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   A pretty little parrot, Blue Masked Lovebird makes an adorable pet. It is a most playful, charming and amusing excellent bird for the beginner!
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brandon - 2006-02-26
nice website you guys got here

Shanae - 2006-02-25
I just received my 2 blue faces and I am hoping that they are a male and female. They are relaxed finally and they realized that they can trust me. I'm looking forward to extend their lease or boundaries.

donna - 2005-10-12
I love my blue masked lovebirds, they have mated and I hope my female will lay fertile eggs!!! I recommend these birds to anyone who loves birds.

Jameelah Young - 2005-07-24
My new Blue Masked Lovebird is so adorable! We are already bonding!

Steven Wright - 2005-07-12
I love my BlueMasked Love birds. I'm now breeding them.