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Anonymous - 2015-12-30
is there any place in California that i can buy a leopard shark?

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  • Dennis Reynolds - 2016-09-22
    It is illegal to possess Leopard Sharks in California that are under 24". If you have an aquarium that is large enough to house a 25"+ Leopard Shark they are available for about $200 wholesale which would make them at least $500 retail.
  • Milos - 2017-01-29
    Interested in leopard shark 25"plus please let me know availability thank you.
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joshua - 2003-09-10
I noticed something very weird aout my blue damsels. They change colors at will, normally from a purplish black back to their normal blue.

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  • sophia - 2017-01-23
    Damsels have chromatophores, they're cells that can control pigmentation. When damsels are stressed they turn darker to conserve energy
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angelica - 2005-03-03
They are very good pets!

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Tony - 2017-01-04
Looking to buy a large Griffis Angel

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Wesam Azmy - 2017-01-01
This is one of my lovely fish, very peaceful and you will face challenge when you add it to the tank, will keep hiding in the sand bed for days until to encourage it to go out and to start eating, once you success to geting it eating its easy to mantain. This is my fish:

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Harry Friedman - 2016-12-19
I recently added a second zebra moray eel with my big eel and last night found them intertwined and mating. I can't find any information online for care of eggs and then babies. Please help. I have a video of them. Very beautiful

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David - 2016-12-09
Have a clarkii had for sometime now but for the last two weeks since my purple tip anemone decided to go walk about around the tank he has refused to leave the centre fully submerging within the anenome all that is showing of him is the end of his yellow tail it is still moving so not to worried but may eject him question has anybody any answers to why this is

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johan maree - 2007-02-14
I have a Raccoon butterfly along with a wrasse, a devil firefish, and a seabass among others. a funny setup really, but they all seem to get on very well. the first day that i caught my lunula, i did not feed any of the fish for the day, and surprisingly, the next day when i fed my fish, the lunula was the first to eat the tubifex i fed them.
so...... where theres a will, theres a way.

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Steve Prefer - 2016-11-23
Looking for a small Queen Trigger 2-3' Steve (561) 541-3399

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David - 2016-10-26
I have a good home for a marbled cat shark (Atelomycterus) I would be interested in purchasing 1 soon


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