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Jennifer thompson - 2017-09-03
Have a beautiful large military macaw approx.7yrsold posting today for 1200$ saw your add from a couple months ago .email me if u would like pics

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Brij kishor - 2017-08-30
Hi i want a scarlet macaw parrot male chick for 2-3 month's hatched. If do you have so please send me it's video or pics with details as price, sex, age and eating situation etc...

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Kate Richardson - 2017-08-16
Lookin got for a shamrock macaw, willing to pay up to $2500, maybe more depending on personality, age and a few other circumstances. I offer a loving, smoke/perfume free home and I have large bird experience, many books and lots of love to give. Located in Ontario Canada. Willing to drive 3-5 hours for the bird. Text me at (905)441-7098 or at

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Frances - 2017-01-10
I have a male and female Buffon's Macaw Parrots for sale. due to work and i dont have time for my lovely parrots so i want to sale them for $1000. contact me for more information. Email us via

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  • Afifa ahmed - 2017-02-17 you still have the buffons macaws and if so where are you located....Canada or USA ? I am definately interested as i have 3 Buffons macaws myself.
    Thanks in anticipation....afifa
  • Genevieve mcgregor - 2017-04-24
    Do you still have the Buffon macaws for sale? Where do you live(state)?
  • Tron C - 2017-05-27
    I am inquiring about your buffons and curious to getmpre information about them
  • Albert Penn - 2017-07-09
    Hi, i am interested in your Buffons Macaws. Are they still available? How old are they?
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Brown - 2017-01-14
We have a young pair hyacinth macaw babies available for sale, they are 12months old DNA sexed unrelated. Birds are very friendly and already saying few words. Asking $2000 for the pair. PayPal or cash only text 818-821-0542 Thanks

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  • Steve - 2017-06-27
    Still available?
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john byrne - 2017-06-14
i have bred two greenwing chicks the hen did not feed them there bekes was red it look like the hen or cock tried to feed them thed died.what can i do to stop this hapening.

Brittany - 2017-06-09
I put a deposit down on a Green winged Macaw today! I get first choice on two birds. I hope one is a girl!

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Kyle cowan - 2017-06-06
I'd live to have a military mccaw I've been interested in them since I was a little kid

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Issa Abuzer - 2017-06-01
Hey, I had dealt with African gray parrot it was boring for me it just repeating words, and yesterday I had my first Severe Macaw; he is name is Jacko,very nice and smart, he is well trained,eating from my hand and stand on my shoulder and I can touch his head, however Sometimes he accepted me to touch his head and sometimes tried to bite me,,I don't know why, and this is my problem with him in the time being... anyone can advise me what to do in order to prevent him from such behavior, thanks all in advance

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Jake - 2012-05-13
Hi, I have a baby hahns, The baby was 12 days old when I got her, I got from a friend of mine that bought the baby but didn't know how to care it. the baby seems to be doing fine, I've had her for about 3 weeks now, and growing bigger every day, but I'm alittle worried about her legs, there out to her side, she moves the around and her claws grab hold of my finger, is the normal for a baby, I haven't gotten 1 this small before. Thanks Jake

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-13
    Sounds like splayed leg. Somehow the mom sitting of the baby nesting, somehow got the leg(s) got squished out to the side. Probably should take her to an avian vet - make sure avian though. The vet would actually splint the legs in place using guaze. He'll do a figure 8 bandage with guaze wrapping the legs fairly close together so the legs aren't 'spalyed' but upright and baby will be able to stand. This is usually done when first seen and at 5-10 days old would be all right in 5 days or so. Your's is older and so I am concerned about the age and that is why I say vet. Just should be a bandage wrap to put the legs in their correct position. They grow so fast at this age, they heal fast so should be OK. But need to fix the condition. OK?
  • Jake - 2012-05-13
    Thank you so much, I'll take the baby to Doc tomarrow am Thanks
  • Jake - 2012-05-14
    Charlie, thanks again for your help, I took the baby to the vet today, and the splint the babys legs, hope this does the trick, thanks again, Jake
  • Jake - 2012-06-08
    Hi Charlie, just wanted to let you know that the splints came off our Baby yesterday and she seem's to be doing fine, Doc said she should be running around soon lol, Thanks again for your help, Jake
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-08
    Isn't it amazing how hey can heal like that.  Glad all is great.
  • Jake - 2012-06-08
    Charlie I believe how much the baby grows seems like over night you see a change, alot differant from when she was 12 days old, thanks for every thing.
  • Anna - 2017-05-19
    My Hahns screams a lot for fun

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