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The Blue Velvet Damsel is such a rich sparkling beauty when young, it's dubbed "neon" and "jewel"!
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Jeff - 2018-02-08
Just wanted to pass on some information about the lifespan of the Velvet Blue Damsel. This description said their life span in the wild is likely about 6 years and typically 15 years in captivity. Just wanted to pass on that mine is 20 years old and close to turning 21. I put him in my reef tank 20 years ago to cycle it and he is still alive and well...he is very aggressive and belligerent as you indicated in the description.

Janet Haertle - 2013-10-01
I just started my first saltwater aquarium and I have different varieties. I have one that is not very active and sits at the bottom of the tank but what impressed me is the neon damsel is coaxing that little one to swim. The neon damsel floats down to it with its tail fin and gives it a little nudge to make it swim. I thought that was really neat. The neon damsel is trying to help it stay alive is what it looks like to me.

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  • rofer - 2014-07-04
    Try turning off filters before and some time after feeding. My damsels all stayed at bottom until I did this. If you have dominoes they're the toughest of any I ever had kept.
jordan - 2011-11-05
We have a love hate relationship with these fish. We started out our tank with one domino damsel and one 3 striped damsel. We quickly learned who the dominant fish was and that was the domino damsel, always picking and pushing 'pizza' around but hasn't killed him yet. About 3 weeks later we got 'sunny' which is our yellow tailed damsel....I thought the other 2 fish were going to murder poor sunny BUT sunny has survived, barely. Domino and pizza bullied him for a very long time, isolating him to the far corner of the tank, never allowing him to come near the coral,ha! They truly are devil fish!
We've had the 3 fish for about 6 months now,the terrorizing behavior between them has settled somewhat however it's still very easy to tick Dominooff. The other thing about our domino damsel, he has grown substantially larger then our 3 stipe and yellow tail. They all eat but clearly Domino is dominant behavior and territorial characteristics has allowed him to grow larger than the other fish. Today we are adding the neon velvet damsel, so far domino and pizza have hasseled him but sunny has left him alone. We'll have to see how the turn out is with this living situation.
We really do like our damsels but they truly are little devil fish :)

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  • Gytha - 2012-01-22
    I'm so glad that the internet allows free info like this!
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-12
    Damselfish are known for this type of behavior, and it is why many aquartists do not add them to their aquariums. Do note, that if the fish is not allowed to eat, he will die of starvation. Additionally, the fish could die of stress. I wish you the best of luck!
Steve - 2011-12-13
I currently have one of these with a ocellaris clown fish, a small piccasso trigger, a yellow tang, a medium blue jaw trigger, a powder brown tang, a kole yellow eye tang, a sailfin tang, a naso tang, a blue tang, a juvenile koran angel, a cleaner wrasse, a female bird wrasse, a saddle vallentini puffer, a niger trigger, a small marine betta, and a very small/skinny snowflake eel. They all get along perfectly fine, and yes even the triggers and neon velvet damsel.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-14
    You have a full house -
Karen - 2009-06-08
In many ways, this fish will simplify your tank and save you money--because you'll stop buying anything he can destroy or kill. It was one of the first fish I bought when a started a salt tank. He was so small and cute and colorful. "Jaws" is now close to 6". This is definitely a fish with OCD. He can't stand change. If I put a new small pebble anywhere in my large tank, he will knock it off--and will literally try to push it out of the tank by trying to nose it up to the top. Jaws lives with a clownfish, a small yellow tailed damsel, a small black and white striped damsel, and a yellow angel. And, THOSE he is fine with. All is peaceful. But if I tried to add anything else--an anemone, another fish, a coral, etc.--it would be destroyed or killed within five minutes. He's an AWFUL fish . . . but I love him (just like you would an old cranky uncle).

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  • Teeny - 2010-11-11
    I called mine Jaws too! Well... if it's a girl than its Jawsicca.
Teeny - 2010-11-11
I have this fish and it has eaten one..two...three....four...well a lot of fish. He has been alive for about 4, or maybe 5 years. He has his own, 2 1/2 feet by about 2 feet tank. It still has neon blue stripes and is so territorial that it when I look at him he runs into the cave, as if he is protecting it. He probably has all of his dead corpse and bones from all of the other fish in there. It used to nibble my finger thinking it is food, but he is so smart that he just stares at it, and swims away. I am thinking of trying to train it to swim through hoops, just to see what he does. That guy is still staring at me, right at this moment, begging me to feed him again after I fed him 2 minutes ago.

Spencer Nagle - 2010-03-03
Cool Fish.

I've seen a bunch of these while snorkeling in Grand Cayman

LUIS ALERS - 2009-02-04
I have a aquaripure nitrate remover filter, I paid 300.00 for. I have talked with John, he is the guy you call if you have problems with the filter. We have emailed each other back and forth, the final result of this filter is a repoff, please dont get cheated like i did,the filter doesn't remove anything is all and I lost my 300. 00
luis alers

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  • natho - 2010-02-26
    Im from Australia, I got one of those Aquaripures and it is the best money ever spent. It worked for me, Ive had it running since setup and never seen any nitrates after it cycled. As I have lot of coral and 19 fish I think you may not have it set up properly.
Karen - 2010-02-08
I was given my damnsel as an adult with two tiny percula clowns from a friend, due to her taking down her tank and she had no where to take them. Sucker I know.... He is about 4" in size now and very protective of the two clowns he came with. He put the maroon clown I had already had in his place (who was known as Hitler reason implied). Hitler no longer gives me any trouble, however this Damsel from hell...aka Demonfish is much worse. The rearranging of the substrate and rocks is nothing compared to the fact that I have 4 fish in a 75 gallon reef tank. I can't add anything...crabs, snails, fish...nada. He terrorizes and destroys all that touches the water. Today...was the kicker, I was checking the status of a newly added snail, since he hadn't moved in three days, and I was bitten by this Demon fish on my forearm, and it was not a love tap like my clowns have done. He was pissed enough to break the skin. This fish is nuts, I have thought many times of what I could buy that was bigger and meaner that would eat him! Hmmmm Now mind you aside from his destruction he has his cute moments, he plays with the cats, interactively, chases their tales, taunts them, will follow your finger along the glass, and eat from your hand. But Truly not the fish I would recommend for everyone.

anthony - 2009-06-14
It's been two years since I got my first blue 'Devil' Velvet Damsel and I would like to say that the fish has been a pain in the butt. 'Devil' eats all the food I put in the tank, leaving no food for my other fish. Always pushing them around, everytime I add a new rock it's moved, and my sand is dug out from under the rocks so he can swim from one side to the other. Everytime I fix it, 'Devil' digs out the sand again. He's tried to bite on two occasions and the little guy has teeth. What can I say, I love the little guy, just wish he would just relax a bit.