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    Zebra Finches are great birds for a beginner or any bird enthusiast! These attractive little creatures are hardy, inexpensive, active, and one of the easiest birds to keep and breed. They are long-lived, with a life span in captivity of about 12 years.
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tanaka m. kimikori - 2009-07-21
Hi, I have a large metal garage shed and converted it into an aviary for diamond doves and zebra finches. They have a fountain and an artificial tree with real branches, and a hibiscis tree.

janet ramsey - 2009-01-04
Someone PLEASE HELP ME, i have 2 finches, brother and sister, their names are (choclate and vanilla) they are about 5 months old, the boy is pecking the girl and she is missing feathers on her back, i saw 6 eggs in the nest today, and the boy is chasing her all over the cage, the boy is seating on the eggs more then the girl, sometimes they both are in the nest. i am afraid that the boy is going to kill the girl, what should i do???? today is Jan. 4,2009, 2:15pm, someone please email me ASAP

Marie - 2008-09-09
I recently got a pair of Finches-Pretty Girl and Pretty Boy. They had not come into their full color. I have been watching that develop with much delight. I also just love to sit and watch the adventure. Pretty Boy is much more adventurous. He also seems to enjoy teaching Pretty Girl. She is more reserved and may take much encouragment before she tries things that he does right away. They have one toy, a long row of loops that I haven't even seen her on. It apears to be his favorite. There is a semi-circle swing perch that they both fit on, but they both fight to be closest to the edge to touch the edge.

jim - 2008-09-01
These amazing little birds will provide years of entertainment! Even decade(s)! My old male grey finally gave up the ghost-- purchsed in June 1994, He was nearing the age of 15 YEARS, and he finally passed away this August 30th, 9:30 pm. A phenom of the chirp, and beeper of eons. All he ate was a seed diet, and he might have lasted a year or two more with better care on my part.

Brenda - 2008-07-17
Hi, my name is Brenda. I am 11yrs old and going to be twelve in 4 months. I have a 1 pair of Zebra Finches. Their names are Mickey and Minnie. Zebra Finches are so cute. Everyday I hear their beatiful singing. I have 1 pair of Parakeets, 1 pair of Zebra Finches, and 1 pair of Lovebirds. I have 2 and a half years with my Zebra Finches. Birds are so wonderful.

Eddie - 2008-07-05
Yo I'm a 12 year old boy and i just bought 2 finches. They are pretty awesome: I'm planning on breeding them and giving them to my friends.

jim - 2007-12-19
I've had a number of these fine tiny birds. It is such a comfort to hear them beeping throughout the house. They are remarkable little birds, and very lively. The Zebra eats a significant amount of food for his size, and will not last long without daily feeding. Update: My old male grey is now 14 years old and still beeping regularly and eating like a hog.

Annie - 2007-05-30
I have 1 pair of these cute little birds. they are so cute and i love the sound that they make. I have a huge cage for them and they are happy and they are always playing with each other. when i come up to the cage to feed them or to put in a new toy they start talking to me! it is so cute. The boy is named Brown Sugar and the girl is Cinnamon. Right now they have about 5 or 6 eggs. It was kind of funny the first time they laid eggs, they didn't really know what to do. I gave them the nest for finches but they wouldn't go in. i tried so many different types of birds nests and finally found one that they like (a canary nest!). i am happy now because before the eggs would fall down at the bottom of the cage. i can't wait until the babies come! :]

cynthia syers - 2007-03-16
I have a large aviary with 30 mixed types but only 2 pairs of zebra. Before I knew it, it increased by 4 babies acting like they own my aviary. My problem is no one is paying this one paticular male any attention. Oh well, so there is an odd-ball even among birds.

Steven - 2007-03-04
hey im from scotland. i have just bought 1 pair of zebra finches, they are great. i got a nest and everything and i noticed the male starting to build the nest. i was so excited. he seems to build it most, in fact i haven't saw her build 1 part of it, lol. their names are brooke and cade after my niece and nephew. any way ill get back to you if i see any eggs, i hope i get some.