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Anonymous - 2013-08-02
Morgan horses are spirited, but are they jumpy and highstrung? I am looking for a first horse and I am afraid of horses when they are highstrung. Thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-04
    Well any horse can be high-strung, but Morgan horses generally aren't too high-strung. Other good ones are Quarter Horses and Paint Horses.
  • Anonymous - 2013-11-03
    It depends upon the type of Morgan family the Morgan horse you select comes from. I have a 'Show' Morgan and this type is spirited, sassy, proud yet stubburn and defiante. She can be a handful if you are hardhanded or give poor cues in how to work her. She is more like a performance horse. A friend of ours has a 'Working' Morgan and that type is easygoing, lighthearted with a willingness to be your companion. It's this type of horse which most persons envision owning. They are kind of like the Paint horse or maybe even a Quarter horse. But, please check out what his/her lineage is before you commit yourself to the Morgan horse. I love our 'Show' Morgan, she is alot of work and full of sass but she is well worth the time and effort put into her.
  • The unknown horse lover - 2014-05-09
    Any horse can be high strung, I have a 4 year old quarter horse mare that hasn't been ridden in over a year because she got injured terribly while running in the field with my Uncle's horses. They caused her to kick a trailer and her hoof came half off, she was on stable rest for months after that. Now her hoof is healed except when I get on her, she bucks. So um...I guess my point is, any horse can be high strung or aggressive or both. But my suggestion would be a cross-breed, maybe a Morgan, Clydesdale mix? I have one of them and she is amazingly well behaved and talented, she's also great for beginning riders, she's 17. Try looking up cross-breeds and tell me what you think! I hope this helped!
  • dont know you - 2014-11-16
    Morgan horses can be very good nautered if you ride and work them often
  • Anonymous - 2015-04-24
    I bought a 2yr old Morgan, broke her out, she is VERY personable, low keyed when riding, and willing to do as I ask. she LOVES people and can be a bothersome pet!! in the field? around other horses? she IS the ALPHA... I love this mare, I noticed the more ground work, she is even better under saddle. she is 6 now, and trail rides over 30 acres,,, she is a dream.
  • Anonymous - 2017-01-01
    No matter the breed, horses vary. If you are looking for a calm horse you might want to look for an older horse, not ancient but somewhere in its early to mid teens. Morgans are generally known for their good temperament, but temperament is different for each individual horse too.
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Tejinder Partap Singh - 2016-12-05
Hello , so guys i am having some good quality of marwari horses and mares so if any body is interesed can contact:-7837768166

syed husnain abid - 2012-03-10
I want to purchase a Malwari mare any 1 can help me???

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  • Anand Shahdeo - 2013-10-26
    Hi Syed, It's nice to know that you're interested in getting a marwari horse for yourself but I'd like to give a hint to you about the hassles of keeping a pet, especially a horse, they live for 30 years and need a lot of care on daily, weekly and monthly basis. So better start with joining a horse training school first and when after 6 months you still feel like having a horse of your own GO to animal fairs at Pushkar, rajasthan or Nagaur, rajasthan or to Sonepur, Bihar or contact Jodhpur equestrian club or any other reputed farms like Sarli farm 09779050700 or other such farms they will provide you a horse according to your needs.
  • Dhaval ahir - 2014-07-10
    Hey guys!.. Don't you want to talk about kadhiyavari horses?
  • curly reyes - 2016-01-31
    I want to buy a marwari horse. where can i buy one. Please provide me with any information thank you. I live in the us
  • Lauren C - 2016-04-27
    While it's great to express interest in this rare breed, unless you live in India you cannot own one, as of now. The export laws for Marwaris are extremely strict; it's probably more realistic to call it an all out ban save for one exception. Only one woman outside India has a permit to export a small amount of Marwaris and she does not sell them.
  • Ramdev Maanju - 2016-12-05
    Any buyer marwari horse mare filly Colt . contact me 7568207677 . we provide original breed marwari .
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Cilla Heydenreich - 2016-05-04
I've heard that you must be 16 years old to ride a 'hings' is it true my dauther is 13 and she got one as a present, he's about 4 years old

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  • Anonymous - 2016-11-11
    You can be any age to ride any horse
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Boris - 2016-10-11
I know this is kind of an old post. But Frisia is not an island. There are Frisian Islands, there are probably Frisian horses there, but the Frisian horses have existed long before those islands where even there. Frisia used to be a kingdom that ran all the way from Belgium to the Danish border. The Frisian Horse is a mix between the original Frisian Horse that was used in the North of the Netherlands, a small part of Frisia, for over 3000 years and imported Spanish Warhorses, creating a coldblooded horse that looks like a warmblooded horse.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-10-17
    Thanks for the correction! Friesland is a provence in the northern Netherlands, not an island, and we'll get that changed.
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annie - 2012-10-14
I have heard that caspian stallions can be handled by kids. Not that I'd suggest it!... Is it true? Also from info I've got on this breed, it sounds like a perfect child's pony. Apparently theres only approx 1,500 caspians in the world. Is that true? If so, Its a real pity that such a wonderful pony is SO endangered. -Annie

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  • haley - 2015-04-21
    Yes it is true. We have two caspains at the farm they are gentle with kids
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Bridget - 2016-09-11
The Trakehner breed was started with the first king of Prussia In 1701. Frederich I of Prussia wanted a muscular light horse to carry cannons and other large artillery. They came from Thoroughbreds and large black draft horses. In 1740, the breed was trademarked and named. They were 16-17.2 hands tall. 3 Trakehners could pull a 600-700 pound cannon for miles on end. In the Prussian language, Trakehner is pronounced as Track-ein-hair. Trakehners were used in WWI & WWII. 70% of all Trakehner purebreds are black. After the Prussian nation was dissolved, Trakehners were bred to Arabians. This changed the look of the breed to make a shorter horse with an entirely different head. Although these Arabian-Trakehner mixes are seen as purebreds, they aren't. A purebred Trakehner's head is very muscular with a bump on the bridge of its nose. Trakehners can be used for jumping and dressage. They can also be used to pull single carts.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2016-09-21
    Thank you so much for this great background information on the Trakehner breed. We will incorporate it into the article to help fill in the details.
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MACARIO PEREZ - 2016-09-02
I am interested in buying halfinger embryos

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sandra - 2013-09-19
I have available now in my ranch, two very healthy 4 year old friesian horses. Perfect for dressage. A male and a female. Both are approximately 15.2 hands. No health complications. Looking for interested persons. Email me at

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  • Rebecca - 2013-09-28
    Helloo I am wondering where are you based? And how much are you selling your Friesians for? xx
  • hannah - 2016-04-11
    how much would you like for one of them
  • Marylou Tortorello - 2016-08-21
    Hi please let me know if you need a home for your horses. We are a rescue and they will have a loving home for life with plenty of room to be a horse and lots of love
    Thank you
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Cassie Krowe - 2016-06-27
I have two horses, an Icelandic named Gunsmoke and an Appaloosa named Tempe. Gunsmoke is very kind and gentle, but it takes a seriously advanced rider to be able to ride him. regardless, he is very fun to ride and i will love him forever :D


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