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Chet Kosarek - 2016-05-20
I caught one in Barnegat Inlet while Seining for bait two summers ago. He was reluctant to eat at first but now east frozen krill twice a day from tweezers. He is quite tame. When he feels the vibrations of my footsteps by the tank, a 55 gal, he comes to the corner nearest me and will not leave until I feed him. He made short work of the hermit crabes I had in the tank

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  • Chet Kosarek - 2016-07-28
    My fish has developed a bacterial infection after 2 years of perfect health. I had introduced another fish to the tank and he must have had the bacteria. I treated with Metafix and the Burrfish seems to be getting better. Anyone have any experience with this situation?
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Mud - 2016-07-24
The niger sex can be determined by the tail just like the naso tang one sex grows long streamers from the tail

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Anonymous - 2006-08-27
I have two yellow tangs in my salt water aquarium and they are very friendly with other fishes and they are nice to each other too. I wonder why people only prefer algae because I seldom feed them with it and they love to eat other things that rest of the fishes eat like mysis shrimp, pellets, etc. I have also fed them with regular shrimp that we eat and they love it.
So I guess its all about watching and knowing your fishes, because every fish is different.

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  • Clarence Green - 2016-07-18
    Tangs need algae to stay healthy they are prone to HILLE and needs algae to stay healthy
Anonymous - 2013-04-17
It's cruel to keep a Yellow tang in a system less than a 1000 liters.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-17
    Especially for their long term environment! Juveniles can be kept in a smaller tank, but eventually they will need adequate space.
  • Ianonymous - 2016-05-02
    Is cruel to take them out of the wild
  • Clarence Green - 2016-07-18
    75 gallons is as small as I would go with a yellow tang as most tangs need at least a 6ft tank they swim miles everyday in oceans a smaller tank will stress out these fish
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Rito - 2015-10-28
Hi im a begginer in starting a salt water tank in wich im planning to so im asking if its ok to put a juvenile blue tang with an ocellaris clown wich is with a sea anemone that im planning to take care of??

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  • Clarence Green - 2016-07-17
    If you want a blue tang aka Dory a quarantine tank is an absolute must not matter how healthy the fish looks a flawless looking fish can still carry parasites or flukesomething. It's our responsibility as aquarist to protect the fish from harm a untreated ich problem can explode in the confines of a tank and copper is only treatment unless you want to set up a bunch of tanks and transfer fish every 48 hrs.
    Best to leave this fish alone until you have proper set up, I waited 10 years before I got mine didn't want to put in a 75 gallon
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punithan - 2016-07-10
I like to add this eel with my butterfly fish

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Anna Baran - 2016-07-10
I am looking foe Bluespine Unicornfish

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Brown - 2016-07-02
My wrasse keeps making a slim ball and stops swimming

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Cole McIntyre - 2007-11-10
Lovely fish, just great for the saltwater home aquarium. I saw some on, they sell this shark species for $69.99. Also, its been specially (tank) bred in the U.S.A. Just search for sharks in the Marine section.

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  • I❤️Sharks - 2016-06-26
    On live aquaria the sharks that they sell are actually brown banded bamboo sharks and white spotted bamboo shark but otherwise live Aquaria is SOOO legitand a great company. Dream aquatics sell marbled cat sharks for $149.45.
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Paul Harkin - 2015-05-26
Hi Paul here from Montreal. Took 4 months for my bamboo shark to hatch he is in a small bucket with sand and holes for current. In my 90gallon ( preparing him a 300gallon) he is only 5days old and still has a big (oak sac) due to me helping him out a little early. He is breathing fine and swimming good, but my question is that he often flips on his backside and I feel the urge to help him back over. Is this normal for him to do so? Any advice would be great

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-31
    Great going, glad to hear your shark egg has hatched. Though its said they can hatch in around 6 weeks, there are reports of 6 months in some cases. I hope you can keep him going, the biggest problem is getting the new baby to eat. Once they reach about 7 inches, they are generally stable and they should grow about 9 inches a year.

    The flipping over on his back is concerning. I'm not a vet, but it sounds like it could be some kind of neurological disorders. Hopefully it will grow out of this, but you may want to talk to a fish vet or contact a public aquarium that has success with hatching out and rearing these sharks.

    Keep in mind that this animal will get very big. 36 inches is normal and it can get that big in about 4 years. A 300 gallon tank, with 500 gallons being optimal, will be needed for it to thrive.
  • Paul Harkin - 2015-06-01
    Thank you apreciate your reply :) I have been doing a lot a lot of research about him flipping on his back side. I'm going to try feeding him in a couple days since his (sack) has shrunk a bunch. Hopefully he will thrive I'm excited to get him a buddy and see where it goes.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-06-01
    Well I'm excited for you and your baby shark! Keep us posted as he grows. Just a thought... if you register for our Pet Talk Facebook app when you add your comments, you can then upload some pictures for us to see too.
  • Rebecca - 2016-06-19
    Yes! This is normal when prematurely taken out the egg sac. But don't be too scared. You MUST keep turning the baby shark back over, using perfectly clean hands every single time. It's gonna take WEEKS!
    But as long as you keep turning it back over it will live. Which will be hard to keep up if your gonna for a big part of the day like work/school etc..
    The shark will not eat anytime soon either.
    Not for a while after the you say is gone

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