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Anonymous - 2016-10-22
I have a 45 gallon tank with no fish and very little live rock. could I possibly fit a volitans lionfish if he is the only fish and as the whole with very little rock and only rock.

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PAUL WILLIAMS - 2006-11-14
Be prepared for quick growth, easily tamed and a fish with a lot of character. Important to try and give a varied diet and reap the rewards of having a strong fish, disease resistant and visually happy.

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  • MACHO - 2012-03-10
    i have a koran angel and a blue face angel in a 72 bow front but i can have a bigger tank in my house will they be okay
  • Ben - 2016-10-22
    Blue Faced Angel usually wins. I had the Koran which is slightly larger but the Koran was the most persistent and belligerent one.
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Pro Reefs - 2016-10-20
I would love all your fish. I just set up a 110gal reef that only has three fich I need to stock. It has refugium and all the best. Please consider

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Kim - 2016-09-27
I love my gorgeous flame angel, and have had her for over 10 years - no kidding! She was the second fish I ever got in my first reef tank, and she's been in three different systems over the years. Aside from coming home with ich and a successful treatment, she's never had anything since. She's been a model citizen, never eating any of my many types of corals, harassing fish or shrimp. I keep thinking she will die someday, but hasn't yet. Very enjoyable fish, constantly out swimming and darting through everything in the tank.

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  • Pro Reefs - 2016-10-20
    I have e 110 set up as reef. Lots of caves and places to play!
    I only have a few fish; tang. Damsel, and dragonett. She would love the tank! In fact I saw going to buy one for color. I'd love to give her a new home!
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rob - 2016-10-13
does anyone have a bamboo shark they want to sell its for my son i live in new mexico please email me

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Anonymous - 2006-05-15
Hi, it is a lunar wrasse, when they get older they lose their black dot and become green and bright blue in colour

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Can anyone tell me exactly HOW MUCH/ often they are feeding their California Ray? We had a Cortez Ray several years ago and just brought home a California Ray yesterday and I can't remember how much we fed. It is HIGHLY active and already ate a medium silverside cut in half and a small chunk of squid from my hand after acclimating. It has zero interest in clams. It is almost incessantly hunting and I'm trying to ensure the proper balance of food quantity and water condition, as I do not want to cause a nitrate spike by over feeding it.

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Frogspawncoral - 2016-09-02
The Blue-faced Angel is a fascinating specimen. Purchased about 6', housed in 160gal, for now; lots of live rock--because he is shy, and loves to hide. He picks up on movements from 10 feet away, and dashes back into the rocks. I was concerned at first as it took him about 2 weeks to start coming out to eat. I had to use a tube and shoot the food in his rock area at first. Even then if I shot too much pressure he would run. No worries. This guy is a VEROCIOUS eater! Just a few smaller fish, along with a 4' Desjardini makes for a harmonious community. Not sure will add much more as the LOAD will match his appetite for sure:-}!!!! Just a wonderful fish!

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Buderi - 2016-08-27
It is strange why the yellow three spot angelfish is described as difficult. Mine is eating Hikari Marine pellets, Ocean Nutrition pellets and Spectrum pellets. It was looking very healthy and eating in the shop before I decided to get it. Perhaps it is best to check if any intended fish is eating in the shop first before considering.

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roy conner - 2016-08-06
I have a 65 gallon salt water aquarium I had a snowflake eel and one night he jumped out of the tank and I found him dead the next day. That weekend I purchased a new moray eel which I need help identifying. He is about 12-15 inches long at the present time, he has a chocolate brown head and his body is beige color with horizontal brown stripes running from his backbone to his belly. He regularly eats silver-sides I don't know what his species is can you help me please


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