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   A happy little bird, the Half-Moon Conure has a wonderful temperament and is very friendly. They are very popular and fun pets!
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Judy M Thompson - 2005-11-06
I have a Half Moon Dwarf Conure named Taylor! He was given to me by my neighbor, Kathy who had him for over 20 years. He is about 25 years old and acts like a youngster. He bathes about 2-3 times a week and makes a mess. We lost out Pepy, Cockatiel, on Saturday, 10-29-05 at about age 15. Taylor is moping about some but is getting much loving from me. We are each others' pal. We both miss out Pepybut will get over it. He is, at times, a very noisy boy!!!He is a great little bird and I hope he has 10 years or more to live! He keeps me going. He is able to get out of his cage any time he likes but is covered at night.

Phoebe - 2005-07-08
It's great to see my little "Lucky" is famous -- on the web!! I handraised Lucky for Crystal & he was talking before weaned. Little bird with a HUGE personality - love him. (& you and Norm, Crystal) Phoebe

Melissa Gladden - 2005-04-25
I have a Halfmoon Conure named Tequila and have found him (or her) to be a delightful friend. I would encourage anyone who is interested in this bird to think about adopting one-not as a pet but as a new family member!