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Sergeant Major youngsters are sweethearts as they clean giant sea turtles in the wild, but adults get big and mean!
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Susan - 2004-07-08
in the course of 2 weeks, the sergeant major has devoured 8 super crocea clams and stressed out 4 more. this species is hard to catch and loves to dine on unsuspecting anemones, snails, clams, and small fish. i was sold this fish by mistake.

Valerie Jean - 2010-06-24
I was swimming yesterday in the coast and was wearing a colorful brown and orange dress. While swimming, I noticed a tiny little fish swimming around me and following me because he liked the colors on my dress. I decided to catch him and I took him home. Now I'm trying to research on this cute Sergeant Major Damsel. I love him && he seems to love me! (since he followed me home. lol.)

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  • Michele - 2010-08-22
    Hi Valerie

    I love these fish too. They captured my heart while snorkeling in Bermuda. They are very friendly and like to swim along with you. I am concerned that your fish should be in his natural habitat rather than in a contained environment.
Lee - 2007-08-23
My sergeant major is the second biggest fish in my tank. He has grown more than any other fish in my tank since i got him. At first he was bullied and chased around by my royal dottyback, but after two months the tables slowly turned as he grew. I also have an electric blue damselfish which i added a few months after the sergeant major. The sergeant major is friendly with every other fish in the tank except the electric blue damsel.

He could rival my porcupine pufferfish with the amount of food he consumes.

Ginger - 2007-04-04
I love this fish! I have a Sergeant Major damsel, a yellow tail damsel a 3 stripe damsel and a coral angel. The sergeant Major is special. Yes he eats like a pig and will never refuse food. He will eat anything you give him but he is also very intellegent will bond with the owner. I come home and he is at the glass begging for food. After i feed him he will swim around then return to get eye contact with me. He will often stare at me with his big eyes. (so cute). He has figured out how to make the flake food fall down from the top of the water by swimming rapidly up and hitting the food with his tail. Then he swims back and forth grabbing all the food as it falls. He also taught my other fish to eat from the top. Very adorable... love him/her to death! Easy maintence, very inexpensive, very intelligent and loveable!

pr[ii]c3ss - 2006-02-28
the sergeant fish is a blue coloured fish and lives in the turtle grass ..

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  • CclayRaido13 - 2021-06-02
    The males turn blue during mating season
Ramon - 2005-02-19
In the course of three weeks, this fish double in size. He is one of my favorite Damsels but spends most of his time eating. That being said, he has outgrown the rest of his tank mates yet exhibits little to no aggression to other fish.