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Ifi - 2017-05-17
Hi. I have 3 young Buffons Macaws....Not hybrids, but with pure lines. 2 boys and a girl. They are regretfully up for sale. I am in Canada. If anyone is interested please send me an email. No low ballers please. These are appendix 1 CITES birds and as such command a high price. Anyone can check out their price on various websites. Only experienced families with large birds please.

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  • Ifi - 2017-05-18
    Hi. I posted the ad for the Buffonsmacaw sale. But forgot to add my email...
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ALAN - 2010-01-10
Oh these little fellers are just the greatest! My male yellow-naped, "Frankie", is the house comedian. They love to play and they love to be with you and on you all the time. He's my morning coffee drinking buddy sitting on my shoulder. And at night he snuggles up under my chin and preens my hair so gently it almost puts you to sleep.

Laughs like a human. Loves to be handled. Flips over in your hand to be petted. Gives kises and lord does he love a shower! I gave up on the suction cup perch in the shower. Frankie loves to be on your shoulder and shouts, "WOOOOO!" and laughs when you go under the water. Of course he's all grown up now. He calls himself "Frank" now.

Great pets! They can be nippy at times and Frankie always says, "OWW!" when he bites so he knows what he's doing. They can get very territorial with only one person and then bite YOU when others are around. They need to be socialized with many people. They are very intelligent and pretty easy maintenance. Great animated birds but they are VERY LOUD. If you are looking for a quiet bird, the yellow-naped is not for you. They do vocalize. And if not clipped, they will hunt you down in the house. LOL! Frankie lands on your shoulder and says, "Peek-a-boo!" Be very careful with birds if you have ceiling fans. Keep those little wings clipped to protect them.

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  • Liz - 2016-02-06
    This is adorable I love your story my bird Kingsley is seven and a half months old and he does a lot of the stuff you're saying and it's nice to know that my bird is it crazy when he plays around with his toys
  • Terri - 2017-03-25
    I've had my yellow napped macaw (named Charlie) for almost 2 yrs now. Charlie is a female & she's bonded with me. She's 15 yrs old and is housebroken - she won't poop until she's back in her cage no matter how long she's out of it. Due to a damaged wing she can't fly but can glide down to the floor. She's not crazy about taking a bath. I have to take her to my shower & set her on the little chair I have there before I turn on the water. Then she just sits there with her head held back the entire time the water is flowing. She's learned how to imitate my laugh and can speak a few works. She doesn't like fresh fruit or veggies but is crazy about sunflower seeks and those little white hard seeds. Unfortunately she's got the Macaw's wasting disease. As best as I can I try to get her to gain weight but she still very thin. She loves to sleep with me and is learning that cuddling is fun. YES! she can bite a lot and make deep wounds on me but she's learned she get in trouble when she does this.

    The one thing I'm finding out about this breed of bird is apparently not to many people have them as I can't find anyone who has one. I've got a lot of questions if I ever do find someone who has them. If you do own one let me know. I'm also looking for more pictures of the yellow napped macaw. I've found a lot of yellow napped Amazon macaws but not to many of the yellow napped macaw.

    Terri & Charlie
  • Elli - 2017-05-10
    Sorry, misspelled. Our FB group is called "Yellow Collared Macaws"
  • Elli - 2017-05-10
    Hi, I have a sweet little YCM who is now 17 years old. I thought she was a 'he' (per pet store) until 4 years ago when "Homer" laid her first egg! She is a 'one person' bird, prefers me.But some people are able to socialize their Yellow Collars so they accept others. She's very playful and aware.

    They used to be more plentiful but in past few years are harder to find in North America.

    Note- I saw a post few years ago re someone having birds for sale.More than before, be very careful who you deal with online.Scams are everywhere these days.You need to check out the references and business before you buy!

    For those who'd enjoy a group that features these adorable mini macaws please ck out a FB group "Yellow Colored Macaws" for pics and thoughts about them.And what it's like sharing your home with one.

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Joshua Brian - 2017-04-20
Hello we have parrots for sale for more info visit + 1 (931)-305-5508 Email at:

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John E - 2017-04-20
I have a severe macaw.hit his bexk in the floor to hard but think his bexk is splintering Not sure if he

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Ifi - 2017-04-15
Hi guys. I live in Canada. Since this discussion is all about these beautiful and smart Buffons i wanted to add my 2 bit. I have 3 Buffons macaws, a greenwing and a Congo African grey. 1 buffons is a rescue and picks. Not plucks just picks and out of stress. He is under treatment for stress. He lost his mate. The other 2 buffons are a 2 year old girl and a 9 month old boy. But he is a huge huge fellow. Almost as huge as a hyacinth. He and my greenwing are the same age and size. And despite both being boys they are bonded and i HAVE to house them in the same cage or too bad for me they scream the neighborhood down. Otherwise they are just a happy playful duo. My congo grey is the light of my life. Just a cuddle bunny.

chuck kimble - 2012-02-05
I have seven parrots and my newest addition is a 8 month old Buffon Mccaw named MOJO. What a great bird. So gentle and loves to be with me. Would love to find a female and maybe breed in the futhur to help strengthen the Buffon population. They are wonderful birds.

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  • Kim Strong - 2012-04-07
    Hi Chuck,
    I am looking for a Buffons breeder as I am keen to buy a baby to add to my bird family. These are SO hard to find! Are you in the US, and if so, can you recommend a breeder? I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.
  • Chuck - 2012-06-10
    There is a breeder in California named Teri who breeds Buffon. Her number is 925-550-8856. Don't know too much about her. Had babies the last I heard. Chuck Kimble
  • Nancy - 2012-11-12
    Hello, I am interested in getting a Buffon's macaw but am having a hard time finding a breeder. Would appreciate any info. that you might have. Thank you for your time.
  • Cheryl - 2012-11-12
    Howard Voren in Florida breeds Buffons. They are gorgeous.  Voren Aviaries in Florida
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-12
    Thank you Cheryl for the info. I will definitely get ahold of them.
  • Nancy - 2012-11-13
    Well Cheryl I went to the website but there was no info., on what exactly the raise or price or availability etc. Kind of makes me wonder about the quality of their business. Don't want to get scammed!
  • Cheryl - 2012-11-13
    Hi, I just looked up his website (I haven't in about a year) and realize he doesn't list babies for sale on it anymore. Probably too many phone calls. The Buffon (Lulu) that you see in the above photograph is my Buffon and was purchased from Howard Voren - Lulu is now around 12 years old. I can assure you that Howard Voren is one very well known person in aviculture and does much to save all parrots and works a lot with genetics. He is an excellent breeder and very knowledgeable. I will check with a friend and see if OK to send out email address.
  • Nancy - 2012-11-13
    Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for your help. I continue to try and find a reputable breeder but have come across quite a few scammers instead. I even tried to find someone that has fertilized eggs so I could hand raise my own thus maybe offsetting the high cost. That ended up an even worse fiasco. I am a mom of 4 children and my youngest is getting ready to spread his wings and leave home. I'm feeling the empty nest syndrome really bad. From all I have read, these macaws thrive on love, attention and a patient teacher. The way I see it, it would be a win win for not only myself but the bird as well. Actually I think that the love that it would give me in return would be unmeasurable. Well please let me know what you find out, and again thank you for your effort and time.
  • Cheryl - 2012-11-14
    Buffons are really lovable and make wonderful pets. You do not want to buy a fertilized egg and hatch it out. First problem is you could purchase a buffon fertilized egg and hatch out an amazon. (scam) Two, hatching out an egg and hand feeding from hour 1 takes a lot of practice and many babies get stuck in the egg and the chances of getting a baby successfully hatched and then successfully hand fed from hour 1 is very very slight. The cost of a good incubator would be more than the cost of the parrot. Babies are born in the spring so you might as well wait until spring and be sure you are getting a hand fed baby. Golden Cockatoo is an excellent pet bird strore in Florida and they have had them for sale. Tod Marcus Birds Exotic is also excellent excellent bird store and has had them in the past. Howard Voren (Voren Aviaries) must have a tel# somewhere cuz he has many sites. Susan Clubb (one of the top avian vets in the country) probably knows where you can find one. That would be Hurricane Aviaries. Terri is a friend and a broker and she knows where most things are and her email is She does placement for many of the top breeders. Many of the top breeders use a broker because they just can't feed the adults, feed the babies and answer th phone and emails. Impossible. Buffons can be quite expensive and yes they are excellent pets. The Buffon/Hyacinth cross are tremendous pets. Catalina. You might want to think about a cockatoo also. Umbrella or Moluccan. They do like to eat wood but they are cuddly lovable.
  • Nancy - 2012-11-14
    Good morning and thank you sooo much for all your advice and help. At least now I have some excellent places to start. Will keep you posted. Have a great day! :-)
  • Ifi - 2016-10-27
    Hi Chuck, I am a new member and live in Canada. I have 2 female Buffons and am looking for a male. If you know of anyone looking to sell or rehome theirs please let me know.
  • Frances - 2017-01-10
    i have a male for sale contact me via
  • Ifi - 2017-04-15
    Hi. I live in Canada and i have 3 Buffons and a greenwing and a congo Grey. I am looking for a female older Buffons macaw. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Janet Tuckwell - 2012-07-18
I have a 10 year old Catalina named Merlin who does in fact know more than 15 words/phrases. He is a rescue bird like most of mine and he was left alone in a cage over filled with toys for at least 10 days at a time. When I got him he hadn't been let out of his cage for about 4 years. At my house he is out on his T-Stand or walks on the floor. He has begun to scream when my rescued Goffin screams but I'm working on getting the Goffin not to scream as much. He LOVES to be held and to be hand fed and demands to drink out of your cup. He LOVES to be sprinkled with water and while you are squirting him he will say 'ahhh rain!' He is so silly! He dances, sings and like my other macaw he hocks up food to try to feed me lol. I breed blue and gold macaws and I'm thinking of saving a female baby from the first clutch to bond/breed with him so I can share with the rest of the world how pretty he is!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
    Catalinas are gorgeous.
  • Anonymous - 2017-04-03
    Why bring more of these gorgeous creatures in the world only to be mistreated or forgotten about? I am soooo worried what will become of my babies in 25 yrs or so that if i cant find proper homes they will all come with me!
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haroon - 2017-04-01
hi, i want any type of macaw as a pet ,even any wants to give for adoption ready to adopt a bird... Regards Rasheeed 9844204343

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Leon la touche - 2017-03-21
What causes white spots on macaw

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Rhonda Kemplen - 2016-12-14
We bought these 2 baby's from the breeder and they are the mostwonderful additions to are home.

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  • Shelia - 2017-03-15
    I have inherited a Jubilee Macaw.... He is a beautiful bird... He was not tamed when I got him about 5 months ago bit o am working with him daily... He is getting a lot more friendly now....I am really enjoying his company..... He can be so funny at times....

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