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nathalia - 2015-03-21
Macaw for adoption she is 9 months old.

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  • Elena - 2015-03-30
    I'm interested in your macaw, where are you located? Thanks Elena
  • Jan - 2015-10-23
    I am interested in acquiring a Hyacinth McCaw or a smaller, colorful parrot. I already own a Caique, so am familiar w/owning parrots.
  • Jeannette DiLauro - 2016-04-17
    I am interested in acquiring aa hyAcinth Macaw, at any age but the younger the better!! I would like to train him/her to do different tricks and to talk. I can't waait to hear back from you!7272383946 7272441787 mobile #
  • Rhonda - 2016-11-25
    Hello I just seen your add and was wondering if your macaw is still up for adoption? I have 2 macaws now one I've owned since 2000 and the other I got in 2005. Would like to know what your asking for it and where are you located at? I have 2 macaws now one I've owned since 2000 & the other since 2005.
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yolan - 2012-05-31
I am giving out a special pair of Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots to any loving and caring home due to my relocation . They are home raised and all registered. I have raised them from babies to maturity. These sweet macaws have a great vocabulary and they love to sing. . These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird manual i have prepared to help any new home take good care of them.They are very friendly and will make perfect pets.Contact me for more information and pictures.
Email :

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  • kamran nawaz - 2012-06-01
    Hi its Kamran I am intrested in keeping your because I have lot of birds in my home. I love to keep them. I live in kolkatta if u think I am the right person then u can call me in this number 09831818806 or mail me
  • WARNING - 2012-09-19
    This is most likely a scam. There are lots of these going around on the web right now. They get you excited, ask you lots of questions, gain your trust. Then they say they want to ship the birds to your home. You wire them the money for shipping costs, but never get the birds. Please be very careful!
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-19
    Thank you for WARNING ---   sometimes things are there and I and others just do not see them.  I had a fella write me to purchase a male hyacinth but the bird was in some foreign country and had to go through quarantine.  I mean the hyacinth was free but the shipping was thousands.  I knew just enough to know there was no Hyacinth stuck someplace in the US Foreign Embassy.  But the way they write the ad or email - sounds so legitimate.  I have seen complete websites with total lists of baby birds that you canpurchase.  The prices are about 50% of what you can buy them for in the US.  One big problem - you can't buy them from anothe country and bring them here and these are scams.  Scary. 
  • chris - 2014-12-01
    Where are you located? I am in Denver...I have one blue n gold female aged about 15, she would love the company...
  • rashik - 2014-12-11
    Iam interested in buying your macaw birds
  • nichole jonhson - 2015-02-15
    I have own a green wined macaw for over 15yrs before she passed and only own one small parrot at this time . I would love to give them a loving home I own a macaw cage and have a vary large home bird lover Nichole Johnsn
  • Teresa - 2016-04-20
    Hi, I own a 6 month old blue and yellow female macaw. I would like to get her some friends so she has someone to play with. I have plenty of time to care for them.
  • Miss debbie leach - 2016-11-22
    I live in a community house, have just moved in I Have to apply to the council if I Can have pet macaws I am very interested and be a very loving owner having left my two cats and a rosy parakeet behind. I hope not have to use a cage just stands unless they are ok with men and women

  • Rhonda Kemplen - 2016-11-25
    Hello I just seen your add and would like to know if your still needing a home for your macaws?
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jose ruiz - 2016-11-13
searching for young female yellow collared macaw and male hahns macaw

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khaled n - 2015-05-15
hi i would like to share my thoughts about buffon macaws it was a dream for me for owning one i got mine recently a 10 months male buffon macaw i named him tyson cuz he is tough and bulky bird i had different breeds of macaws before like b & g and scarlet and green winged macaws i can tel buffon`s are much calmer tamed and relaxed than the other breeds for sure buffons are larger than some hyacinth macaws

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  • Joseph - 2015-05-17
    I have had a female Buffons named Lulu for 18 years. I also have a female Hyacinth. The Buffons is always very easy going and needs very little attention while the Hyacinth demands by full attention 24/7. I love them both more than life itself!
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-18
    That's really interesting to know. Maybe my next macaw will be a Buffon!
  • Cathy - 2016-11-07
    I am looking for a buffons macaw and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know of any breeders of them?
Renee Weber - 2006-05-08
I have a male Buffons Macaw, he is the most wonderful bird. I have all together six macaws and two cockatoos and other smaller breeds but my Taco Bell is so sweet and loving. All of my birds are my life. Taco came from abuse and neglect, he was treated awful and he still has love and trust for us humans. To be loved by him is a privilege. Please before you purchase a bird check out some of the great web sites out there. It is not all fun and games. You must be a bird person, people who read this will know what i am talking about if you are a BIRD PERSON. Thank You, Love your Birds.

Thanks Renee W.

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  • Ifi - 2016-10-27
    Hi Renee, I am a new member to the forum. Just saw your comments on your Buffons. I have 2 and live in Canada. Both mine are girls. Would you know of anyone in Canada who would like to rehome a male.
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Glenn - 2016-10-12
Experienced macaw owner wants to buy a blue and gold, Hyacinth or Scarlet macaw.

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Glenn - 2016-10-12
Experienced macaw owner wants Scarlet, Blue and Gold or Hyacinth.

Phillip - 2015-07-12
We have (2) Macaws for sale - one Scarlet Macaw (female) and one Blue & Gold Macaw (male) - both sexes verified through blood tests. They were hand fed as babies and are now a little over a year old. They will come with a large (40'x40'x79') cage and a hardwood tree stand.. We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Call or e-mail for pics and additional information at 718-666-0683.

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  • Doris Peck - 2015-07-16
    Please send pictures and prices of both of your parrots.
  • Anonymous - 2015-07-20
    Wow! I really love macaws but unfortunately cannot have one as space is an issue...
  • kendra - 2015-10-10
    hi when I get a private apartment I would like to be interested in getting some of your birds my number is 216 269- 5724
  • melissa - 2015-12-27
    Hi do u still have the female?and if so ,how much for her?
  • Glenn - 2016-10-12
    Interested in one or both of you still have them
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Toni - 2016-08-31
I've had my macaw, Maxine for 36 years. She eats well and daily I give all my pets a little plain yogurt, they love it. For the birds, they have never molted and have never gotten sick, for the other pets it keeps their coat and bones healthy. I also give Maxine boxes, usually one weekly, which she carves into whatever she wants. It keeps her active and happy, I make certain there is no tape or anything that got harm her. She was never taught to fly by her parents as she was taken in captivity too young. I got her from a greyhound bus driver who was abusing her in 1980.

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Trish Elliott - 2005-06-03
I live in Milton, Florida and have 3 macaws, a greenwing only about 4 months old that I am hand feeding. I also have an 7 month old blue and gold. We started feeding her also when she was 4 months old. But my favorite is my harlequin, he is and will always be my 1st love. I got him when he was 6 and 1/2 months hand feeding for him. I haven't had any of the birds sexed but just by the behavior I guess the sexes, my b&g acts like a girl..she is sweet and cuddly and dainty, loves being on her back and cuddles with my husband when he comes home from work, My harlequin is a mama's boy and let's everyone know it. The greenwing is so sweet and playful already. I also have adopted a caught in the wild 22 year old blue fronted amazon. My husband is trying to train him in the evenings. But he is the type of bird that is almost a hands off, but with love and patience I think he will come around. We love our birds. They are a constant part of our lives and a definite part of the family.

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  • Hallie - 2013-12-17
    Hello Trish, I live in pensacola and have a big bay green wing that just turned 6 months today. I have had her since she was 4 weeks old. Problem now is she won't stop with the handfeeding. She now gets her handfeeding meal in the mornings and early evenings, but she also eats her regular bowl of food I give her throughout the day. I think she is a female cause of her size. What a sweet wonderful bird I have! I soo love this girl, MANGO. Please give me your advice.
  • Linda Mundell - 2016-02-20
    I adopted my GW when he was 16 weeks/4 months. I syringe fed him another 8-10 weeks after bringing him home. He eventually quit the hand feeding , and switched entirely to pellets. I kept pellets in his bowl, he ate both for a long time. He would have been 6-7 months old. To me, they are like babies. Each is individual. Your bird will probably let you know. Do you keep her pelleted food available to nibble on? They are such joys to love. Good luck with your baby.
  • Stacy - 2016-07-10
    So great to hear! I just started hand feeding our new baby Greenwing at 5 weeks, hatched 5/18. So far going very well and love seeing his/her personality starting to come out. I had a Too 20 years ago handfed that was my baby and went everywhere with me. At what age and what do you recommend with a Greenwing for 1) starting to wean, 2) travel and light excursions out (my other bird loves to go everywhere with us) 3) any advice of do's and don't stop make my Greenwing very happy very much welcomed and appreciated! I plan on a lifelong friend and companion so like a hold I don't want to make any mistakes and be sure he's happy and healthy

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