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   These are fine birds to enjoy for their antics and the splendid breeding plumage of the male. The Pintail Whydah is one of the most common forms of Whydah available.
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clive heldzingen - 2013-09-25
I have 2 feeders in my garden. The black and white whydah chases all the other finches away. how do I solve the problem. I try to chase the whydah away but this doesn't work

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  • Carol Smit - 2019-11-18
    Yes we also now have a problem in Boksburg with one solitary Pintail Whydah he bombards all the other birds and we are afraid they will disappear. Going to move the Bird feeders to the front garden & see if that works??? unless anyone has any other ideas s there seems to be no let up with this one.
Stacee S. - 2019-06-21
I'm also in Laguna Niguel. One male Pin-tailed whydah with two females has been terrorizing our bird-friendly back yard for several weeks, chasing finches, sparrows, towhees, etc. away from the feeder. This must be mating season, but the male is not having much luck with his ladies. Please tell me they will migrate soon, or something. o_0

zee - 2018-12-19
i also have one of them long tailed bullies. he is chasing my garden birds but i see some of the little ones now fighting back but the doves sit on the garage roof when they on the ground this pest sits on the garage roof amd dive bombs them. going to take down the bird feeder and not feed for a few days maybe he will leave. can only hope. which i had a box to send him back to East Africa.

A van Rooyen - 2017-12-21
I have fed the wild birds in my garden for many many years and now this male whydah has invaded my garden firstly i thought oh wonderful he is so beautiful with the long tail and. . . But my goodness he is such a bully. What i have done is put bird seed in all sorts of spaces where my birds can hide and eat but really he shoots down at them and scatters them to where the one bird feeder is emptied in one shot from the fright he gives them. I can't buy a cat cos then i will lose my other birds so presently i make life as difficult as i can for him and still have my birds of many many kinds read up on them that they are actually parasite birds who do not even build their own nests they like to take over a waxbill nest and the waxbills must sit on the whydah hell birds eggs and do the parenting too. No its a good name for them what i say is why da hell did god create them? ? ? Like a crocodile why? The birds name really is a good name to call it cos its a pest like a rat. . . . . . Hope an eagle catches it and its mates ,,,,,,,,, i loved my peaceful garden. . .

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  • A van Rooyen - 2017-12-21
    I forgot to say that we live in Margate Kwazulu Natal South Africa and I just read that this person wants to call in at the pet shop and ask them if they want to catch this family of Whydahs cos he has I think quite a few females The females look bigger with pale yellow on the top and light brown underneath. They don't have orange beaks.
Rashiedah moosa - 2015-11-01
I live in south Africa.cape town the southern suburbs.a long tail whydah took over my garden 2 months ago and all my different species of birds has left my garden.I had to put bird food out out twice daily so many birds came to I put out once a week as no one comes anymore.he's a terrible bird and by 5am he's knocking on my bedroom window and making a big racket.he has 2females with him.he's now started to chase the female can I get rid of him so my other birds can return.please help

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  • Bev Habermann - 2015-11-20
    I live in Pietermaritzburg SA and also have a Whydah in my garden. I too thought he was beautiful at first, but now I am desperate to get rid of him as he has chased away every single bird and has the bird feeder, bird bath and two trees all to himself!! He is a pest....can anyone help please? He flies the same little route every few minutes....first chasing every species of bird from our garden and then sits on our pot plant and hits against our patio glass door. I'm not sure if he is trying to kill his own reflection or just drive us crazy??
  • Riaz - 2016-11-27
    Hi. I live in pretoria south africa and am having a problem with the Pintaled Wydah since I put a feeder in my yard. He has claimed the entire yard and chases all other species away. I need help to get him to move on. I've removed the feeder to help this process but he still chases whatever birds are left. What should i do?
Marcia - 2016-08-07
We live in Laguna Niguel, CA, and I spotted a pair of Pintails in the park adjacent to our home. They are beautiful, and am hoping they stay in the area. As a birder, I knew immediately that they were exotics.

Boni - 2016-08-04
We have a waydah in our yard in Monrovia Ca Try to take a picture but it moves too fast .. Likes to eat the bird sees on the ground . Had no idea what it was but Monrovia has a bird club and I posted his description and it was Identified . I feel privileged that he chose our yard to visit

Kelly - 2015-06-17
We have a male Whydah in our backyard in Buena Park CA--Yes he is a bully to the others. We think we have a female too, because the male was doing a little mid air dance around another bird that had a red beak. We enjoy our bird friends :)

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  • Sherri Loveland - 2016-07-14
    I live in Tustin, CA and have seen this bird several times over the past week.  I haven't been able to get a picture of it because it moves so quickly and blends in too well with tree branches.  They are beautiful but if they invade other birds' nests, I hate to see that.  We already have an issue with Cow Birds.  I would love to know how they made it to CA from South Africa.
Ettienne Joubert - 2015-10-07
This little pest has chased away my favourite 'children'... I do not want to kill it, but need to know how to catch and re-locate it

Laurie Holden - 2015-07-02
Was so excited to see this stunning bird in my yard! Now it's been a few weeks and my other birds are absent. There have been a few sparrows injured from his aggressive behavior. Not a fun guy to have in my yard any longer.

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  • Phil - 2015-09-26
    I also have one in the back yard. He fly in front of small sparrows and hovers. It scares the hell out of them and they fly away. They don't understands , he's just doing his mating dance. I feel sorry for him because he is all alone. Have a great day.