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Jennifer - 2015-08-15
I rescued my harlequin macaw, Jack, about 15 years ago; her circumstances were horrible, and all I can say is that she was lucky enough to survive being starved (most of the other birds did not). She's my first and will be my only bird. She's not easy to love, but I love her dearly. Recently, she has had some health issues, I took her to a very well known avian vet (he's always been her vet and has written books on macaws)and she has heart disease (I've always fed her quality food). So now I've got her on meds and she has shown some improvement. Then just this week she presented me with her very first egg! Go figure.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-21
    'Jack' is so lucky to live with you! So sorry about her heart problem, but congratulations on your surprise:)
Tery Scott - 2012-07-27
I found Tody 26 years ago when I went with a friend to buy a parrot. We went to this house where the people were retiring, bought a motor home and were now planning to travel for their retirement. I have always been an animal lover and was so taken by her. I guess you gotta jump in to things sometime. She was my first big bird and boy what I have learned from her. I can do absolutely anything with her. At this point in life, her now being 28 I feel as if she is my daughter. I have gone through all the stages as she has matured. People have told me I should have got her a mate. If anything I have learned from my relationship with Tody is that the domesticated world is not ready for any pet that can out live you. People all to often buy them, much like I did on a whim only to find they have to re-home them when the owners life changes for what ever reason. Thank God I now live in a rural area where Tody is free to welcome in the new day, she can sleep out if it's warm or come in side if it's cold. These birds take a life time commitment. I should know, she out lasted 2 of my marriages. I should have known when she didn't like my spouse that it wasn't going to work. Now my concern is who do I will her to, as she will most likely out live me and the thought of her ever being in a situation where God forbid she were neglected of unloved is unthinkable to me. These birds can adjust to change but it takes an awful lot of time to win their trust and love. I've worked with abandoned and abused birds. This is the living fact that a Macaw or for that matter any large parrot is not a pet for just any one. Will my saying this make a difference, probably not but I feel better for having said it. To all you bird lovers out there, we are a special breed. My hats off to you all. Tery

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  • Alicia Manolas - 2015-07-27
    A suggestion, go to a bird show with her, that has macaws, pick a nice spot for the two of you to sit, and wait to be inundated with folk. Over the course of the day you will spot the different type of people you are looking for the child in poor clothes, but neat, who comes back again and again. Ask them to bring their parents over if they are not with him/her;THAT kid, the one who keeps coming back and is too poor to buy one and whose mom says tgey cant afford one... that is the family you invite to 'visit' your bird at home. You can say you want the bird to get used to young handlers, whatever. That kid, ifgentle and understanding of you bird after a few visits, is who you Will your 'daughter' to. And take to visit your lawyer or whoever has your Will. That way you will have done the best for your girl.
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Jo - 2008-09-18
I am extremely saddened at how far someone that calls themselves a breeder will go to make a hybrid. A Hyacinth is an endangered creature and should only be bred as a Hyacinth.

I realize (sadly) there is no governing of breeders and they have free will to breed however and whatever they want together and that includes mixing and matching. I would only hope their moral thinking will drive them to do the right thing.

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  • Anonomous - 2015-07-14
    I agree with the statement above. I have both sexes of Hyacinths and NEVER would hybridize them. They are beautiful just the way they are. I do think the hybrids of the other Macaws are beautiful, just not the Hyacinths.
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Tapabroto Guha Roy - 2015-01-04
Thank you

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  • anoyjdhudhui - 2015-06-14
    You should call it the muddy macaw.
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Anonymous - 2015-06-12
my mom will not let me have a bird. when i found out i would not be getting one i wore a black cape and it was for holloween so it had fake blod on it lol.

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Matt - 2010-02-19
I've got an approx. 10 year old female Military. That was a good bird up till the day that the Male B&G that she was raised with died( he ended up with a heart condition. Now she is the MEANEST bird that I have ever seen. I also have a younger B&G that is like a big baby, but the Military can no longer be handled. In turn, she gets less attention, in turn gets meaner, because no one wants the blood, & scars that she can inflict. There are days that I feel like opening the front door and throwing her out. I know, thats cruel, and I wouldn't do it. I'm even afraid to proceed to try and tame her again, I've had a lot of birds, as many as 6 Macaws, 2 greys, a bunch of Canaries, & a boatload of Finches, all at the same time. All but 2 Macaws, and about 10 Gouldian finches remain, and I'm slowly getting out of the finch hobby. Any ideas as to what I should do. I now hate this bird, but she is so pretty. I think that she is a womans bird, because she will get real close to my daughter when she talks to her. But my daughter has seen what she can do, and won't have anything to do with touching her. HELP

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  • Brampton, Ontario - 2010-02-26
    Please don't give up. She is grieving. I am sure when she accepts a new companion and is over her sense of loss she will be sociable again.
    I have a 4 year old MM named Carlos. He is hilarious. He only lets me handle him but he talks to my daughter and grandson whenever they walk by. He yells Jordan when we are calling my grandson to dinner, he meows after the cats, feeds the dogs his pellets and says haha when they pick up the food. Peek A Boo is his favourite saying. He always says night when I put him back in his cage at bedtime, but he seems to know when we are putting him in his cage because we age going out. Then he always says BYE quite loudly and he sounds a little disgusted with us. I would love to know how you make out.

    Brampton, Ontario
  • David Turnbow - 2010-08-26

    I do not have much of a reply other than patience. I have rescued a blue and gold, a green wing, and a panama amazon. They were all the same way in the beginning, but now they are all very sweet birds. If you would want to place the bird I would gladly take her. Just a thought.

    Thank you, David
  • martie werbacher - 2012-06-24
    hi... I started dating my boyfriend 7 months ago and he has a military macaw. My boyfriends wife passed after haveing this bird for 17 years, my boyfriend said the military macaw stopped eating and was sooo depressed he thought he'd lose the bird. After taking him to the vet the vet said to post a pitchure if you have one on the cage, his bird came out of his depression but was ok but my boyfriend hasn't been able to handle but to feed him. Since IIve been here it has taken me months of patience for the bird and I to love... he now follows me everywhere.. please, try a picture and if you don't have one find one in a magazine or internet to post on his/her cage..
  • Jessi - 2015-06-09
    Patience and calm is the key. I've heard of the picture working. Parrots develop strong bonds to their partners. How long does a human grieve? Dogs have died of grief. again, patience and consistency. Maybe separate the bird or only room with one other bird so that when you do spend time with the bird, they perceive this time as 'their' time. Speak softly and keep back ground noise to a minimum if you can. Try this time together to work on training. Try the stick up and a small treat for half hour or so. Close the door to the room and let them out of the cage for a bit. Patience and you'll both be rewarded greatly.
Charles Blase - 2012-10-23
I got a military macaw named Tupac (we didn't name him) and he was rescued by animal control from his cruel owners. He was given to my aunt who gave him to me because I have expereince with birds (having a moluccan macaw and had a green conure) but I'm having problems with him. He only likes me which would be fine IF I wasnt in high school. I don't have the time I wish I had to dedicate to getting him out of the cage more often then he does. But I'm the only one who can hold, pet, feed, or water him. He will attack anyone else who trys to touch him and anyone else who feeds him he dumps the food and water out. Anyone know how to fix this?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-23
    Militaries can be just a wee bit stubborn but I wouldn't give up or lose hope cuz they usually come around.  First I'd fix the food and water bowels so he can't throw them cuz that's a pain and a mess.  You can usually drill a hole through the very top of the bowel and use a u-bolt or screw botl to bolt the cups down.  Have others start by just talkling to him or giving him a small treat from their plate whether a piece of chicken, a peanut, cracker, piece of pizza - you will find out his favorites.  For some reason (and possibly a great one) he has bonded with you and it would be nice if he would with the rest of the family.  I would want him to at least come out and sit on a perch around the family and that is a good place to start.  Might take awhile but I think he will learn to accept 'his position' in the family.  By the way  I named my Military Sargeant Barker cuz he had to be the boss - but he came around.
  • Jessi - 2015-06-09
    Perhaps if you can get a flight suit you can get him out more to meet people. (Men and women). If you have people in mind to babysit, have these people just come in, sit next to the cage for a short period of time and talk to him (or read a book out loud). They really do respond to voice. After a session have that person give a little treat and walk away. (Bird stays in the cage). Every session most likely will not go smoothly, but keep being consistant. Your bird store or pet shop might know of a 'bird sitter' that will be able to help out as well.
Owned by a Military - 2008-11-19
We have a 4 year old Military Macaw. She is very outgoing, clowny and silly. She loves making me laugh. When I start laughing, she'll do a whispery laugh. True to their reputation, Militaries can very much be nippy, but ours was raised with boundaries and she's very respectful with her beak. They are not a bird for everyone. Her call is more shrill than our Blue and Gold's, so be prepared for that. She's an okay talker. We're still working on reinforcing her existing vocabulary.

I happen to LOVE the Military. The few I have known are very active and need lots of toys to keep that beak out of trouble! They also like to hang upsidedown in their cages like bats. They are a riot. We love our girl.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-24
    Wow he's beautiful ok now I want 1.
  • sharie - 2011-02-12
    Hi I just got a 4 year old military macaw and she won't talk or let me by her what can I do I want to love her? Help me what do I do to get her to like me?
  • Terrie Hein - 2014-05-26
    That's my problem I can't pick mine up either I need help too.
  • Lyle Krueger II - 2014-10-07
    My military is a Boliviana Military. He is going to be nine years old in December. I received him from a good friend of mine and have known him since he was young. He does have a bit of a temper at times and can be quite loud, but I love him just the same. He goes with me out in public. No tethering is needed. He even joins me on bike rides. He has bitten but only me. Once to the point stitches were required. But still he is my bird and I will never part with him. He loves his toys, his perches and his outdoor play area (again no tethering necessary). The only thing he does not play with yet is his swing. Maybe in time.
  • Jessi - 2015-06-09
    I have a 3 year old and have had him (could be her...) since he was a baby. Rue is the most out going gregarious bird EVER. He goes horseback riding, floating down the river, for car rides, hikes and shopping. I also have a rescued Blue and Gold. My understanding is that the Military doesn't like their down time as do the larger birds and I think that's the key to versatility. I would suggest being a little pushy when it come to holding the bird after they learn to step up onto a perch. (This way you can get them back into the cage). Get ready for a bite, but generally speaking they are just looking for a reaction... Try not to give one. Persistence and patience and I promise you, your Military will be you're best buddy. Give it a good 3 to 6 months for a bonding type of relationship. Remember, they aren't a dog... You have to make them think all of the training is THEIR idea. Be patient.
martie werbacher - 2012-06-24
My military macaw bobbs his head like a chicken on our hands/arms etc., does anyone know what this means? He's not hurting anyone when he does this but just very curious when and why he does this..

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-24
    Yep it is normal.  They bob their head up and down.  They sorta bump you with their beak which doesn't hurt and even bump you in the head with theirs.  They are playing and it is fun.
  • Anonymous - 2013-05-16
    That's natural, it's a feeding thing they do when you hand feed them!
  • Margie - 2015-01-26
    My Military Macaw also bobbs her head. she does this so I can sing to her and she dances with her head. she's done this sense she was a baby. we started to sing to her and she would bobb her head so now everytime she wants me to sing to her she bobbs her head or when I want her to dance I sing to her and she starts dancing. She loves music.
  • Jessi - 2015-06-09
    The bobbing is a positive affirmation to whatever it is you are offering or doing.
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chrisina - 2015-06-03
How do u kno how old a blue and yellow mccaw is?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-06-05
    You can't tell the age of a parrot without knowing its hatch date. I have heard of some veterinarians giving people and opinion of the age of their birds, for example cockatoos. But that is simply a mistake, as there is currently no way to determine age other than when they hatched.

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