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   The Arabian, known for its incredible endurance, can maintain a run for over 100 miles!
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kay yeager - 2015-12-03
I just lost my Arab two weeks ago. He was 27 1/2. My best friend for over 26 years. By far the smartest horse I have ever met. Rode him two weeks before I had to put him down due to colic. Miss him so much. At 59 I thought that I may not get another horse but have started looking for another Arabian. I have a 16.3 ottb but want another small go to guy like my old Traveller.

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  • Grace - 2019-02-14
    so sad!!!!!!
Alix - 2016-05-30
I have a 10yo rigistered Pintabian gelding (99.21% Arabian) for sale. Stunningly beautiful black and white shiny coat with a few spots of grey and bay. Asking $3800 US dollars. He is trained and has been shown lightly in hunt seat. However he could go any direction. Serious inquires only please. Located in central Minnesota, USA.

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  • Alexis Cosson - 2016-06-21
    Please let me know if your horse is still available? 803-847-6387 is my cell phone
  • Rose Combs - 2017-04-27
    Please send me photos, copies of Reg papers and copies of health records. How tall is he? Is he kept stalled or stall and pasture? Does he load easily? What do you feed him daily? How often is he ridden? Thank you.
  • Tess - 2018-02-21
    plz sent me some picks
  • clayton - 2018-04-19
    the 10yo registered pintabian gelding is still avaliable
    contact me for more information on (310)-596-3823
    or text
Stephan Lauzier - 2017-06-26
Viewers might enjoy visiting the Arabian Horse Center - shown in the photo for this story, easily identified by the red tile roofs, the brown clay blocks, and the the center court configuration of the stalls filled by prized arabians and their foals (typically 15-20 new foals are produced each year) at the California Polytechnic University at Pomona's W.K.Kellogg Arabian Horse Center where students from around the globe can study and appreciate the Arabian horse and attend the monthly horse shows put on by the students and faculty at Cal Poly Pomona.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-07-19
    Thank you for the information. What beautiful horses.
jodie - 2011-04-17
We just got a 20 year old arabian and she looks horrible. She is very thin. She has patches of hair missing but I am not sure if my other horse is pulling it out. How can I put weight on her quickly and are there any problems with arabians that I should be looking for?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-18
    Read the Arabian Horse Article attached as that might help. Don't worry about puting weight on "QUICKLY" Be concrned that she is getting a good diet and is able to eat freely as needed. She will achieve her normal weight. Did she have the patches of hair missing when you got her? If you feel the other horse might be pulling it out, can they be separated?
  • Anonymous - 2016-05-30
    Mix some mild horse shampoo with some veterinarian strength iodine ask the vet for strenth of iodine . Take a manure sample (fresh) to vet to save money many wormers are sold over the counter. Not all are found in the manure. Countsult with your vetrinarian.
Lorna Drake - 2012-04-23
I own a Polish Arabian and he is now white. He is 13 years old and I have owned him since he was 5 years old and only 90 days into training. I have been around horses all my life. After getting my daughters old enough, I was finally able to start riding again in my forties. Faress is the arabians name, yes in the beginning I hit the ground a lot and often. Never was I thrown, but he did spook a lot. Took me awhile to get my seat back since we were learning dressage together. I can only tell you that the bond we share is like no other. He is the smartest horse I have ever owned. He can learn a trick in one day. He and I sleep together in his stall. He is loyal like no other horse. So all of you who do not like Arabians probably couldn't ride one because they are not for the green rider. Nor the chicken hearted. You treat them well and with kindness, they will love you forever. I also own a Warmblood. He is beautiful and big and great at dressage and I love him. I can only say the Arab is the most loving horse I have ever owned. When you lie down in his stall on a blanket and you wake up and he is lying next to you, you know this is the greatest bond ever.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-24
    Sounds awesome. I'd love it.
  • mechi garcia - 2013-01-25
    i have an all white polish arabian thats a rescue. he is 18, and he is the best horse. maximus is the best horse i ever owned, he is so eager to learn. he even plays hide and go seek with me! lol
  • vickie mossman - 2013-03-19
    Hi Lorna, I read your comment I myself came across the arabian by pure accident and now my children ride arabians. I couldn't agree more with you what you wrote was true, correct and beautiful.Yes it is true people who do not like the arabians do not understand their Beauty, Loyalty and Charm. All I can say they have a lot to learn about horses.
  • Jennifer - 2015-04-14
    So Awesome. I have had my Arab 22 years. They are amazing animals, and only a few can appreciate their beautiful spirits. We are the lucky ones...
  • Anonymous - 2015-05-12
    totally beautiful animals. my favorite always.i have an orange/brown quarter horse named joey. shes my whole life.
  • Anonymous - 2016-05-09
    I have had Arabs as a child and love them...I too took a break from horses to raise a family and started back riding in my 40's...I rescued a neglected arab one and a half years ago...almost lost him many many times the first winter due to severe illnesses that he came with....I too found myself looking up at him from the ground as it does take time to get balance back...we have a great time together and like my other arabs I have had, he is just the sweetest and most loving ever...we affectionately call him a big that guy
Elizabeth - 2015-11-26
Can an Arabian horse be let in a pasture that has a few mole holes but with lots of grass? or does it need to be in a sandy paddock?

Cara Perez Miller - 2012-05-16
I have a 3 yr old Spanish barb arabian and when I got her she weighed about 300 lbs and now she is weighing about 900 lbs but it has been 2 yrs..
I dont know much about arabians so if anyone can tell me about them I would love to know about there eating habits and does and don'ts with them

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  • Trina - 2012-06-29
    Arabians are what we call hard keepers. Because of their high indurance levels and energy, they burn off fat fast. I have to feed my 25+ Arabian/Quarter 4/flakes a day about 24 #s. Also Integrity for seniors. They also have Integrity for young horses. If they loose weight it takes 6 months to a year to get it back. A rice bran product can help put weight on qiucker.
  • Jennifer - 2015-04-14
    I have had an Arabian for 22 years. They are not hard keepers. They need adequate food and forage. If he needs to put on weight, try shredded beet pulp. Soak it overnight before you feed it. I rode endurance and kept my horse on good pasture. He did fine with very little grain, and quality hay. I feed grain and hay with the beet pulp over the winter and back off during summer when the pasture is good. Put her on good pasture. She will be happy and healthy.
Kash - 2015-03-26
I just recently purchased an Arabian filly at my local sale barn. I didn't know show was an Arabian until I got her home and settled in. The text doesn't lie when it says 'spirited'! She quickly earned her name as 'Hellraiser'! No matter what, I am super happy to have her as part of my family. :)

grace - 2015-02-26
hey there my animals are great i will always be an animal friend all animals love me

Emily Eldridge - 2015-02-17
FOR SALE: 2yr old purebred arabian filly. Dark bay. Excellent mover with quality bloodlines. Happy to please temperament. Starting to be broken but very green. Kind nature. Mature approx. 15.2hh. Make excellent endurance horse. Not easily spooked. Enquires appreciated. Please email with queries or expressions of interest. Thanks!