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Anonymous - 2015-07-30
I have a 100 gallon tank with a bamboo shark, what fish would be good tankmates

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-06
    Any fish that are not too aggressive and too large for the shark to eat.
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-10
    is their a species that you can name
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-21
    The Naso tangs are fairly passive fish. They typically mix well with most other fish species, except for other tangs and surgeonfish, and they may be a bit overwhelming to smaller fish. Good tankmates can be any of the Angelfish Anthias, Butterflyfish, Damsels, Dottybacks, Wrasses, Parrotfish, Triggers, Rabbitfish, and so on.... There are so many choices, that you may want to decide what other fish you do want to keep, and see if they will get along with your tang.
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Jeff - 2015-06-17
Your mums a cute little guy!

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steve - 2015-04-30
i have 75 gal fish only tank with 4 small clowns 1 canary blenny 1 neon dottyback 1 neon puffer 1 niger trigger 1 koran angel . I would like to get 1 or 2 more fish what would you recommend?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-01
    Your tank is basically semi-aggressive with moderately sized fish. I do suggest staying away from more Angelfish due to their territorial nature. Maybe some wrasses?  Be sure to look at the info on any fish you are considering so you know their social behaviors, feeding habits, and the area of the tank they will inhabit.
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Jessi - 2009-12-21
I hope someone will reply to this.

How big are all of your aquariums for these rays? It looks as though a few of you have experience keeping them, and I am trying to find SOLID information on size of tank requirements.

Please if you can respond to I would SO appreciate it!


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  • John - 2010-11-17
    My 265 aquarium is seven feet long and arranged specifically to accommodate my Blue Spotted Sting Ray. I think this should be the minimum sized tank for this species as he requires open space and live rock to behave as if he is in his natural habitat. It is important to note he only eats live food (shrimp).
  • Samantha - 2011-03-01
    My Fiance And I Have A 180 And A 200 Gallon And Ours Seems To Do Great We Pet Him And Hand Feed Him.
  • Jeremy - 2015-04-11
    The gallon size is not what you should worry about as opposed to the foot print size of the tank rays need a lot of room to roam I have a blue spoofed ray in my wife's frag table that is 90 gallons but the foot print of the table is four feet wide by five feet long so a very sizable foot print. Now as soon as my 300 gallon tank is done cycling he will be moved to that tank for his new home. Lots and lots of research is what needs to be done. Happy days
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Frank P. - 2015-04-01
Been keeping marine fish for well over 35 years and my current fish is a Picasso Trigger I named Pablo (sorry, couldn't resist). I bought him for my youngest son's 12th birthday. In a few months my son will be 30 and Pablo is still going strong! I'm guessing he was at least 1 year old when I bought him, so that makes him 18, going on 19! He has outlived a polka-dot grouper and a medium sized black lion (he started nipping at the fins of the Lion, so I took the Lion back). He has lived alone for about 12 years now and has an attitude and a half. Knows members of my family and will act like my Dachshunds when it's dinner time. Does 75Gal wind-sprints till I drop in some food. Still has his original color, is quite large and hates it when I do maintenance! Has gone after the sponge, steel scraper and on 3 occasions, my hand drawing a little blood each time. Even with all of that, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Best fish I could have ever hoped to have - When his time is up, he will get a funeral with honors.....

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-09
    What a wonderful and fun fish you have! We have a similar fish experience... but it's with a Maroon Clown though at only about 25 years, and its companion is a Haddon's Carpet Anemone.
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Manuel - 2014-04-14
Last year for Father's Day my daughter gave me this little black with white stripes fish, about 2' long. I didn't know that was a zebra eel, today is about 12' long and still growing.

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  • sarah - 2015-03-23
    They get over 3 feet. If you don't have a tank over 150 gallons I would suggest trying to sell it.
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Lexi - 2015-03-18
Do they come up for air? I think I have baby ones in my tank, but they are in a hole in the rock always, do they live there ever?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2015-03-29
    I don't believe they have to come up for air - they get all the oxygen they need from the water. If you have babies, they may stay in the rock until they are bigger and ready to venture out looking for a new place to hang out.
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Brendan Cox - 2012-02-19
I just bought a yellow bellied dog faced puffer. It is very active at night, but during the day it just lays under a rock until feeding time. It has a healthy appetite. Is this normal?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-20
    Very normal Brendan! They can be a bit shy when intoduced into a new tank. I use to hand feed mine krill with tongs to get them comfortable. Once comfortable they have amazing clownish personalities.
  • tom - 2012-08-16
    yes it is normal
  • Scoot Shoot - 2015-02-21
    It's normal, these guys seem to be nocturnal, least mine and obviously yours are.  I was getting worried with my days old Dog Faced Puffer chilling on the bottom as well.  However have noticed he is very very active at night when the lights are out.  Sometimes I'd wake up 4am, room in complete darkness only to turn the light on and there he is wide awake swimming around.  During day cycle he does become active just enough to get his daily meals, then he chills out again.  Obviously burns all those day calories at night, hah. 
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ED jacoby - 2015-01-15
Hi I have had an emperor Angel fish for about a month now been really active n such and eating well now Iv noticed his color is fading seems to be eating a good amount of seaweed but not really so much on the shrimp he also seems to hang out in his sleeping spot a lot more now is this normal or is he changing? Or do they hid when they are changing? When he comes out he seems slower less active about the only thing Iv done diffrant is put in a circulation pump all of my parmaters are good everything tests where it should be my salt legal is good any advise would be helpful he's in a tank with 2 percula clowns 1 bicolor Angel 1 flame Angel 1 coral beauty Angel 1 hippos tang and 1 powder brown tang and they all have been together since Iv put him in

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-16
    It does sound like he's off his mark a bit, but hard to say when there's nothing specific that you see wrong. Angelfish aren't really compatible, unless there's lots of room (big tank) and lots of places for retreat. If he being chased/intimidated by any other fish that can cause them to stop feeding. He may need some additonal hiding places. Watch interactions with other fish, and of course keep an eye on him for any signs of disease. If he is being bullied you'll want to remove either him or the aggressor.
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Thefishkeeper - 2005-04-15
The sexual difference is easy to tell. Look at the "tags" around the anal...females have 2. I have a female who is beautiful, also do not feed them live food! trust me! Feeder fish are just swimming with disease, there is also no nutritional value, its the equivilent to popcorn. Feed frozen silversides, tiger shrimp, krill, and put some vita-chem on it. The life of your shark will be much longer!

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  • Anthony - 2014-12-26
    This is for the maintenance definitely do not want to feed your shark gold fish!!

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