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The Blue-green Chromis is peaceful, even as an adult, and can be kept with many other community fish!
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Calvin - 2005-05-08
very hardy. easy to take care.

FaJaun Fairrow - 2012-11-06
I'd like to know what would be a good number of these Chromises to add in a 75 gallon tank ?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-06
    How many inches of substrate do you have and how much in the way of decor?
Andy - 2008-06-24
These fish are always active even at night. They school during the day and at night they separate into groups of two. I have 10 of these chromis and they get along with my clownfish, tangs, shrimps, and don't nip at my clams or corals. But they do like to play (chase) each other around my elephant ear coral, and they bring water movement to it. I highly recommend this fish to everybody, experienced and beginners.

Maria - 2010-12-30
I bought several chromis when I started my tank and the lonely survivor beat the stuffing out of all others. (and out of any later ones I added - in groups) So this guy is now the only one. I'm not getting any more because that would just be a waste of perfectly happy little fish (and money).

GARF lover - 2006-09-28
My chromis fishes have very unique personalities. The larger green one seems to pick on the smaller blue one. The green chromis has gone to the point in which he's bitten the top part of the fin of the blue chromis. They also hide behind the coral whenever I walk by my tank. Ive seen chromis adults 8in long in my local petstore.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-02-25
    No, not 8 inches
  • Anonymous - 2012-07-14
    Were they the same species of chromis?
scott peters - 2007-05-13
great reef tank fish adds color and plenty of movement to my tank. I traded a spiny box fish for 8 at the local fish store, much better for the reef.

Robert - 2007-01-18
I have found out from my local fish mart that the best thing to do is buy them in odds! make sure because they are very agressive if bought separately. I think the perfect number is three because they are always moving around. And to my suprise i found out that once you buy a group there is always a leader, the one that gets bigger and gives the whole group character. A great beginner fish.

Lakhbir Singh - 2006-08-19
I have found this fish to be a great schooling fish. It is a joy to see them swim together in one big mass.

Andrew - 2006-03-16
My first fish i bought to cycle my tank was a lovely blue chromis. He is a bit bossy at times, especially when hes got a tiny chromis friend, and boy does he eat! What a pig, he has grown from 4 to 7cm in only 3 months! He doesnt like the bottom of tank too much. he's always in the top, snapping for food! His name is Freezy and hes one of my favorite fish

Danny - 2006-01-18
Thier colors are cool. Spend time choosing the one you like because some have very interesting changing colors with lighting and angles. This is the thing I love about these. They are passive for sure. So passive they tend to be boring except for their colors. They are not nearly as hearty as other damsels and would wait for your tank to fully cycle before throwing them in. Otherwise they are easy to take care of with the exception of being more fragile as far as damsels go. They work with all fish as long as they don't become food for a more aggressive fish.