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The Buffon's Macaw has been quite a rarity... and as such it commands a high price!
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Angela Cancilla Herschel - 2015-02-16
Also contact the wonderful ( gorgeous huge aviaries and behavior training) , Natural Encounters Inc. 

Angela Cancilla Herschel - 2015-02-16
Contact American Society of Aviculture, & American Federation of Aviculture

Anonymous - 2012-02-01
I have a 6-month old male Buffon's Macaw and he is a big beauty and came from a wonderful breeder . So calm, friendly and learning to talk. He says his name and 'hello' quite often. He will offer his claw to greet me and the same when I leave. He also watches me constantly and will now fly to the sofa where I sit to watch tv wanting me to join him, often when I'm in the kitchen preparing supper. He is also very quiet and loves to be held but is somewhat Leary of other people but anyone who approaches him is intimidated by his size and I think he senses it and wants little to do with them. He seems to be quite protective over me so I guess I have a guard bird. He's such a beauty and an absolute joy to have around! He also gives the vacuum cleaner quite a work-out :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-02
    I don't know if the personalities of these guys are the same from bird to bird but mine was totally amazing - like this. He would never ever bite anyone but he didn't want anyone else to pick him up. Always with me - even right into the grocery store. He broke out of the house (through the doggy door) and walked down the street to bus stop to meet the kids.
  • Kim Strong - 2012-04-07
    Hey Anonymous,
    Where is this breeder? I just am having a hard time finding one of these babies! Help!
  • Nancy - 2012-11-11
    I am looking to purchase a Buffon's for a companion but have been unsuccessful. Could you please give me the name of the breeder that you purchased your bird from? Thank you
HANS D. Holberg - 2009-02-13
We have a 3 year old male Buffon Macaw, He weighs more than my male Hyacinth. He is very affectionate and is a great Companion

Chris Bell - 2008-03-17
I have a female Buffons Macaw named Bella Rose. She is the most mellow of all my macaws ( I have six in a large heated aviary with many windows). She also is the best talker. Personally this is my favorite macaw. I know many people prefer the vibrant colors of the Green Wing, Scarlett and Blue and Gold. But the green feathers of the Buffons are so iridescent, that in the sunlight they are positively dazzling with many hues of golds and greens. I enjoy admiring her as well as playing with toys with her. She also goes for rides in my car, sitting on a perch which fits securely on the seat.

kathy - 2008-02-26
I have a buffons named Zilla. Of all my macaws, he is the best talker.
He is a true joy.

Sharon - 2006-06-18
We rescued a macaw from a restaurant. Turns out he's a buffons. We would like to find a breeder to see if we can "farm" him out as we love him and would to see his species grow in strength.

DeBorah - 2006-04-12
My love for birds doesn't stop. we have 4 birds, two Quaker Parrots and 2 Military Macaws. they all talk, yell, scream, very loud but we all love them all. My 3 kids all love them as well. My husband is in love with the Macaws, some days more them me. The birds are a lot of work for mom and lots of droppings to clean. Then they tell me that they love me and that I'm beautiful, which makes my job all worth it. Guess that is why the love for my birds grows every day. Enjoy your birds and love them the the max and the will love you.