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Bird Whisperer Mike - 2014-06-09
I recently adopted a rubalina that his owner passed away. The birds name is Jessee and he's 3 years old. I agreed to take him due to his crazy aggressive biting. He has caused some major damage to a 50+ year, third generation experienced handler/breeder and his employees. Due to my strange ways with my feathered friends, I was WARNED and asked if I'd try my magic with him. Well, Ive bonded so well with him, Ive got a new snuggle buddy. He now shows more characteristics of a cockatoo. He is the most gentle giant and actually is never caged anymore (giant play structure). People are in aw when they see him love on me as he does. I don't have the trust to hand him to anybody yet (he caused to many stitches already) but I do allow calm people to pet him. I now have a new friend for life! He has become such a lover and travels everywhere with me. He started regurgitating food about two weeks ago and cries when I go to work, it breaks my heart daily. He's with the misses during the day tho so I know he's in good hands. If anybody has any questions or comments, feel free to email me, I know I'm not typical nor a beginner but my experience is WOW, what an amazing family member I have gained. Ive handled from hand feeding to seniors, over hundreds and hundreds of birds but only ONE rubalina and Im hooked. The nippy jerky and aggressive macaw I normally see is not present in this breed. HOWEVER, THIS IS A BIRD FOR AN EXPERIENCED HANDLER ONLY ONLY ONLY! DONT GO GET THIS AS A FIRST BIRD OR BIRST BIG BIRD! I promise, you'll get hurt and cause hurt to your pet.

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  • Tabu Parrot - 2014-07-07
    I have an 8 yr old rubalina that I bought as a baby. Not only is she the first macaw I have ever owned, she is the first bird that I have ever owned of any kind. I'm not saying it was easy, but she is an awesome pet.
  • Kiran - 2018-06-30
    This is so getting a pair of macaws that will have rubalina babies so i wamted to learn as much as possible on them. Hard to find since their so rare.
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Lillypad - 2018-06-25
Name: Harlet

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Tony Devroude - 2018-05-14
My female Hyacinth needs a male mate. Her mate died last year of old age after 14 years of living together. She misses his attention terrably, and is trying to hatch a golfball because of her need to become a mommy. Will travel to get him, name price and age.

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Sean fennessy - 2018-05-04
Hello i would like to find i breeder for this species in san diego or san bernidino, or likey carlsbad.

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Anonymous - 2018-02-05
Still have 2 babies left can cal me at 360 277 6568l

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  • Morgan - 2018-04-30
    Hi, I tried calling and texting this number but no one has responded. I am interested. Thank you
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Anthoney Page - 2018-04-21
Hey Blue Black throated macaw going to new homes, they are hand feed babies, they are really adorable, these babies will be Great Talkers! and also Health insured. Both Boys and girls available. The birds are DNA tested. Parents to the babies speak quite well! my adult birds all speak quite well! Buyers will be provided with care, training, nutrition and behavoiur of babies to serious inquiries. I will ship or you can come pick up they are now ready, contact me via text (909) 589-1328 for quick and fast responds

kassie - 2018-04-20
So hello, I'm new too this. And I'm selling my Pet 'baby' zebra!! 205$? best pricing.

Jools - 2006-06-28
Hi All.
Well! my wife and I have just ordered our first Green winged macaw and should get it in about 2-3 months time and we are both very excited.
I used to keep Blue and Golds some years ago but my experience has dwindled over the years.
The more i read and try to find out about the Green wing, the more confused i become.
Some articles say that Green wings are not good talkers, and become aggressive and dominant, other people have written that their G/W is a brilliant talker(30 words +) small sentences, sings and dances and is so sweet and cuddly to all the family and don't believe anyone who says there not! I know this is probably down to training and constant socialization.
I was advised to read a certain book on parrot training by the breeder, who says the book is a great help, but the author says you should immediately trim the feathers as soon as you get the bird to avoid injury and also that its impossible to start to train the bird without doing so, but the breeder says NO! You must wait at least a year before trimming.

So! any comments on all the above or helpful suggestions or tips on living with a Green wing and making it part of the family and hopefully not just a one person bird from experienced owners would be very welcome.

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  • Anonymous - 2017-11-03
    I had my gw for almost 20 yrs. I had never trimmed his wings. I had no problems with him. He has his own room with plenty of space. The issue is I'm getting older and my birds are not, I need to decide how to handle this situation. v They all need a loving and caring home.
  • kassie - 2018-04-20
    I'd love to buy your bird? Even though it isn't for sale. I'd still love to buy it! 10,000?
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Arthur Homewood - 2017-07-08
Very interested in buying the pair.

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  • sanju - 2018-02-01
    i'm interested in buying hyacinth macaws. do you have a pair rightnow and if yes how much it costs. where is your location. i,m from india, hyderabad.
  • Jenny - 2018-02-06
    We have a lovely hyacinth macaw parrot and we are giving her for adoption because we have to travel us via SMS at +1 815 386 5056. Make sure you include your email and location.
  • barb martz - 2018-04-09
    Hi. I am very interested in ur hyacinth.
  • barb martz - 2018-04-09
    Hi. I have 2 Blue and Golds, a Cockatoo and an African Grey. I am looking for a Hyacinth who needs a home to add to my flock. I live in PA and my number is 814-591-8757. Thank u!
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Kim Jacomo - 2016-03-01
Hello, I am looking to buy a blue throated macaw. Please email me at

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  • Melissa Ward - 2017-10-07
    I'm looking for Blue throated macaw as well. Chicago, California, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas all have legal breeders. I'm trying to find one in PA or the rules to be a conservation breeder here in PA. Best of luck!
  • Sean fennessy - 2018-03-22
    I am looking for a local breeder of the miligold macaw speices in the range of san diego to san bernidino.

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