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Orlando Rodriguez - 2014-05-11
Paco is a 18yo blue and gold macaw: This spring we made an enclosure (Screen back porch ) and made him and his friends, a Goffin Cockatoo (Grasy) and a sun conure (Sunny). Today I noticed that Paco is Taking a large amount of water to the point of vomiting. It's the 1st time he's done this, please help me. Orlando

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someone - 2014-05-07
I had a baby hahns but she sadly passed, she had seizures.

lynsey mcne - 2014-05-04
Hi i have just rehomed a parrot called Río who's a handfed macaw. I don't have a clue of age but previous owener said she had for a few years but never had much time for him. Will I be ever be able to get him to talk, I have a busy home with 3 kids that range from 1 and a half years to 6 years and 10 years and we would love him to talk and step up and to be able to let him out of the cage. I got him on Friday 2nd may 2014 so not had him long at all any advice would be great. T.I.A

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*Sally* - 2006-04-01
My Maui Sunset Macaw, Uno, is the sweetest bird in the world. He adores everyone, including my quaker parrot Quincy, my moluccan cockatoo Ray, and my two abyssinian cats, Abby and Annie. Uno especially adores my cats, even better than any of my birds. His favorite food would have to be corn-on-the-cob, green beans, and strawberries. He doesn't exactly have a cage; he instead has a million playstands around the house. I am so glad that Uno, as well as my other birds, are in my life.

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  • rena - 2014-02-24
    Hi Sally, Just had questions for you about the sunset macaws. Are they hybrids, And if they are do they live the same age as other macaws? I will be out of work because of my spine and I really want a macaw, my kids will be at school and I have had lots of birds throughout my life but I want to make sure I am getting a loving bird. If you can give me any advice I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Rena.
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James - 2014-02-10
I've saw this hybrid before and they called it a Christmas macaw.

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Alan Green - 2009-10-11
Hi there.
I have an Illiger macaw, I have had him for 3 months. I adopted him from a lady that
could not take the noise. He is a wonderful bird and I love him to bits. I open his cage
and he climbs down the cage and waddles over to me on the couch. When he wants to come out of his cage he says, "come now, come on boy", and he does not stop until I open his cage. His name is Zuse, and he chops up his wooden toys like a chain saw.

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  • jyt - 2014-01-14
    my mini macaw hatched nov 2013 still not weaned yet cannot wait for Dexter to come home does anyone have any suggestions? Illiger
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Phyllis - 2014-01-14
Help! My ONLY bird, a severe macaw who is 15 years old just started laying eggs! The first clutch in Dec. was 3 eggs all cracked within about 3 days apart. The second clutch was 2 eggs, again 3 days apart. The second clutch of eggs were not cracked but she did not sit on either clutch. she just lays them on a part of her cover that she gets covered with than goes up on her top perch. While she is about to lay these eggs, she bangs her beak on the bottom rails of the cage ALL night long! So, my question is 1. is she damaging her beak by banging it all night and 2. How do I get her to stop. Her diet consists of Kaytee rainbow pellets but I'm concerned she is losing calcium.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-16
    Older female macaws will sometimes start to lay (and protect) eggs. Leave any unbroken eggs with her until she abandons them as a female will generally not lay new eggs if she is already sitting. The bird's environment can often be a cause, so look at her surroundings carefully to see what may be encouraging this behavior. Providing distractions and keeping her busy can help stop egg laying behaviors, and help keep her from damaging her beak. If she is confined in a smaller cage, she might view it as a nesting area. Start taking her out daily and putting her into different environments, as this can help break the egg laying behavior cycle.  Also move the cage to a different area each night. It also helps to start teaching her some new tricks to keep her occcupied.

    You have to be carefull with vitamin supplements. Even though egg laying can deplete calcium and other nutrients, additional supplements offered along with a pelleted diet can be risky. To make sure she's getting enough calcium, a better choice would be to put her on a good breeder's diet while she's laying, and take her back to her normal diet afterwards.

    There are also medical treatments to help manage excessive egg laying. A trip to an Avian Veterinarian may be of help, to get a complete physical and discuss the problem.
Megan Donovan - 2013-08-31
PLEASE HELP! We bought our 5 year old male severe named Meeka  from a very good home.  He was rehomed because his owner since birth could not take care of him and give him the proper attention he deserves.  When we got home, the first 3-4 days Meeka was very talkative inside of his cage.  We opened his door and after a while he began coming out onto the door; no further.  His wings are clipped so I have a coffee table right under his door should he decide to come out he would have an easy place to hop onto.  Here's the problem.  It's been a week and a half, he still goes only to his door to sit; then now it's cage only and he pretty much stopped talking and is beginning to squak.  Meeka's door is open all day till we go to bed... He is also beginning to scratch and prune a lot lately.

ANY HELP would be appreciated.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-08-31
    Maybe he is feeling uncomfortable in his environment? First, since it is still a relatively new home, he may need some time to adjust more. Also make sure he is in an area with no drafts, not very much noise, and consider placing a blanket over his cage at night. That often helps to make birds feel more at home. If you are concerned about sickness, watch for physical signs of an ailment - such as watery eyes, sneezing, ruffled feathers, etc.
  • lois - 2013-12-19
    The coffee table could be freaking him out! Clipped birds can still climb very well, put a perch on his door that he can sit on, the bolt and washer kind. So the perch is in the cage when door closed but outside when door is open. Be patient! Huge adjustment for the boy. It is a big scary world, and he is now taking in all the goings on in that new world! Let him get comfortable. I have been rescuing all kinds of parrots for 30 years, do not rush to make friends, he will let you know when he is ready. Settling in takes time!
Bill - 2013-05-29
I have two Severe Macaws, a male and a female. They each have their own cage and seem to enjoy each others company, but don't like to get too close to each other. I have found that Severe's tend to be very much a one person bird. Both of mine are rescues, perhaps that has something to do with it. Both are very loving and need a lot of individual attention. I have found with my birds as well as with Severes that friends of mine have, that their tend to have a bit of a challenging personality. I definitely would not recommend this breed for a new or novice bird owner- they, like the Scarlet Macaw, tend to be nippy and need someone with a strong hand at training and someone who is a leader and not intimidated by the bird. If this happens you will quickly lose control. I love both of mine and would adopt another in a heartbeat, but you need to really be in tune with this bird's personality or you will have a really difficult bird on your hand. I also have Scarlet macaw, who I know can be challenging also, but if you are in tune with your birds behavior and needs, whether a Severe or Scarlet- they can really be sweet and lovable and a great addition to your family.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-31
    Great information and advice Bill. I had a breeding pair for many years, and loved hand raising their babies. But you are so right about their personality, I couldn't have described them better myself. Definitely not for a novice or someone who isn't intent on learning to keep and care for this bird for many years. Their one-person attachment behavior, makes it so that this is not a 'pass-around' animal. It needs a solid, devoted and loving keeper willing to house it for its lifetime.
  • eddie - 2013-08-08
    Severe mccaws are amazing , mine shows so much personality. It seems to be obsessed with me, it's funny but I wouldn't take the world in place of it, lol. :)
  • Brenda Stueve - 2013-12-16
    Just lost my severe macaw and I had him almost 40 years. Don't know how old he was when my parent's got him but I'm guessing at least 10. The bird took to me and came to live with me when parent's died. Squawky but loving. Loved sitting on my shoulder when taking dog for walk and quite affectionate. Also, a jealous bird, and would let me know when I was neglecting him. Ouch! Going to miss my challenging Peppino.
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Cindy Sue Wade - 2013-12-14
I just picked up a four year old green-winged macaw and had no idea she was so big, however size does not matter. I am trying to tame her for my cousins mom's cousin because she is too frail to work with Bobo and I was wondering how I can go about training and taming her? She does not step up or any thing. I have had experience will all kinds of exotic birds but this will be my first time working with a slightly trained green winged macaw. I have had experience with a blue and gold and let me tell you this green winged macaw is bigger than my blue and gold macaw that we had gotten from a bird show. Bobo does talk but not much , however I would love to teach her to step up and how to be tame, I do know I have my hands full with this wonderful bird but I am willing and up to a challenge, so if any one can help please do. She is so sweet and I do not want her to start plucking feathers or anything destructive for lack of attention. She is only four and needs a lot of  time and work.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-14
    I'm so glad you have this wonderful bird. You have a window of opportunity with this new green-winged macaw. The first 30 days or so, when a bird is introduced to a new environment, they are not sure what to do pr expect. That's the average adaptation time for parrots, so use it wisely. Establish the relationship to be one of honor, respect, and love and begin to train. It will take time to teach her to step-up or anything else,  maybe months, but offer treats and praise as the norm. You sound like you're well versed in working with birds, so I trust you will do well. Green-winged's are very smart, but they do have a great memory. As she becomes established you will probably see her start to try things that she learned in previous homes, but start with your training right away, and give no credence to any behaviors that are unexceptable. Stick to your training and she will begin to respond. Good luck to you both, what an exciting adventure and friendship you are embarking on!

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