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  The Paint Horses are a people loving breed and enjoy social interaction with their owners!
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Anonymous - 2017-03-01
i love paint horses.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-10-27
    I have a paint pony named Buck
  • jack - 2019-05-31
    painted horses name are ode buck
eboney - 2019-02-26
I had a horse when I was 11 her name was lucy she died by saving my life there was a van coming a she throw me off and she got hit I never ride a horse again

Rebecca k - 2014-10-21
I wish I had one.

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  • Jade - 2015-07-16
    I do and it's name is bae bae and its awesommmee
  • Anonymous - 2017-08-08
    Me too but I'm not allowed
Reta - 2017-11-29
I was given a rescue horse. He is a 4 yrs old. I call him my gentle giant, but our grandson named him after his favourite character Minon, in Spanish he is called Esbirro. My stress level has dropped significantly this last month. I can't wait to break him in and ride.

Anonymous - 2016-02-19
i have a 3 year old paint horse and one of the best horses i have ever had and probably ever have and i hope i never have to get rid of him

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  • horse lover 25 - 2017-10-23
    same here i love painted horses and i wish i had one really bad, my fried has some horses and my kids ride them but i wish i had one of my own...
Crystal - 2017-06-04
Unbelievably my husband just won a Overo from a raffle benefit! We got the news tonight while going out to eat which was a huge surprise since I knew nothing about the raffle. I can't wait to get her home & use to her new surroundings so I can teach my son to ride. I used to barrel race w/ my buckskin gelding when I was younger & have always wanted another horse.

taya - 2015-11-09
my principal has one

Morgen C. Kastner - 2009-06-03
I really love horses and I have really have been looking at how to take care of 2 paints. Me and my friend take care of a brown and white paint named dreamer and cream. Cream is the tan and white one. It really helped me, great website! Well, I have to go and check on the horses, bye!

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  • Anonymous - 2014-03-10
    My grandson has a beautiful black and white paint horse. His name is soldier boy. I am so crazy about this horse but I am afraid to get too near him. He has never given me any reason to be afraid, I just am. I love to give him carrots and apples, but I always give them to my grandson to feed to him. How can I not be afraid to feed him these treats? He looks for them when he sees him coming. I love it but I am afraid to get too close.
  • delores - 2014-03-10
    My grandson has a beautiful pinto named soldier boy. I love that horse but I am afraid to get close to him. What can I do to be closer to him? I want to be able to pet him and feed him. Tell me how to do this please.
  • Anonymus - 2015-07-28
    he is probably really gentle dont be afraid
  • taya - 2015-11-09
    they are nice probley
Grace Anderson - 2015-04-27
I used to ride a paint horse named Bella and she was amazing. She was really tall, and really sweet. i miss her.

Anonymous - 2011-11-26
I love paint horses because they are very fine.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-28
    Yes they are.
  • Anonymous - 2011-12-21
    Yes they are, I currently have one ( a stallion named Buddy)
  • RIFFKI S. - 2012-01-26
  • Anonymous - 2014-07-10
    Yup I wish I owned one.
  • Peyton Tietz - 2014-10-01
    yes they are and i wish i had one too! :)
  • horselover - 2015-01-06
    i love these types of horses