishes they not seems to be aggressive to each other. Sometime I can see Domino is chasing other 2 but in front of clown fishes they behave as gentlemen

vic hillier - 2010-04-24
I have a breeding pair of these, and find they are very aggressive towards the smaller fish.
They always lay their eggs on the glass front of my aquarium, but also push all the live sand between their live rock and the egg laying area away into large piles.
I notice that they chirp loudly when threatened by other tank mates.

Suzy - 2009-04-30
I have a breeding pair of three stripes and I am finding them to be extremely durable. I have a variety of different snails and they seem to do well with all 7 of them. I am pretty impressed with my little pair. As most have stated they are aggressive when you place your hand in the tank. Mine haven't tried to bite me, they more less swim and hide. Mine are still fairly young so I am awaiting for them to lay some eggs. The male seem to turn darker colors when anything gets near the rock cave. I would suggest anyone starting out to get damsels or if you have have less timid critters such as snails, I am still slowly adding to my aquarium. They are a great investment I believe.

Jacqueline - 2009-02-09
I bought my first black and white damsel three weeks ago. When frightened his white stripes turn black and he refuses to show any signs of life. He tends to hide in the closest plant and goes into shock when he senses any sudden movement or drastic light change. He definitely didn

Matt - 2007-07-08
my step father has a marine tank and did have black and white damsel but he had to get rid of it because of how nasty it is. I have a tropical freshwater tank and i have slowly placed him in there. He has become immune to the freshwater, i have heard they can be immune to freshwater so i thought i would try it and he is settling in very well.

Street Diesel - 2007-02-21
I have had mine for a year now and mine are agressive towards me when my hands in the tank. I have 2 of them, I also have in my tank a Maroon Clown, Blue Devil, Neon Gobie(just lost the other 1), a regular shrimp goby, and a reef lobster. It seems to leave them all alone. Just once in awhile they'll chase the devil, but over all they are only agressive when my hand is in the tank. If i did'nt have the 2 of them for awhile, they'ld be gone, but im hoping somehow they might breed.