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The Domino Damselfish imitates a "domino" in their juvenile coloration!
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Nithin k - 2020-10-04
will Domino Damselfish survive in freshwater

pheonix - 2010-07-05
I have a domino in my community tank and he's been a bit strange lately, he or she is been rubbing up against a Tang and breathing very hard and quickly yesterday day I noticed it going crazy rubbing up against a rock. When I had a closer inspection, I realized it had a tub like organ coming out next to the anus its been squirting something on the rock and when I had another look today the rock was covered in what I think are eggs, I don't have any other domino in there to fertilize them, is this rare or has this happened to anyone else before? Please let me know.

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  • Ranendra Dey - 2013-02-02
    ''From my viewpoint and experience this is the symbol of egg laying, the fishes who have no male can lay unfertile eggs due to overburden of their abdomen.
  • Jacques - 2013-12-21
    My domino damsels spawned yesterday, I found what looked like 1000 small white eggs attached to the glass, while one of the parents were guarding fiercely. Today I siphoned about 5 out with a syringe and looked at them under a microscope, 3 of them were moving inside occasionally and measured 0.3 mm across. I have set up a quarantine tank and will probably move them across to that tank tomorrow, don't want the other fish to eat them, or have them going through the stumps filtration.
Tracy - 2006-02-02
We have 2 dominos and they both love our anemones. We thought that strange till we saw your picture.

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  • Pam - 2013-03-17
    To my surprise, I too had my Domino Damsel get into my anemone. I noticed it allowing the anemone to sting it on several occasions and it would defend the anemone. I thought this unusual until I saw this picture. So is this normal for this species of Damsel? And what will happen to my Maroon Clown when it wants to join in? Thank you.
leslie [spud] - 2008-06-29
i have two damsels [two years old]. they have gotten on fine with each other and all of the other fish. one seems to be turning grey [almost see-through] or silver at times. seems healthy. any feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Brenda - 2010-05-10
    Mine is turning grey also. I thought something was wrong with him. Maybe not?
  • Rebecca - 2010-12-06
    I have two and one of mine has been turning grey and was swimming in front of the other one funny, then i read somewhere that they could be a pair, making the one that turns grey the male. . . . They might be trying to breed. .
Veronica - 2012-03-23
I think my Domino Damsel just had a heart attack! One of my other fish just died so I was going in with the net to get it out when I noticed my Domino started freaking out and moving its fins rapidly then it sunk to the bottom and laid there. It turned really pale like a silver color. After about 30 sec it started swimming again and slowly turned back to black. He is wimming like nothing happened now....

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-24
    Check ammonia level.
Kimberly - 2003-07-29
From my damsels are only aggressive with their kind. My domino damsels dont' attack the Sgt. Maj. and vice versa, but they will attack each other.

Sharon Say - 2010-09-12
Should I be concerned over my domino turning gray, almost whitish even? I'v got three and they all seem to be turning pale. But they're all eating and moving fine. Thanks!

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  • chris - 2011-01-11
    The domino I had also did this on occasion. I found out it was normal for them. Different situations and moods. He would be dark one minute and lighter the next. I kept searching for ICH since he was my first saltwater fish but it wasn't that. I finally had to get rid of him as he wouldn't even tolerate the corals I tried to place, lol. He would push them off the ledge every time. Have you heard the grinding growling noise they make yet?
  • Dido Ortiz - 2011-04-05
    Mine is large, have had him for about a year and a half now and I too have heard the grunting/growling noise he makes, I hear him chasing the other fish around but luckily they are smaller and faster so he kinda gives up or gets mad lol, I would like to capture a vid to share with everyone... that will be my task for the next few days :)
Jeff Gonzales - 2009-01-21
Put one of your arrows on the Hawaiian islands! I just saw the most perfect example of a Domino Damsel in a tide pool near the Wiakaloa area on the Big Island.

boddie - 2009-01-10
We were advised that domino damsels should be purchased in three. No problem with ours, but I noticed recently that they are not a black as they were. However, unfortunately my yellow tang died after five days, later found out that it need seaweed as part of its diet. Was not advised this when first purchased, unfortunately it takes a while to find someone who is able to give the right advice when purchasing fish. However we have two tanks and we absolutely love them, I suppose you live and learn. However just purchased a fox fish, very unusual and quite a character.....

Amanda - 2007-08-24
I had two of these in my first marine tank. It was a 30 gallon. And they were EVIL. They killed the blue damsel that was in there almost a week before they were and killed off the anthias, fairy wrasse, and blood shrip we tried to add. After a while the bigger one started to go after the smaller one. Nasty little guys.