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susan barboza - 2018-12-28
looking to buy adult female fischers love bird. Live in Swansea, Massachusetts. Please contact me at 774-644-5597 Thank you

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  • Anonymous - 2018-12-28
    Be careful Susan. Some folks in here are scammers. I am a victim.
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Tamara - 2018-11-17
Ok, two macaws , 3 y/o , NEVER leave their cage, have no toys, they never see anyone but for a minute or two when they are being fed, and that is all; their cage is incredibly filthy, surrounded by flies, and smelly, covered in feces; they have never had a shower and the two of them are incredibly healthy! how you explain??

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Albert Trueman - 2018-10-28
Hyacinth macaw parrots ready to join their new homes.Email me via or Text at 917 737 3459

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  • Lysa - 2018-11-08
    What is the price of your hyacinths?
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Anonymous - 2018-11-06
Very socialized and well tamed Parrots available for sale. Health and medical certificates from our vet. DNA sexed unrelated. Interested then text me via (630) 412-1443 thanks

Connie Vasquez - 2009-11-10
I don't know how many see this site, but I just wanted to share a story about Tika, my BTM. She accidentally got loose and went missing. She was just a baby and had not yet mastered flight. The wind was blowing hard and she could not figure out how to descend. When she flew out of sight my heart broke. Since she is a critically endangered species, the local newspaper and news channel spread her story to the community. We searched endlessly for her and the out pouring of friends, family, and community support was heart warming. After five days, our hope of recovering her turned into relentless grief. But then, a miracle happened. a stranger was watching his grandchildren play outside when he heard Tika screaming overhead. He looked up and spotted Tika who was being chased by two large hawks. Tika took refuge in a small oak tree nearby. He spoke softly and called to her, enticing her with an apple he had been eating. Out of desperation, she landed on his shoulder and began ravenously consuming the apple. He took her inside and called our number, and we were reunited!!! It seemed like a miracle! Tika was so weak she could barely stand, but she recovered fully. In tracking her travels (our sightings and others) we figured she went approximately 40 miles. NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY... our breeder put us in touch with Dave & Jaime Womach, professional bird trainers. They encouraged us not to clip Tika's wings, but to teach her recall flight training instead. We wanted Tika to enjoy being a bird and to be healthy and happy physically and mentally. We were hopeful and terrified at the same time, but we signed up for the expeience. We worked with Tika daily, increasing our bond tremendously. This October (2009) we joined the Womachs and others in Moab, Utah, and we free flighted our birds. It was beautiful, amazing, and our hearts were filled with joy to watch these magnificent creatures fly across canyons, play in the wind, and be free. Mind you, this is only something I would recommend under the strict guidelines of a trained professional, but our experience could not have been better. Tika now free flights with us in our home state of California (being very mindful to take all safety precautions of course). But, I really wanted to share this story because it is not just a story about Tika, but a special testimant of how amazing the BTM's and really, all parrots species in general can truly be.

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  • Krystal - 2018-11-05
    I was wondering if you know any BT breeders in California ?
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linda - 2018-11-04
looking for a baby male cockatiel to purchase. my Prissier passed away after 18 years. she was so sweet. she would com and sit on my shoulder while I was eating dinner. and she wanted me to chew mt=y veggies, and she would eat the food from my tongue. I know !!! but she was so loved. I am alone now, and I asked management if I could have one and she said yes. like I said, I am on social security, so I have very little money, but a whole lot of love to give him. I live in knoxville,tn, and I do not he will have constant care. thanks for your consideration. miss Linda

Christina Nguyen - 2018-01-20
We Have Blue and gold mace for sale We have many Baby Birds available. Some being hand fed & some already weaned. These babies are weaned onto veggies, premium lower fat content quality seed, and Zupreem/Roudybush pellets. Any questions please feel free to message me Thank you!

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  • Ali Haji - 2018-05-04
    Hi! Interested !
    Kindly watsapp me on +254722362228
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Polly Colleen Hines - 2018-10-16
My name is Polly.... I had a very lovable yellow collared macaw named, Paulie Wickle. He also laughed and was the comedian...he was my 'human' companion.. so very smart... so loveable and sweet. I would love to get another male yellow collared macaw. What I really want to say out there among the cosmos is that my Wickle had died almost a week ago, tomorrow. Years ago I had witnessed a finch that died rather quickly after Febreze was sprayed below his cage. I knew that this was real. When I had gone to my Father's funeral this Summer, I put church people in charge of caring for my mushes while I was gone, including my Wickle... he was fine. I had a big note posted on the outside of my bedroom saying to NOT spray Febreze anywhere inside this room because Febreze kills birds. The people that rent below me saw this sign and knew that I was serious.. I rent the upstairs. A week and a half ago, there was this strange sweet scent coming up through the vents... My Wickle's cage was close to one of those vents.... and I found him dead when I came home from an appointment last Wednesday.. I had asked the people who had known of my sign if they used Febreze, and sure enough they did.. I cannot bring my little boy back, and P&G is very aware that Febreze kills birds... all the downstairs people did after was get all of the Febreze out of their place. I rent the upstairs, they rent the downstairs. That's that happened. P&G wrote all of this jibber jabber about everything they did to protect themselves. I do not see any restitution in sight anywhere from that company. I need this to be and made aware to all bird owners and all bird lovers.... if this really got out of hand with Febreze, it could cause a huge effect on our entire bird population and that targeted environment. Thank you so for your time. P

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FRANC GOBOVC - 2018-08-19
I buy macaw Tropicana in Europe lp Gobovc

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  • Cora shavers - 2018-08-30
    We have available visit our homepage;
    or email us at
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Angie - 2017-12-17
Trying to sell Her I been having it for five months and I just can’t take care of her more.When I got her she told me that she was three kinds of breeds and she’s nine years old

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  • Janna Jones - 2018-02-08
    I am seriously looking for a catalina, I have a male Ruby - he is lonely and I have a huge aviary
  • Janna Jones - 2018-02-08
    You may contact me at 850 866-3229 with more info on your catalina, It must be a female but very interested.
  • Breea - 2018-03-18
    Is your Catalina still available
  • Kareem - 2018-08-29
    I have a Catalina Macaw that I am looking to move very cheaply. You can call me at2404624653.

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