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Sayan - 2018-10-30
Hi I am just beginners, and my tank size is 30ltrs.without studying I purchase bicolour angel as it look awesome. Now it's 1day ,I have live rock and hiding space. He seems to be OK and happy and constantly picking at the rocks but don't eat marine foods. There is no way I can return. Plz suggest what to do.

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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-03-24
I'm wondering if I can get one or two Niger triggers for my 55gal? I have a snowflake, an African red starfish and two tomato clowns. Does anyone think it's safe please answer fast I would like to know. Thanks.

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Gabriel Scarlett - 2018-08-01
I am locking to buy one rose band fairy wrasse.

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柳大蟲 - 2017-01-29
We would like to import some live Zebra Shark. Contact me please. Best regard, Liu Wei Chung. Email:

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  • Viknes - 2017-02-09
    Hi..Pls contact me as i could supply you the zebra sharks. call me +0162099003 /
  • Mark - 2018-05-14
    I am looking to buy a couple of shark eggs what type do you have
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Chris - 2018-04-24
Hi, I have had 2 cleaner Wrasse in my 900 litre fish only tank for about 6 months. Before I bought them I studied their eating habits in the shop (already being aware of their apparent difficulty) I’m not that seasoned in keeping marines but have kept tropicals including discus for about 10 yrs. My thoughts were if they’re gonna be kept in an aquarium I’d rather it be my 8ft tank thank somebody else’s 3 foot. They eat anything that goes in the tank, in fact they eat more prepared or frozen foods than they do mucus and the like from other fish. I think the advancement in tank husbandry allows hobbyists to better take care of their animals than in the past. With the Biologists who frequent these forums who say these fish should be left in the ocean I whole heartedly agree- I believe they should all be left in their natural habitat but unfortunately that is never going to happen so I would just prefer the people who buy these beautiful creatures to ensure that they research their fish properly and do everything in their power to provide them with the best environment that they are able.

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Atoll - 2018-04-10
I my tang perhaps a Indian Gold Ring Bristle Tooth Tang from an LFS a few weeks ago here in the UK sold to me as a silver spot tang, about 3.1/2' long. My fish has the characteristic body of the bristle tooth family and the yellow circle around its eye but that is where it seems to end. The body has no spot nor lines running through it and it is either black or a very dark brown indeed but looks more black. Both the dorsal and anal fins are seen with blue edges when it catches the right light. The tail fin is completely black, the pectoral fins are clear with a hint of yellow Everybody I have spoken too say they have never seen one like it before. Perhaps it is a Ctenochaetus truncatus common names Indian tang and square tail tang as it does have the squared off tail. I did see one pic of a tang reported to be a Ctenochaetus truncatus via Google images but who knows if that is correct or not given the total lack of markings on the body. The fish is very active and doing very well in my 100 gallon and is quite placid bothering no other fish housed with it.

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Pete - 2018-04-09
What are the best kinds of fish that I can put with my blue spotted grouper, I have a 60 gallon tank.

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some fish lover! - 2009-12-01
I just got one to put with my panther grouper in my 30 gallon tank and he never stops swimming around. The panther grouper chases him sometimes but it seems like he is fighting for territory. great fish!

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Krista - 2013-02-02
I bought a Black Ribbon Eel 4 weeks ago and he has eaten 4 dozen ghost shrimp, frozen mysis, live brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, frozen krill and dried fish flakes. He eats everything. Will he turn blue?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-02
    They are great eels?  What do you mean will he turn blue?
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-15
    no, that why he is black
  • Kane - 2013-02-24
    Yes, they start off as black males, but once they mature they become blue females.
  • Joseph kop - 2018-03-03
    Actually they start out black then turn to blue males then turn to yellow females
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Andy - 2018-02-28
My first pet in sea water tank. it became active after 2 days and was welcoming for all kinds of food. I tried to feed it frozen krill, shrimp, apple snail and they were all acceptable. It chased slowly sinking fish food but its mouth was too big to create a flow to blow the fish food away its mouth. So far it didn't make it. I think fish food may be acceptable to it. It doesn't respond to fish food when it already sunk in the bottom. normally it lay on the bottom of the tank and become active when it see people coming. It attacks smaller fish . Does anyone know how to identify male or female? and how to breed them?


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