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Millie - 2019-11-05
OK so Boom! I have a 55 gallon salt water tank for about 9 months now! I have a trigger Niger, blue spotted Puffer,two clownfish, Yellow Tang and a star fish. My favorite fish is my new addition the Dog faced Puffer, I love how cute, smart and social he is! When I leave the room sometimes, I turn on the tv when he looks bored. This fish watches tv 😭. He acts like a dog. Recently, I was cleaning my tank and he wanted me to pet him. I admire the fact that he isn’t scared! He is just wagging his fins and knowledging me while the other fish run and hide. I’ve been observing the tank and noticed even though he is a sweetheart he can has a temperament. He didn’t get a long with the smaller blue spotted puffer. 3 months later my blue spotted fish got bit by him and couldnt recover. Poor fella didn’t have a chance😕. He ate my star fish, yellow is back at the fish store in a quarantine being healed because he has a bump on his stomach. Also, I have noticed there is jealousy between trigger and dog face. I usually kiss the tank and show them all attention. I would put my hand in the water and trigger would swim by for me I touch his rough scaly body. They both share the left side of the tank. Never seen them be aggressive to each other only during feed time trigger is fast and quick to steal krill from dog face. Feeding time can be stressful because dog face is slow and you have to hand feed him and if you drop the krill in the tank by accident he won’t go after it. High maintenance for sure. 😂

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Julia - 2010-06-28
I have had one for 2 years and it is being completely bullied my smaller tomato clown fish. It is scared to even leave the corners to come out to eat during feeding time. He is always on guard, and watches for what the clownfish will let him get by with. He interacts with me a lot. I have certain things I say that he recognizes and he immediately if the clown fish is out of site comes toward the glass from wherever he was hiding and starts swimming happily back and forth. Even if their feeding when he is completely full and isn't motivated by the prospect of being fed. For a couple of months I housed a Blue Tang along with the other two. All three were close to the same size. While he was with them, he would stop them from fighting by swimming in between the two. He was very buddy buddy with both the other fish. They never same away or became aggressive when he came near them. Him and the Damsel were particularly close. The were constantly swimming side by side and imitating one another. Their dorsel fins never raised while interacting. My damsel fish has never made the first move between an aggressive encounter between he and my Clown Fish. He always gets chased and swims with incredible speed and when cornered he barely even defends himself. He is unusually gentle.

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  • Fred Schuster - 2010-10-22
    I have kept a marine tank off and on for nearly 20 years now and this little fish (Dascyllus melanurus) the Striped Damsel has been one of the fish in every tank. While they are a bit on the aggressive side, the fish add life and character to the tank. Currently in my 180 gallon I have two and they keep there distance from the Clarki Clowns, Yellow Tangs and other fish. Personally I think they are a good addition to a tank, unless you have completely non-aggressive fish such as Cardinals, some Gogies, Comets and Anthias's. Most fish are midly aggressive after a few days in a tank and can hold their own aganist this little guy.

    Julia in her comments made some great observations, the fish isn't usually the one that makes the first move. However it will stand it's ground and will defend it's established territory.

    Fun to watch and brings life to the tank. I would say don't be afraid of this fish. Go out and buy one, it will bring some action and life to the dull routine of your tank.
  • Krystine McTavish - 2019-10-06
    I found Julia's observations very interesting. We had a similar relationship between a Lipstick Tang and a 12 year old 4 striped Damsel. They were constantly together in our 140 gallon aquarium. They appeared to be good buddies, no aggression at all. This was a reef tank with several species of fish and we were lucky to never have any issues. The only time our Damsel would become agitated was if we rearranged the tank. He would zigzag around, charge my hands and he would continue to swim in a jerky agitated manner for a good hour after we made unauthorized changes to his environment! The current 10 year old 4 stripe we have is unfortunately more aggressive and solitary.
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Lisa - 2019-09-19
How do I add a picture so I can find out if my fish is Rolland’s

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Alfred Cheng - 2017-08-04
I have my comet fish for a year now. It eats pellet now! I immersed the pellet in water. Made it soft before feeding. Comet doesn't like hard pellet that is difficult to chew. It started eating live shrimp only at the beginning. It did not eat fishes, even a small fishes. It was shy and hided in a cave and waiting for food. I gradually change the food from live shrimp to frozen food - brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and blood worm. It took 3-6 months. I then gradually changed the food to pellet. Mixed pellet with frozen food. Feed at the same time. After about 9 months, it fully adopt to pellet. It swam around like other fishes waiting for my feeding. It stared at the pellet. Picked the one that was moving, or just after moved. Kept the habit of predator hunting live food :)

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  • Anonymous - 2019-08-10
    My fish is now 3 years old. Eat almost everything. I didn't feed live food for a long time.
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Richard Cartier - 2019-07-29
After a ton of research, I came to the conclusion that I could add some damsels but should do it as one of the last additions. The concerns some expressed were that they could tend to be territorial. So I added three yellow tails and at first they all seemed to get along well with my Chromis, Clownfish, Blenny, Goby and PJ Cardinals. After a not-too-long time, however, the two larger ones became VERY territorial and were constantly harassing most of the other fish..even the smallest Damsel. Over time, it became apparent that the community was suffering because of them so I decided they had to go. After several weeks of trying and failing to capture them, I finally resorted to removing all the rock and about half the water in order to be able to corner them. I only caught two (somehow the smallest managed to hide somewhere!) and I 'put them to sleep' using the Clove Oil treatment (the most humane way to euthanize fish) and as soon as all was put back together the rest of the community came to life. They are now happily exploring ALL areas of the tank and seem to be happier already. The smallest yellow-tail came out of wherever he was hiding and for now is mingling peacefully. But at the first sign of him turning unruly, out he goes. Despite their beauty, I completely regret having added them in the first place, andI will never add another.

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Sidney Bragg - 2019-07-27
I bought my zebra Marie Eel about five days ago he sticking his head up out of the coral but he is not moving around the Tank he eats well when I put food into the tank for him he comes up and eat some food so that’s not a problem how long do you think it will be before he starts moving around the tank I have a few fish in the tank I’ve got some angel fish and I have some tangs as well is that a problem what do you guys think

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Fishnerd2000 - 2014-06-04
Hi guys I have two questions for you all. First of all recently I got a pair of ocellaris and I'm wondering what kind of anemone goes with them and is it normal for them to bite each others fins? They only did it yesterday but is it OK? All they do now is swim next to each other. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous - 2019-06-22
    The bubble tip anemone is good for clownfish to host and if their swimming next to each other the they are mow a mated pair
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Gale - 2019-06-21
I've had 4 cleaner wrasses for over a year. One is much larger than the other three. She has been getting fat lately and I assumed it was because she was well-fed. Last night I thought I was losing her because she was swimming very erratically when she released a bunch of eggs into the water!!! She was not dying after all!

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Aritra - 2019-05-29
my new sailfin tang doesn't eat , what can I do, please help

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Amelia Graham - 2019-05-26
We just bought a undulate trigger fish without looking at it’s deadly lifestyle and it went into a 4 foot tank with a balloon puffer fish, dog face puffer fish and 2 foot snowflake eal and we thought the 4” trigger would be fine with two 6” puffers but we were so very wrong it bit the dogface puffer with intent to kill and took over the balloon puffer’s home and as soon as he went for a nibble on the balloon puffer my amazing eal hit him away after that we put the “nice” trigger in quarantine.We are returning him in the morning.:(


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