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Gene Wilson - 2017-11-09
ISO Yellow-collar Macaws - young, bonded pair for breeding. North FL area. Prefer to pick-up, not ship.

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Kathy - 2017-02-13
I have a green wing got her when she was 9 months. She's four years old now and she's is bites me a lot, I Think it's because of my roommate that came to live with me. When my roommate comes around me my bird try to bite her are me, zoe is her name she is so sweet when its me an her only. I really think that my roommate she hates her . because me an my roommate don't along at all. Zoe know that too. What do I do. Kathy

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  • Anonymous - 2017-10-11
    Get rid of roomate! Bird showing signs of transfered aggression
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Linda - 2016-02-04
Nikki, my Hahns about 18 yrs old, beak grows so long so fast I have to have it trimmed about once a month. This has been going on for the last, maybe 3 yrs. It started slowly but has really taken off. Am I doing something wrong or not doing something. I have a perch that's suppose to help but doesn't seem to help. Could it be an age thing?

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  • dani - 2016-04-12
    My Hahn's is the same (he is the one in the pic, Lu). He's not a big wood chewer, that's supposed to keep the beak trim. I do have to take him in to have it done by the vet, he's going to be 13 this July.
  • Ara Amore - 2017-09-29
    If the beak grows that fast, you may have a serious problem. I suggest you take the bird to an AVIAN vet and have the vet do a liver panel blood test on the bird. Hope all is OK but I would be very concerned about that kind of beak growth.
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Lauritz Tjernagel-Bravo - 2017-09-21
I'm looking to adopt a 9 to 12 year old DNA tested male red fronted macaw. I'm in Woodstock, VA and will pay for a shipping cost on a pet flight if necessary. I have several females within that age range. I would love to have some parent raised chicks to add to the flock. Please contact me at

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Jennifer thompson - 2017-09-03
Have a beautiful large military macaw approx.7yrsold posting today for 1200$ saw your add from a couple months ago .email me if u would like pics

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Brij kishor - 2017-08-30
Hi i want a scarlet macaw parrot male chick for 2-3 month's hatched. If do you have so please send me it's video or pics with details as price, sex, age and eating situation etc...

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Kate Richardson - 2017-08-16
Lookin got for a shamrock macaw, willing to pay up to $2500, maybe more depending on personality, age and a few other circumstances. I offer a loving, smoke/perfume free home and I have large bird experience, many books and lots of love to give. Located in Ontario Canada. Willing to drive 3-5 hours for the bird. Text me at (905)441-7098 or at

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Frances - 2017-01-10
I have a male and female Buffon's Macaw Parrots for sale. due to work and i dont have time for my lovely parrots so i want to sale them for $1000. contact me for more information. Email us via

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  • Afifa ahmed - 2017-02-17 you still have the buffons macaws and if so where are you located....Canada or USA ? I am definately interested as i have 3 Buffons macaws myself.
    Thanks in anticipation....afifa
  • Genevieve mcgregor - 2017-04-24
    Do you still have the Buffon macaws for sale? Where do you live(state)?
  • Tron C - 2017-05-27
    I am inquiring about your buffons and curious to getmpre information about them
  • Albert Penn - 2017-07-09
    Hi, i am interested in your Buffons Macaws. Are they still available? How old are they?
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Brown - 2017-01-14
We have a young pair hyacinth macaw babies available for sale, they are 12months old DNA sexed unrelated. Birds are very friendly and already saying few words. Asking $2000 for the pair. PayPal or cash only text 818-821-0542 Thanks

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  • Steve - 2017-06-27
    Still available?
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john byrne - 2017-06-14
i have bred two greenwing chicks the hen did not feed them there bekes was red it look like the hen or cock tried to feed them thed died.what can i do to stop this hapening.


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