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   Red-Bellied Parrots are excellent talkers, extremely acrobatic and awesome looking!
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Laurene Van - 2017-04-26
I am looking for a young red-bellied parrot. Please let me know if you or someone you know has one available. Thank you.

Lori Robinson - 2017-03-29
I am looking to buy a baby Red-Bellied Parrot. I am unable to find one anuwhere. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks!

Marcene Welle - 2017-02-06
I have a five year old male red belly which is all the world to me. He recently started limping so took him to the vet and they did not see any reason for it but finally, done a biopsy and sent it to colo University and they have found nothing. My vet seems to think the femur bone in deteroiting for some reason and said if it breaks they would amputate his leg. I cannot see this lively little guy living with one leg. Has anyonr else ever heard of this?

Anonymous - 2016-04-14
Hi, I had a darling little Sun Conure who was the moon and the stars for me. He loved me more than anything,,,and then at age 30 he died. I am still heart broken, I hand raised him since he was 2 weeks old.Now I hand raised a little yellow-sided green cheek Conure, a Meyers parrot and I adopted a 6 year old Indian Ring Neck Parrot.The YSGC is sweet enough but nt sweet and cuddly like I had hoped-everything is on her terms.She is playful-loves to play fetch with me,throwing things off the table for me to fetch. The Meyers just likes his head rubbed for a ong time when he asks you to rub it. H does not cuddle like the Sun Conure did, he was like a mini-cockatoo.The Meyer used to play with his toys, but doesn't bother much with them anymore, They are just rising 2 years old. He loves Murphy the Budgie.The IRNP is 6 years old and I have had her for 17 months. She has been depressed for most of that time.I'm thinking she wants to be friends because she spends most of her time quacking at me and squinting her eyes. She screams when she can't see me and cooes when she can.When the opportunity arises she tries to bite my fingers off-she sure can bite hard. I'm not sure why they call this IRN thing 'bluffing' because Sheldyn means business.I think she has finally realized that her stay at the Ritz is over and that Daddy is not coming back for her.I can pick her up with a stick and she invites me to pet her with a stick---maybe, just, maybe, one day she will let me be her friend. She will be happier.As for me, I really miss my cuddly little sun Conure baby who would cuddle up under my chin and sleep, have snoozes inside my shirt, come in the garden with me, sing with me and pet me.I truly was blessed to have been gifted little Chester for 39 years, I will never be so lucky to find another baby birdie to love me like he did even though I keep trying. RIP little guy.

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  • Meyers - 2016-11-14
    Your story of Chester brought tears to my eyes. We lost our beloved Meyers of 20 years unexpectedly, at the vet's, in a bizarre accident. Everyone, including the vet, was crying. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone in feeling heartbroken and of course no other bird will ever replace Chester. However, please don't give up on your Meyers being cuddly. He's in his teenage years, and that can be make him more difficult, but work with him positively, give him all the head scritches you can (try putting him on your knee or lap or chest while scritching), and try getting him comfortable with being held/handled on his back. Every bird is different, but our Meyers loved being cuddled like your Sun Conure. (hugs)
  • Jeanny - 2017-01-07
    I want to thank the reader who responded kindly to my story of the loss of my darling Chester. Yes, I still cry and am told...He was just a bird, get over it.I made a typo of having had him 39 yrs, it was almost 30 yrs and I hand raised him.My two babies Taazie(ysgcc) and Oliver Meyer(Meyers Parrot) are 3 now. They have bonded with me. I hand raised them too. They are little characters! Taaz is like an alarm clock and lies down on my arm , shuts her eyes and demands pats so I won't put her in at 7:30 when it is time to get ready for work,The whole time she makes kissy sounds to me. Funny little girl. Oliver has followed suit by demanding pats by putting his head down and ignoring the 'Step up' request when I need to put him in his cage.Cute, cute boy! he will hang upside down for pats. I am still working with Sheldyn...She talks to me nonstop in IRN quacks, but I still cannot touch her, she is 8 now. I got a baby Red Bellied Parrot and named her Eliza Doolitle. She is 6 mths old now, talking up a storm! She has been very eratic in her movements, preening and playing. I am very worried about her because she has lost weight and only weighs 107 grams. She eats fruit and veggies, organic parrot mix, zupreem pellets, harrisons mash, vitamins, dried fruit and cooked brown rice, oat groats, wheat berries yams ground flax and pommegranite seeds as well as egg food. I don't want to lose her!!! I took her to the vet and they found nothing physical. The man at the bird store thought she was not that underweight, but I am worried. A breeder said to add coconut oil to her food. Any ideas?
CONNIE - 2010-02-05
I have a red bellied parrot and he tries to feed me (regurgitate) every time I get him out. What can I do to get him to stop this? I had a female before this one from the same person and the same breeder pair and she died. A necropsy was done and she had waisting disease. She also tried to feed me, and I amd worried about my male. I was told there is no way to test for this till they die. Please can you help me with this?

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  • gsakes - 2010-09-25
    That behavior is normal, he's trying to feed you. My Red Bellies do the same thing and they're perfectly healthy.
  • Jeanny - 2017-01-07
    My male Meyers is 3 years old now and he regurgitates to me when I talk to him or pet him. He seems to be crazy about me!He will ask for pats for a very long time I love my Oliver Meyer very much. He is so sweet and sensitive and patient and forgiving. What more could a parront ask for>
Janice - 2012-07-05
I have 2 male red bellied parrots for sale. One is a former pet, 4 yrs old. Talks a bit but does not like to pet handled anymore. The other is an untamed male 5-6 yrs of age. Neither one has been bred. Asking $300 each. Sorry, no shipping. Can possibly meet partway in Florida. email if interested:

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  • Guadalupe Mendozalike - 2013-06-06
    Do you have any african red bellied birds. I'm very much interested. On buying these birds. Thank you for you prompt response. Guadalupe LM
  • karen - 2014-11-08
    i am interested in your birds.thxs
  • Debra taucer - 2015-03-21
    Hi do you have the male red bellied tame still available?
  • Pedro oliveira - 2016-02-10
    Do you have same male red bellied for sale, Becouse i have a female already. Please if you haveor no sameone ho have let me no. My mobile 07743851641 Thanks
  • Larry - 2016-07-24
    Please let me know if you have any more red bellied birds for sale. If so what number can I call you?

Cynthia Soriano - 2016-03-01
I am searching to purchase a male poiceohalus rufiventris

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  • Shawn - 2016-04-17
    Don't know if you have found your baby red belly yet, we have a clutch should be hatching in the next 3 weeks.
Sandy Lemon - 2016-01-05
I have a male red belly parrot named Rocky. He has been attached to me since he was a baby now he is 19, unfortunately he does not let me hold him anymore. I pet him from outside the cage. He enjoys talking to me and says many words and some phrases, my favorite is 'get out of here' which he told a couple solicitors that came to the door on day. That was so funny! He calls me sweetheart too. I thought about 7 years ago that he might like a companion so I got a female that was 5, her name is Adrian. Rocky has been afraid of her since we put them together running to avoid her whenever possible, she does not try to hurt him, he just keeps some distance between them. Adrian just wants to be his friend. Recently they have been getting closer together some so we thought we would get a nesting box to see if anything happens. I'm happy to say that I see one egg in the box tonight. My husband and I are very happy to see if she will lay more over the next few days, and if she start sitting on the eggs.

Ashley - 2011-01-22
Just reading this thread... Where are you all from? I am a keeper of Many poicephauls parrots and I am keen to gain contact with other keepers and breeders.. I am based in the north of the united Kingdom, I bet you are all American knowing my luck.

Please email me

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  • Lisa - 2013-04-23
    I have a new baby I just got 7 days ago and not sure when I or how I should start training. He was scared so I havent bother him alot other than talk to him. He did fly from Austin to Missouri where I picked him up so I thought I should give him time to settle in. Thanks for any help!!
  • Anonymous - 2013-05-03
    I thought I was replying to Lisa. I'm sure I have a brother of your red-bellied if that is what you got and I assume you got it from Scott at Old World. Did you get the female with the missing toes? I've had mine home for three or four weeks now and he sttill isn't stepping up or coming to my hand but I am not rushing him. He has started to come over and visit me but he still likes to bite. I just don't think he knows any better yet. All in all, for 7 months old he is a beautiful and quite enjoyable little guy. I've had amazons in the past so this is a whole new world for me.
Jayashree Manoharan - 2013-02-04
Hi, my 7 weeks old Alexandria is not eating properly. He takes very little bit of almonds and other grains but he likes to take variety of humans regular food. He likes to take non-veg. Is it ok? Can I proceed to feed him human foods? Please suggest to me some good and healthy foods which he likes to take.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-02-06
    He's very young, barely just weaned I would guess.  I am guessing his tendency to want human foods is probably because he's  mimicing what you are eating. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it sounds like its setting up a bad habit. I would offer bird seed and pelleted food, and some fruits and veggies as treats. I would avoid other types of human foods, at least until he is more established with regular bird food, to avoid feeding problems throughout his life.
  • Sandy - 2013-03-03
    Scrabbled eggs, cottage cheese (just a little) oatmeal, cream of wheat with toast. Calcium is important. I have a male red bellied parrot (Razzy) He will be 23 in April. I've had him since he was a baby. I have a good avian vet so I got excellent advice when he was young. He has been on Harrison bird pellets but prefers human food. He gets chicken almost every night he loves to eat the bone marrow right out of the leg. For breakfast I feed him a good quality bread (orowheats winter wheats best) it's full of nuts and seeds I put a thin thin layer of adams salt free peanut butter 1/2 pc and a little apple, banana. For dinner his chicken (boiled) and mixed veggies (frozen kind) peas, corn, green beans and lima beans (heated) for dinner and he loves it. He always has a bowl of pellets and raw nuts. I only give him a parrot safflower seed mix on special occasions it's like candy. Razzy is a very healthy beautiful boy. He comes out of his cage everyday and eats and plays on a tree. Parrots thrive on ROUTINE ROUTINE they need to know when they will eat, get attention etc, etc. Hope this helps...