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Ashley - 2017-02-03
i just got this fish in London Ontario a few weeks ago- yesterday was the first day I saw him- and I gotta tell you I thought he was dead forever- never did any research before buying- just a spur of a moment thing- but he is amazing- was hiding forever- I have a fully established 2 year old tank with peacefull fish- reef- lots of corals- and rocks- and fed live baby brine shrimp everyday- he is about 1-2 inched rn

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  • Dani - 2017-03-24
    Cool Ashley..first time here and just started this hobby six months ago.. I also have a leopard, they very fussy from what I researched and one of the hard one's to eat, mine didn't show up for two weeks Also..wind the clock a month later no problem eating and always out and about..enjoy
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John - 2012-08-15
I have a 2.5' long baby French Angel that I caught while snorkeling on a jetty at Padre Island, TX. I have it in a 20gal. Natural Gulf Tank (local live rock, natural local live sand, and natural Gulf seawater). It seems to be doing great and acclimated rapidly to my aquarium and recognizes me just two weeks after catching it! I love French Angels, they are so beautiful and fascinating.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-03-21
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Carson - 2015-10-05
I've had my ribbon eel for about a week. I've tried feeding it everything from frozen to live it seems like he just doesn't want to eat. I have PVC piping to make him comfortable. What should I do?

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  • Anonymous - 2017-03-13
    Try feeding him colorful live fish like goldfish or guppies. Use a grabber arm to make it look like another eel is trying to compete with him. Good luck!
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Mare Gray - 2017-03-09
Best fish I have ever had! I call mine Chloe even though I have no idea what its gender is. I got this fish when it looked like a mere tadpole and 13 years later I still have her. This fish has outlasted a picasso trigger, an angel fish, 2 clowns and several types of Damsels. Just curious if anyone on here has had there porky longer than 13 years. I hope she stays around many more years but am starting to wonder just how long they normally last. Also she has survived the worst of tank conditions. She has never bothered any fish I put with her, minds her own business and basically has always been a happy go lucky fish. I have even been able to keep crabs in there and she has never bothered them, unlike my picasso trigger who ended up eating 2 of them. Right now I just have her and a crab in my 55 gal. saltwater tank

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Justine - 2015-03-24
A COUPLE of months after my four lined wrasse died, I noticed I had a lot of red bristol worms in my 100 gallon marine aquarium. That Pet Place sold me a pseudo eight line wrasse about three inches long. I have never seen this wrasse eat a bristol worm. I rarely see bristol worms in my tank any more. I do see the wrasse hit the sand making a sand cloud and assume he just ate a bristol worm. I love this wrasse. He gets along fine with my other semi aggressive fish and he leaves my coral alone. He is graceful to watch and can be very fast when he wants to be.

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  • Tony Rowe - 2017-02-28
    I've had my 8 lined wrasse for about 2 yrs now and he's about 4 1/2" long.  Cool fish and likes to show off/flashes at the front of tank to get me to feed him. An intersting behavior I've noticed is he sometimes acts like a cattle dog and  herds other fish around. Never been agressive.
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Xiny - 2017-02-26
Hi all! I bought an adult Koran Angelfish from a retailer who got him the day before from a guy who break down his tank. He's about 4-5 inches . My tank is 55 gallons (from now)with life rocks, 2 damsels and a clown fish. Day one he did not eat anything and very hyper, day two start eating shrimps. But since day one he's been going back and forth even though there's hidding spots in the tank. I know it's too small, good thing it's today we bought a 125 gallon tank but I'm afraid he'll have to wait at least three or more weeks until the tank is settled right (bacteria ect). What should I do and what could be the issue for him been so unstoppable? Do you think is because the size of the tank that he seems not even wanting to sleep?

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John Bunton - 2012-04-05
I have four of these in a 90 gallon tank and they can be tough to acclimate for sure. I would highly suggest having every single possible food type on hand before they arrive. Start with freeze dried mysis, brine, bloodworm, whatever else soaked in Selcon or the like. If they don't take this move to frozen mysis, brine, bloodworm, or whatever else you can think of. Use the freeze dried first since you can reconstitute it with the Selcon and get more nutrients to your fish, this is much harder with frozen food. The best way that I have found to get these guys to take pellet or flake is to mix the flake or pellet with whatever else they are taking first. After you have done this for a week or two space out your feedings a little bit. Don't starve them but make them hungry and feed only the flake for a day or two. Don't feed the flake too long by itself if they are not eating. Patience is the key with these fish, don't push them too hard and don't underestimate them. I had one stay under the sand for 3.5 weeks before she finally came out during daylight hours.

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  • Bdog - 2017-02-15
    I had 2 until one jumped. They are easy fish in a mature reef but quarantine is a must due to internal parasites
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Rachel Dixon - 2004-04-14
I have had my beautiful yellow tang for nearly 2 years, he has done so well,from 2 inches to 5!

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  • Bdog - 2017-02-15
    Mine is 16 years old and going strong
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Leah CLaussen - 2017-02-07
I have a 125gal tank and I have 3 clowns, a lawnmower blenny, a foxface rabbitfish, and then I added a naso tang and sailfin tang at the same time. My sailfin killed the foxface and the naso. That was about a month ago. Today I put in a new foxface, changed the rock structure and he was already nipping at his fins. I didn't think they were supposed to be aggressive?

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Anonymous - 2015-12-30
is there any place in California that i can buy a leopard shark?

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  • Dennis Reynolds - 2016-09-22
    It is illegal to possess Leopard Sharks in California that are under 24". If you have an aquarium that is large enough to house a 25"+ Leopard Shark they are available for about $200 wholesale which would make them at least $500 retail.
  • Milos - 2017-01-29
    Interested in leopard shark 25"plus please let me know availability thank you.

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