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The Blue-throated Macaw is a rare treat to behold, being one of the rarest birds in the world!
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Lisa - 2008-03-03
I have a pair of Blue-throated Macaws, I was outside one day and heard them, and then I saw them flying. I went into the house to get them fruit and they were very hungry. They both came to me and I fell in love with them from the start. So my husband and I made some phone calls to find out who owned them, we did find out who owned them and they were in a rescue. The person that was feeding them turned her back and out they went. Well, it took some time to get them but now they are living with us and our 4 Rat Terriers. I was told they tested for PDD. They are fine now but they will always half to be tested. I did adopt them both as I did not want them to be apart. They are 5 years and 6 years old. I was told they were both female, well one is a male, and if them do by chance breed we can not let the eggs hatch because of the PDD. This breaks my heart, but we not letting the eggs hatch if they have any at all. I Love them both. The Male is a lot nicer then the Female, I was told she has been through a lot. They have all the love and food and toys and I just keep working with them. I would not want to be without them. They were sent to us for a reason and I will not let them go without love. These are wonderful Birds. I love all animals but Teacup the male and Boie the female are like my children and I am blessed to have them. Also, have your bird checked, this is a very hard diease to treat. They are very lucking to still be here. Thanks for reading and I have enjoyed reading all your comments.

Loril - 2007-11-17
I am very blessed to share my home with a Blue Throated Macaw. Her name is Kasey and I rescued her from a home in a windowless cement room and a dirty, rusty cage with no toys. She is a delight! But so intelligent. She can take anything apart and she loves to chew. I'm always looking for that perfect Blue Throated toy. She is cuddly, affectionate, and loud. She is a member of our family now and we love her.

Deborah Stephenson - 2007-10-26
I am the proud owner of one of these majestic birds. Kiki is one year old and he is very loving and sweet. He is an acrobat and a clown. He loves to swing upside down, hanging on by one talon. He is good natured and seldom squawks. I also have an amazon and a conure, as well as two small dogs. They all get along fairly well. Though the bluethroated are hard to come by, this bird is worth the effort.

Chuck - 2007-05-01
My name is Paulie, and I am 8 years old. I was found in a basement in a small cage with three other birds. My new owner came to visit me and he felt sorry for me. I made an effort to trust him so I jumped up on his arm without biting him. He decided then he wanted to take me home so he bought me a large cage all of my own to enjoy with toys and everything. I get a bath every morning and I now eat veggies and fruits as well as regular bird food. I live with a Hahns Macaw named George, A Harlequin Macaw named McKala, a sengal named Dusty, and of course the conure named Gandoff. My owner knows that I am a rare find and after the life I had this one makes me feel so at home. I get to see and listen to videos of birds in the wild and my new owner wants to take me outside like he does McKala. Yes he uses a harness. Paulie, is a great bird, I have noticed that like all other comments here he does not like being handled as much as the other birds. But being he was 8 when he came here and not used to being handled I think he is doing great.

Monica - 2007-03-06
My Blue Throat is 3 years old and makes me laugh all the time. He is a born clown who loves to hang, flip, and generally do whatever it takes to get your attention. Although he prefers me, he will go to anyone for attention as long as they don't try to cuddle him. His only drawback is that he is a natural engineer and has been able to open any lock on any cage that he has had. His newest cage is a custom built stainless steel cage which took him approximately 30 seconds to figure out. It is now padlocked when we are not home. I would recommend this breed to any macaw lover that wants a more docile, slightly smaller species.

Scarlet - 2006-03-29
A gorgeous blue-throated girl named Kailani owns me. She is the sweetest, cuddliest bird I have ever owned. She'd lay in my arms for hours on end if I let her! I agree with Joe that they are one-person birds. Kailani LOVES me, but will bite anyone else and refuse to get up on their arm. It's funny, and makes me feel special, but I'm trying to train her out of it. So far it isn't working so well. She acts like a total baby with me though. When I'm cuddling her, she'll flip a wing every now and then and make this pitiful sweet little baby-like macaw sound that I just love. I hope she never grows out of that.

Make sure to feed your macaw baby freshly sprouted seeds and nuts on a daily basis, they'll thank you for it ;)

Maryann Johnston - 2006-01-07
I share my house with 8 macaws. I find my Bluethroat to be the sweetest next to my Hyacinth. He absolutely loves to cuddle and will go to anyone. He does not have a preferred companion and loves to spend time equally with both my husband and I. He is the master mechanic of the group and succeeded in taking his cage doors off within a few days of arriving in our home. I have met other BTMs and have not found them to be as loveable. I feel a lot of it has to do with socialization as a baby. he can be loud at times and his vocabulary is not as good as the Greenwings. Oscar is 3 years old.