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Heather Morrison - 2011-02-27
Hi all I own this beautiful lady above her name is Trienke, I have had since she was 6mths old, they think is she has been unwell since Oct 2010 came down with a colic type illness, but at the on set of her illness showed none of the usual signs of colic which bemused my vet, however did get better when treated for colic and an obstruction. She has never managed to put any weight back on and still looks tucked up, to date she has had another 5 attacks the vet have internally examined her, given tube fed liquid paraffin, painkillers a 5 day panacur worming program buscopan and pain relief but nothing worked, more recently I had bloods ran on her to check liver and kidney function but they came back normal, the vet said had he not seen her he would have told me not to worry you have a healthy horse, however because he has seen her there has to be something else underlying has anyone come across this type of illness with their horse before as I am desperate for any advice HELP.

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  • Mariah Rain - 2011-06-18
    I don't know if this applies to horses but awhile ago I had for five years a chronic abdominal pain that no one could find an explanation or cure for. Then I went to a certain gastrointeroligist and he found that I had a bacterial infection in my small intestine that emitted gas when I ate certain foods. The small intestine in human beings anyway isn't supposed to produce gas, perhaps this could be what is wrong with your horse?
  • Sonja - 2012-09-02
    I too have a Friesian mare that has colic once. Took five days to pass, scary!! Are you familiar with SmartPak? They are a supplement company with an excellent staff with tons of knowledge. They have helped us tremendously. Also, Aloe Vera juice will help with her insides. Good Luck
  • Esteban - 2012-09-26
    Other than waiting fore a vet to come, there is only one product anyone can use to stop colic in a horse. It's an alternative treatment called Equine Colic Relief. I have first hand experience that it really works. It is all natural and has a shelf life of 11 years! Helps me to have some on hand.
  • HeyWatch - 2013-02-04
    A very high percentage of horses have ulcers. They will display the symptoms you have mentioned. There is a product available from your veterinarian called Omeprazole that WILL WORK if this is your horses issue. There is no downside to using this drug, and I suggest you do not waste your money getting expensive tests, just treat the horse and wait to see if you get results (You should notice a difference in 2 weeks). This can be a lifesaver for horses with ulcers, and if you are not familiar with this ailment, you will be amazed when you reasearch independant studies on how many horses will have this (Example: 86% of racing thoroughbreds). I do wish you the best with your problem. I think I should add on here, I do not have any affiliation with Omeprazole whatsoever. The dosage I USE when I suspect this problem with a horse is 20cc by mouth one time per day for 2 weeks, then 10 cc per day as a maintenance dose. I always go back to the loading dose if the horse is under any stress, such as travelling or showing. Please check the instructions on your bottle, as there may possibly be different formulations on the market...I am from Canada. Good Luck :) !!
  • Horse lover - 2013-05-09
    Can I ask why your lovely lady has boy parts?
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-03-10
    Wow, that's good to know about this breed. Thanks for your info.
  • MJ - 2015-03-09
    I have a friesian mare who looked like she had colic. She had several pain killers and bloods were checked. When pain killers kicked in she wanted her food, then had normal poos. Temp was normal, as was pulse and gut sounds. All very strange. Luckily my vet took things further and my mare is now in a veterinary teaching hospital, where they told me that some friesian's have a pre-disposition to having a stomach problem, where the food gets stuck in the stomach - causing intense pain - but then being slowly released to the intestine when the pain killer took the pain away, hence the need to feed. They have had her in hospital for 3 days now, and only today has her stomach emptied, although she has been starved for 3 days. They tell me that there is no known cause, and no change of management / feed etc. The best treatment is startvation and pain killers, followed by a slow return to eating. Hope this helps?
  • jill hoffmann - 2016-06-18
    Heather: Sorry to hear of your problems with your mare. I was just reading about health issues found in these beautiful horses on the web, and they mentioned a propensity for the breed to be affected with megaesophagus. You might want to take a look, and also mention it to your vet. I wish you the best with her. Jill
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Mozib Shaikh - 2016-06-05
I wanna sell my horse & buy another one

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jodie - 2011-04-17
We just got a 20 year old arabian and she looks horrible. She is very thin. She has patches of hair missing but I am not sure if my other horse is pulling it out. How can I put weight on her quickly and are there any problems with arabians that I should be looking for?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-18
    Read the Arabian Horse Article attached as that might help. Don't worry about puting weight on "QUICKLY" Be concrned that she is getting a good diet and is able to eat freely as needed. She will achieve her normal weight. Did she have the patches of hair missing when you got her? If you feel the other horse might be pulling it out, can they be separated?
  • Anonymous - 2016-05-30
    Mix some mild horse shampoo with some veterinarian strength iodine ask the vet for strenth of iodine . Take a manure sample (fresh) to vet to save money many wormers are sold over the counter. Not all are found in the manure. Countsult with your vetrinarian.
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Jesper - 2015-11-02
hi i was wondering if any one could tell me what would be old enough to start to ride a norwegian fjord horse for there a norwegian fjord horse thats 3 years old that i want to buy but am not sure if hes old enough to hold my weight I weigh 160 lbs and I don’t want to hurt the little guy

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  • Cortney - 2016-05-26
    You can't hurt this breed. They are very strong animals. Even Ponies can hold 2-3x their weight, so there would be no problem in you riding him. Only ride bareback on some occasions though, because direct pressure on their back can cause some slight pain once in a while. Otherwise, GO FOR IT! You'll have fun and so will your horse! :)
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ainsley - 2011-11-06
I love horses and someday I am going to be an equine vet. I'v always wanted a thoroughbred but I already have a horse.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-07
    It would be a great profession. Go for it.
  • eva - 2012-01-20
    i've got one too, their LOVLY !!!
  • morgan - 2016-05-24
    I absolutely love horses but sadly I'm not allowed my own yet, I ride at a riding school which has taught me a lot in the past 6 years I've been riding. I'm only 14 but have a lot of experience with horses. my favourite pony is freckles she's a beautiful 15 year old cob who is very forward going but she listens to your commands, if she's going to fast and you want her to slow down do half halts and she'll immediately come back to a fast trot. cobs are beautiful jumpers and have a beautiful personality, I recommend a cob or a tb they're both lovely to ride :)
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Lorna Drake - 2012-04-23
I own a Polish Arabian and he is now white. He is 13 years old and I have owned him since he was 5 years old and only 90 days into training. I have been around horses all my life. After getting my daughters old enough, I was finally able to start riding again in my forties. Faress is the arabians name, yes in the beginning I hit the ground a lot and often. Never was I thrown, but he did spook a lot. Took me awhile to get my seat back since we were learning dressage together. I can only tell you that the bond we share is like no other. He is the smartest horse I have ever owned. He can learn a trick in one day. He and I sleep together in his stall. He is loyal like no other horse. So all of you who do not like Arabians probably couldn't ride one because they are not for the green rider. Nor the chicken hearted. You treat them well and with kindness, they will love you forever. I also own a Warmblood. He is beautiful and big and great at dressage and I love him. I can only say the Arab is the most loving horse I have ever owned. When you lie down in his stall on a blanket and you wake up and he is lying next to you, you know this is the greatest bond ever.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-24
    Sounds awesome. I'd love it.
  • mechi garcia - 2013-01-25
    i have an all white polish arabian thats a rescue. he is 18, and he is the best horse. maximus is the best horse i ever owned, he is so eager to learn. he even plays hide and go seek with me! lol
  • vickie mossman - 2013-03-19
    Hi Lorna, I read your comment I myself came across the arabian by pure accident and now my children ride arabians. I couldn't agree more with you what you wrote was true, correct and beautiful.Yes it is true people who do not like the arabians do not understand their Beauty, Loyalty and Charm. All I can say they have a lot to learn about horses.
  • Jennifer - 2015-04-14
    So Awesome. I have had my Arab 22 years. They are amazing animals, and only a few can appreciate their beautiful spirits. We are the lucky ones...
  • Anonymous - 2015-05-12
    totally beautiful animals. my favorite always.i have an orange/brown quarter horse named joey. shes my whole life.
  • Anonymous - 2016-05-09
    I have had Arabs as a child and love them...I too took a break from horses to raise a family and started back riding in my 40's...I rescued a neglected arab one and a half years ago...almost lost him many many times the first winter due to severe illnesses that he came with....I too found myself looking up at him from the ground as it does take time to get balance back...we have a great time together and like my other arabs I have had, he is just the sweetest and most loving ever...we affectionately call him a big that guy
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DRESSAGE GIRL - 2012-01-26

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    WOW you are definitely sold. It is on my bucket list of hings to do.
  • Your Name - 2016-05-04
    I ride a four year old Andalusian and he's already framing up! Yay, easy dressage
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Anonymous - 2016-03-16
Our haflinger is a family pony Broke to drive single double Ride the same. We hook the tugs up to a tobagon with our Iowa snows and he likes it. So IIT spears.we don't have a off season with him, only hole in him is that he'll ruin a headstall if you don't take it off when tieing him up with halter underneath A real head rubber

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Anonymous - 2013-07-23
I plan on getting a baby appaloosa but I'm only 13 and have to pay for it myself. I'm so happy except I don't want to pay so much for something I may not enjoy. Would someone please tell me if this is the right choice or if I should go for something else!?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-25
    Appaloosas can have good temperaments. It depends! Other good horses are Quarter Horses and Paint Horses.
  • Anonymous - 2013-11-07
    definately how lucky. it is a once in a life time oportunity for a 13 year old, im 13 but im getting an appaloosa next year when i am 14.
  • bob ahaha - 2014-04-11
    I have one they're so cool very, good at pole bending get one it's cool!
  • Alli Erbeck - 2014-07-13
    They are very calm and a good calm ride. I'm 14 and have my own. I have no experience with male Appaloosas. But I have a female and she is low maintenance and always ready to ride. I'm not sure if it is common in others, but mine does not like when other horses are behind her, but she is paired with my miniature horse and is fine with it. Be careful!
  • noneya - 2014-09-18
    appoloosas are good jumpers too
  • Appylover101 - 2015-01-28
    Amazing choice! I have an Appy, and I adore her to the moon and back
  • Karlie - 2015-07-27
    I'm ten and have an appy he is the most love and gentle thing ever he is a good jumper he is very fast too so watch out but your definitely making the riight choice
  • Georgia Hummel - 2015-09-03
    I am 16 and have got my appaloosa when he was 13. He is amazing! Appaloosas are a very versatile breed. Mine has competed and placed in trail, halter, showmanship, english, western, horsemanship, equitation, reigning, western riding, barrels, poles, keyhole, flags, speed and action, and jumping. Plus he is always ready to go for just a plain old trail ride. He does this all and is blind.
  • unknown - 2015-09-15
    You r all so lucky to have an Appy. Me and my friend have to share a horse and its not an Appy.
  • brookie - 2016-02-12
    ya i had to pay for mine myself to and im only 12 so i would cleans stall and warm up horses for barrels to get my money my mom said that if i buy him myself she would help with the other expensens but he was so worth it!!!!! his trott is reallllllyyyyy bumpy but lope and gallops and a canters are really smooth and you dont usually have to use big spurs either
  • KIKI - 2016-03-09
    Congrats! My daughter just bought a 2 year old registered appy filly with excellent bloodlines. However since you are buying a baby, make sure you have a trainer, which will add extra costs! Our filly is going to away her first month this Saturday for training. Enjoy and good luck :)
Anonymous - 2015-08-04
i have a appaloosa mare she is hard to handle sometimes she is very bulky and strong she came from the Mt.Saint helens wild appaloosa fondation and was very wild she was sold in a auntion before i got her at 4 years old the people who had her before us sold her to us saying she was dead broke she wasnt even green broke so make sure u know whatbur buying

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  • brookie - 2016-02-17
    i wood of been pissed off is it a pretty appy

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