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Gerardo - 2019-06-28
Up for sale is mi hanh mini macaw 8 years old

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  • Shehzad Yousufzai - 2019-07-06
    Hi I'm interested in the macaw
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Macaw Mom - 2018-08-30
Do you want to sell your macaw? Location? Price? Can you give me more info on your baby?

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  • Jagpreet - 2019-07-03
    I have a 9 week old hybrid macaw. A calico mixed with a blue and gold macaw.
  • Yesenia gonzales - 2019-05-17
    I would like to sell my blue gold and Catalina macaw. They are about 1yr and a half. They have livedwith each other since they were babies. Don’t have a clue how much to sell them for. If you have any suggestions please email me. Thank you😊
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Mike Caudle - 2019-06-18
We've had Blu our 2 year old Verde Macaw for a year and a half now. He is not as loud as other Macaws we know and is quite large, 1806 grams last vet visit. He is affectionate to me and tolerates my wife handling him if I'm not around. He started talking at 10 months old. He calls our dogs by name and uses phrases that we use with the dogs when talking to them. He can bark like all 3 of the dogs and loves to recreate the sounds of the dogs scuffling and playing. He laughs like me and calls my name for attention the same way my wife says my name. All around we could not ask for a better bird companion.

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Larry MANNINEN - 2019-04-19
What would a combetion of a catilina and harliqiun look like

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  • Lea Hollingsworth-Ramsey - 2019-04-29
    That is called a Maui Sunrise. Harlequin crossed with a Catalina = Maui Sunrise
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Jackie - 2009-06-14
I just got a calico, its name is calypso. It is such a sweet loving macaw, it loves being with people so much that it hates to return to its cage. He will lay on this back so he can receive belly rubs. I use to have a U-too but this bird is even more affectionate. I also own a catalina that is very sweet and gentle and an excellent talker. I think my favorite though, would have to be the calico.

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  • Sandy - 2014-05-26
    I have a calico and I love him to death, I'm trying to find another one, but can't find a breeder. Let me know please if you know one?? Thanks.
  • Elaine - 2019-04-21
    Delorce in SC i Got mine last year in April she just turned one! my sweet baby
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Tracey - 2019-04-18
Hello I have had around 30 years experience with macaws I was raised on a farm with horses, cows,dogs,c chickens pigeons,pheasants,goats,and other parrots I've been around animals my whole life and taken care of them

Ifi - 2017-07-26
Hi. I have 3 buffons macaws (2 boys and a girl) and 1 greenwing macaw (boy)for sale. All are DNAed. I have been diagonosed with arthritis and can no longer care for them as they deserve. I live in Canada. If anyone is interested please email me.

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  • Basem - 2017-09-28

    are Buffoons macaw still with you im interested for one boy let me know how much the price and if you can export the same to UAE I will pay all shipping and documents fees.


  • Tishea - 2018-04-22
    I am interested in your Buffons macaw males. Are they still available? If so how much? Where are you located? Feel free to call 240-405-7272. Thanks
  • Fernando lima - 2019-03-14
    Hello do u still have a male Buffon avalible
  • chris - 2020-09-06
    Hi, I also live in Canada. I had a pair of Blue and golds and my male died recently. We had him for over 25 yrs. His mate we have had for over 35 yrs. Since we lost the male the female is pining for company. I am interested in your Green wing male.
    Please give me some details...cost...age...condition...friendly? Also what is your approx. Thanks chris
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-18
    Hello my name is Tracey I'm interested in your Buffon's macaws I live in Canada and yes I have experienceyou can contact me at (
Alden Loew - 2013-01-13
I just acquired a pair of Buffon's Macaws at the New Year and I was wondering if anyone had an interest in them, or knew of someone who might be? They are in excellent condition, great feather, very good size birds...bigger than my friends Hyacinth. I was unable to get a whole lot of history on them. My educated guess based on feet and beak conditions is the female (laid 2 eggs from perch of cage for previous owner) seems a bit bigger .... although I have not weighed her. My male is a little friendlier / outgoing, while the female is considerably more defensive of their cage territory. If no one has an interest in the pair I would be open to any tips for stimulation or fertilization for year round indoor macaw breeding for a michigander. lol

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  • chad - 2013-02-15
    Buffons still available?
  • Vickie LuVisi - 2015-09-20
    I am definitely interested! What are their ages?
  • Anonymous - 2016-11-25
  • Leon Chu - 2017-01-01
    Hi Alden , are your Buffons still available ? Where are you based ? Leon
  • Genevieve mcgregor - 2017-04-24
    Do you want to sell them? If so, how much for the pair?
  • Gail - 2021-01-24
    Am interested in Buffon macaw.
    Text 210 667 7711 if you have one...or two.
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-18
    Hello my name is Tracey I live in Canada interested in your pair of Buffon's you can email me at (
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Hamad - 2011-11-08
Hi I live in the middle east and I would like to know if they sell these birds in petshops as I want to get one.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-11
    They sell these birds in various bird pet stores in the United states, I don't know about pet stores in the Middle east.  You could ask them.
  • Michelle - 2019-04-10
    I have a illiger female macaw for sale with cage 5000
Marshall Dean - 2012-09-16
I had a pet Illiger's Macaw For about 1/2 of my life. She died of old age (she was a second hand bird). I have an empty spot in my heart for an other Illiger's Macaw. I would like to purchase another Illeger's Macaw if it is not too expensive. Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-17
    They are wonderful birds, and I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  Birds become so much a part of our lives, I hope you soon find a bird to love to  fill the emptyness your darling left behind. All the best.
  • Michelle - 2019-04-10
    Hi I have a female macaw she is hand reared selling her with the cage for 5000

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