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glen - 2013-04-13
I have a Military Macaw I got her from a rescue , I can lay a blue sheet in the bottom of the cage and she will go to it and start bobbing her head and makeing strange noises. Can any one tell me why she is doing this.

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jitendra patel - 2013-04-09
Hello sir I need job in macaw birds care line with macaw birds forest. Plz subjection me. Witch way I find job in this my carreer. I wait for your responds. Plz send me response way to email.

Jane - 2010-03-13
Advice for those considering becoming the parent of a parrot:

Our blue and gold macaw, Sebastian will have his 12th birthday this coming August. I am writing this because I think it's important for everyone who is considering becoming parent to a parrot to know exactly what they're getting into.
Sebastian - or Sabby, as we call him - is the love of our lives, but my husband and I really didn't realize when we first got him 12 years ago at 8 weeks old that bringing him into our lives was actually a decision to be a parent to a two year old for the REST OF OUR LIVES.
I said a "two year old" because most studies show that many parrots are at about the same intelligence level and reasoning capacity as a two year old. If a parrot decides to talk, and not all of them do - they usually use the words they learn with cognition & context. In other words, they don't just "parrot" human speech, they also have a good general understanding of what the words mean and they use them at the right times.
I said for the "REST OF OUR LIVES" because with good health, Sabby will likely live to be around 80 - essentially the same as human life expectency. So that's a major consideration as well. Not only are you making the decision to take on a two year old, you also need to consider who will be willing to take of the two year old after you die.
Sabby's a smart, cute, active, funny, and totally beautiful two year old, but just as every human two year old that I've ever known, he can also be very DEMANDING. He just doesn't understand why he can't have what he wants when he wants it! My husband and I react to his temper tantrums just as we did with our daughter's when she was two. We take him back to his "room" (his cage in our bedroom) and we tell him that we'll get him again when he decides to be nice. And just as my daughter used to do, he plays in his room for awhile & forgets why he was mad. Maybe he even thinks about it what he did a little bit, lol. ;)
Sabby loves us all, but I think the nature of parrots usually bonding with one mate for life makes them prone to also have one person in their life at a time who they favor over the others. I know that some parrots are more loving to everyone than others, but I do think that most have a favorite.
I'm SO glad that we have that little boy. He is a center of our world, but we were also lucky that my husband and I were in the perfect position to spend all of the time and attention with him that he needs. Our daughter was 18 when we got him. She was another caretaker and buddy for him until she went off to college and recently, my husband and I retired.
I wrote this because I think it's very important for people making this decision to do so with their eyes wide open. Parrots are amazing companions and their intellect is incredible, but they require much more attention than your average dog or cat or even ferret, IMHO, and & for the larger parrots, an added consideration is that they may outlive you. Also, if you are absolutely sure you want one, it really is an excellent idea to check into adoption before you consider buying. I've seen many who need a good home and I think that unless they have just gone crazy with grief from lack of attention (unfortunately extreme feather picking is a symptom), you can usually make them very happy again very quickly with just telling them how great they are, encouraging them & just loving them wholeheartedly - just as we do with our kids. :)

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  • Janine, the bird lady. - 2010-09-20
    I loved your posting and agree whole heartedly in adoption. Our motto is "Dont' breed, don't buy, ADOPT your new best friend". Having adopted 6 exotic birds that were all abused and/or given up, because someone just could not handle the amount of care they needed anymore, I thank you for your posting. There are already far too many of these beautiful creatures needing homes because someone thought it would be "nice to have a talking bird" and ran out and got one before thinking it through or learning all there is to know about being the parent of an exotic bird.
  • Tracy - 2010-12-04
    Thank you so very much for sharing so honestly. You have really shed some light on things to consider before tanking ownership of any bird for that matter. As for me, I have always been a dog and cat person, I recently acquired an interest in birds. My favorite choice is a "Goffin" Cockatoo however, I was told that they are extremely needy. That being said, I have now began to take an interest in the Blue and Gold Macaw. I guess I am experiencing the EMPTY NEST syndrome, my youngest daughter just moved out and I have a void even having my dog and cat. Do you think that the Macaw would be a good choice for a first time bird owner?
  • Nadine - 2011-08-09
    Do you know how to reach anyone about adopting a parrot?
    I had parrots before and know how much work they can be but would love to get another!
  • peter blu - 2011-10-20
    Hello from sub tropical south africa! I am disabled and spend most of my life confined to my house in kwazulu~natal. Recently(+\- 4 months ago I was given a macaw with severe feather loss. He was dumped at a bird park and abandoned. The caretaker could not manage and decided to rid the park of Cheeta. We immediately took to each other as it were and have formed a very close bond. I also share my house with 2 african greys. The pulling of feathers with Cheeta carries on. He has been to a vet and have no medical problems. Do you perhaps have any advice or suggestions to try? bright blessings. Peter Blu
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-21
    Plucking is a real problem and I don't think anyone has come up with a permanent solution or definite reason as to why it occurs. Vets normally say boredom, abuse, not enough socialization or attention. Whatever the reason, it has already occured. Some folks try putting a collar on the bird to prevent the plucking and hopefully break the habit. If you believe your parrot will accept a collar - you could try that. Initially I would try lots of attention, lots of alternate things to play with or do, branches to chew on, toys etc. Let him be around people and try and replace the behavior with a variety of things to do and extra attention. It is very difficult to deal with or change and no reflection on you if you can't change it. Try - spend time and toys and music or TV - anything to provide stimulation and distraction.
  • Kaylyn - 2011-11-09
    That's not just logic. That's really sesnbile.
  • Deborah Guirrello - 2013-03-28
    Where can I adopt? I live in Gainesville, Fl where one has to pay to practically breathe.
Jacqueline S. - 2013-03-22
I My husband has always wanted a B&G, I'm so happy I recently was able to get one for him (the family)My only regret is that I wish I would of been aware of bird adoptions before hand, Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change the fact that we got our macaw just wish there was more advertising about bird adopting. I never knew. We want to add another feathered friend to our family in the future & adoption is the way we will go!!!! All my animals are rescue's. I'm very surprised at how much enjoyment Indigo brings me everyday, She is a true blessing. With that said she is a handful & keeps me going 24/7. I just want to say to anyone considering getting a larger breed bird to really, I mean really do all your home work. You need to be aware of what cleaning products you can use to candles you can or can't have. I love my oil warmer sented plug-ins, but no more, They are poisonous to my feathered friend. My point is don't just look at what to feed them or what type of cage & the space you need, check out every thing. I'm still learning, lol. Also Thanks for everyone elses posts, all have useful info & tips.

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barnee - 2013-03-19
I've had my chestnut front his entire life (24 years) I think he's really easy going. He doesn't live in a cage I have an entire room for him. He sleeps in an open closet or with me, I'm a light sleeper. I feed him roudybush first thing in the morning then I take his food away until noon then I return his uneaten portion of roudybush mixed with spaghetti or sweet potato, he loves sweet potato, then after he is done eating I take his food away again until early evenning. Then I give him the remainder. By taking his food away when he's done it emulates his wild behavior that keeps him focused at meal time (no playing or finicky behavior. Some parrots like to take baths some don't it all depends on how you introduce them to water and bathing. I use water as a punishment via a squirt bottle when he was misbehaving as a result he is scared of water, live and learn, if you remember that ara severa is in need of companionship you can use that to guide his behavior.

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Rosana - 2013-03-18
I have my Lorenzo, he is a three years old beautiful bird

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Kata - 2013-03-03
In my opinion its coloring is duller compared to both the hy and scarlet.

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David Mosqueda - 2013-03-03
Recently I purchased 2 Catalina macaws from a man who had the macaws in his bathroom at his business. The birds had full feathers meaning they would fly in his shop. Needless too say they has no human contact (held and preen by human hands), and were independent. Looking at the 2 Catalina situiation I felt that I had to purchase the 2 macaws. Knowing this was not going to be easy, the first thing I did was clip their wings. This allowed me to allow the Catalina's to know they could no longer fly out of range if attempting to get them on my hand. In the beginning they were not trusting me, but like any animal, but I fed them every day and since they were clipped, this allowed me to have more one on one contact with. Every day I would put them outside with the 2 my Green Wings in the front yard. This was something the 2 Catalina's we never allowed before. It was a totally new and well deserved direction for them both, a sense of freedom! Every day I have my 4 macaws are outside with me. Fast forward, it has been 3 months that the Catalina's have been in my home, and to a surprise, the Catalina's now allow me to hold them both and give me kisses at the same time with no jealousy at all. So yes I do feel like the lucky's man in the world!!!

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victoria - 2006-09-22
Love my Elvis! She, yes she, was thought to be a male, named and raised for the first half of her life as a male. Second owner, whom I bought her from, (at 5 yrs old)had her sexed after going through her first cycle on things. Originally, thought she was sick. She is beautiful, playful, friendly and outgoing. In my opinion, if you have ever been around a 2 yr old (human) and understand the psychology of that, you can handle a Macaw. Please understand, it is manditory they feel the love. Just as a 2 yr old demands your undivided attention & care. Out smart them, as an example, do not ever feed exactly the same thing at the same time to avoid unnecessary hurt feelings, if you don't keep their schedule. One example would be if you feed your pet 2 to 4 times a day, do not make them the same times each day. Vary your delivery and the food/toy/treat each time. They will become demanding if you allow it. We are suppose to be the smarter species. I question our knowledge of what defines a "greenwing" as mine is dominately green with blues, reds, oranges, yellows through out her feathers. Bright yellow under her blue and green wings, body is orange. Cone area above her mandible now red, was originally green with few feathers red, now about a full inch. 11yrs soon to be 12. Most people of "pure heart" can hold my macaw without threat, she is 28 to 30 in top to tip.

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Darlene - 2013-02-03
I would call it a Bali Macaw or Caligold Macaw.


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