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The Domino Damselfish imitates a "domino" in their juvenile coloration!
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seashells - 2007-05-28
My young Domino has a crush on my female blue devil. He's not attacking or even chasing her; he's rubbing up against her and I think he's even trying to steal a kiss.

jay - 2006-01-20
my domino damsel is the size of the palm of my hand, give or take. i put a yellow black stripe damsel in my 55 tank first, then an electric blue damsel, then the domino and the domino wasnt agressive at all. it was like there were no fish at all with him. then i added a skooter blenny and a yellow tang. the damsel did nothing to the blenny but almost killed the tang instantly. the damsel chased the tang. i could here it swim through the water and hit the glass a few times. it drug the tang by his tail fin. it was like watching a pit bull attack a poodle i had to immediately transfer the tang to my 12 gallon tank. this happened within a half an hour

Danny - 2006-01-18
I found with my Domino's they only become mean when they have something to fight over like a rock. After removing all the rocks they got along fine. However when they got close to 3" large I noticed they grew some nice pointy teeth. Up to 1.5" in size they seem to be fine with everyone big and small. After 2"-2.5" in size everything smaller with fins is instantly food. However I must say they seem at least for me to be hardier than freshwater goldfish. They are among my favorites since they never stop zipping around the aquarium and rarely hide. I remove them out at 2" and exchange them for smaller babies at the pet shop to start over again.

des - 2005-09-23
My Dominos are becoming very pugnacious to any fish in the tank of lesser size than they are. If it continues I will have to consider removing them.