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The Talbot's Damsel is a pretty and graceful damselfish with an awesome personality!
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jolene rockwell - 2014-02-03
I have one of these, he lives with my orange toadfish, and I have actually seen him smack the toadfish in the face with his tail fin and the toadfish just sits there! He is a silly little fish and I like him a lot!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-04
    That's very cool... and a funny story too!
Sherry Dryden - 2010-03-10
We just started our Saltwater aquarium about 2 months ago. Everything is great! We purchased a Talbot's Damsel. We have been watching him closely and he has been picking up shells and moving from behind a piece of Coral. Is this normal? Nesting? He is really a lot of fun to watch! Has any one else seen this activity.

mel - 2004-04-11
I have one of these little guys, alone in a 10 gallon, I like him alot. Hes got a great curious personality and is extremely easy to care for, and pretty to boot.