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    Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! These attractive little creatures are hardy, inexpensive, active, and one of the easiest birds to keep and breed. They are long-lived, with a life span in captivity of about 12 years.
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michael campbell - 2013-07-22
I built a new cage for my Zebra Finches and when I transfered the nest I saw that there are 4 eggs in it. Now the Zebras are building a new nest, what can I do to get them in the old nest?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-25
    Hmmm, well you could try to transfer the eggs into the new nest if they truly do not seem to be going to their old nest. It would have been best to wait to move them to a new cage until they were done breeding and the eggs were hatched, but I know that's not the solution now. I hope it works out, good luck!
  • michael - 2013-08-10
    Thank you.
michael campbell - 2013-08-05
How do you avoid the constant fighting between the zebra finches?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-23
    How many finches do you have? What size of cage? If you have too many finches in a small area they can get feisty and pluck and pick at each other. Make sure they are in a large enough cage with plenty of room to fly and individual space.

    Oftentimes they aren't truly fighting either. They might just be playing and preening each other.
rosemarie - 2013-06-20
need help i have two pairs of finches male and female.One pair been laying eggs back to back but when they hatch the most that there alive is one day fvery day that one is born one dies plz give me advice.Now the other female i notice that her feet are very pale and is loosing all her feathers almost to a bald .Plz help what can i do Plz

Robert LaGamba - 2013-06-07
I recently became aware that my male finch, 8 months old, has no left eye -- simply an empty socket. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-07
    How strange! He must have been missing it for quite some time, but apparently it isn't causing him difficulties. Most animals can adapt to things like this in a captive environment, for example I've had three-legged turtles, spastic frogs, mice missing a limb, and others. In captivity they are so protected, they don't have to worry about things like predators or finding food. So its really a nice life for them, and your finch is truly lucky to have a home with you too:)
Gma - 2011-01-19
I have 2 male and 2 female zebra finches. I have eggs constantly and my males sit on them but they never hatch. Also my males chase and fight with my females if they get close to nest. What should I do? Thank You Any answers will help.

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  • Prashanth - 2013-05-07
    two pairs zebra finches should never be housed together. they will constantly fight.
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-07
    The Zebra Finch is one of the easiest to breed. However they can sometimes develop bad habits, and a young pair will behave strangely. In the wild they pick their own mates, but in captivity that is rare, and sometimes a poor pair bond results. If they seem incompatible, separate them and then get new mates to try them with. To be successful they also need to have a comfortable environment; a cage that is large enough and located in an area that is quiet and away from disturbances.
shelby - 2011-09-21
This is not a comment it is more of a question??? I have a male and a female zebra finch they have mated twice first time she laid 4 eggs, the male began fighting with the female darting out of the nest at her and chasing her all over the cage is this normal? Should I separate them? Once the eggs were laid the behavior began so I took the 4 eggs and put them in the other birds nest in the other cage the other birds successfully laid on them and we have babies now. In the meanwhile after the eggs were removed the male stopped the behavior well now again she has laid 3 more eggs and the fighting is on again. What do I do any suggestions I can't remove the eggs and put them in the other nest with the other birds cause they are busy with the other babies... Please help if you can thanks in advance....

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-22
    Species of birds are diferent and each bird within the species is different. Both the male and the female finch sit the eggs. Whether they are fighting over whose turn it is or whether the male is saying - get out there and eat - we can't know. Young birds have to learn and it might take a clutch or two before they have it down. I'd just let them be. Let them learn. They will figure it out - most likely.
  • shelby - 2011-09-23
    Hey thanks for the input and advice I did seperate them yesturday in the fear that he may ditch the eggs over excitment or just because he doesn't have a clue. The fighting continued so I seperated them but will put him back in, I just don't want either the male or female getting hurt or anything happening to the eggs... Thanks again
  • Muhammed Aamir - 2013-04-23
    I have experienced same situation also, I spend one hour and see what is being done. I noted female plucked a feather of male during fighting and immediately took it in the nest, after this I provided them soft feathers of chicken, both of them took these into a nest and stop fighting.
gill - 2013-04-01
my male zebra finch wont let my female finch inside the nest. when she gets close all he does is scare her away and chase her for a bit. what should I do. this all started after she laid her 3rd egg, she now has 4.

arno - 2013-03-29
Hi I had two zebra finches male and female I bought me a new pair yesterday but this morning I noticed there was one egg in the old nest both females and one male slept in the old nest how must I know who's egg is it cuz my old pair is building a new nest in the new nest I bought with the pair yesterday the egg is in the old nest what must I do please please please help me my email is please will really appreciate your help kindly regards.

essy - 2013-03-15
My zebra finches became quite and sitting on perch most of the time but still chirping and singing (male mostly anyway) time to time. They also scratching themselves more, I have them last 4 weeks, they were so active, and female had 2 eggs then when i was carrying to the nest I have broken them then she laid another 3 but she is not sitting on them last 2 weeks. I am not familiar with them, i have them first time ever and I am worrying about them, they have very good diet, like eggs and egg shell, field salad, peas, spinach, nuts, dry fruit and millet and their usual bird food. I change bath water and drinking water regularly, I spray them with anti mite once a week. I have opened their cage let them fly in the room, then eventually they have gone in. They also were fluffy yesterday but today they look much better, but still spend their time more sitting than being active like last 3 weeks. Should I take them to vet if they keep sitting?

muziwakhe - 2013-01-18
How do I know that my zebra finch is feeding its babies? Please help they are having four chicks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-01-19
    Do they spend time in the nest with the babies? Observe the mother and see if she goes in the nest at all - if she does, she is most likely feeding them. Make sure you are providing her with plenty of food for herself and keep her environment stress-free and low-noise.
  • amanda - 2013-03-13
    if u look at the chicks you might see little pockets of seeds around the chicks neck they are usually yellow looking and are called the crop. if these look like they have seeds in them then the parents are taking good care of them