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   A happy little bird, the Half-Moon Conure has a wonderful temperament and is very friendly. They are very popular and fun pets!
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Shae - 2016-10-31
My IRN tragically lost his mate of 8 years last night but i don't think he knows she has died. He seems to be looking for her. What should i do? I may be able to recover his mates body....should i show him she is gone so he can grieve? Do i get him a new friend?

Jo Ann - 2016-04-24
Cirelo, our half-moon conure, turned 20yrs old this month. She appears to be as energetic as ever. How long do half-moons typically live??

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  • Izy - 2016-07-18
    20-30+ years.
Tracy - 2016-03-11
Looking to bring a hand raise half moon conure into our home to love. Looking for breeders.

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  • Shawn Morris - 2016-04-17
    Take a look at our website, we can get a half moon to you.
bj - 2015-07-26
Looking for a half moon. My wonderful girl died recently and I can't stand coming hoe to no chatter. Recently or needing weaning is best, I can finish weaning. Live in Houston area and will drive.

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  • Betty - 2015-11-07
    I have a 3 yr old half moon conure, very lovable, very tame. Says and plays peek-a-boo, says step up, says Frankie (which is his name) and several other words. Very comical. It breaks my heart to have to get rid of him and his best friend, Flip, a green cheek conure, but my husband just found out he is going to have to hav e open heart surgery and we will be in and out of town for an unknown period of time. I have no one to care for my birds while I am out of town so I have no choice but to let them go. If you have not found one yet please let me know if you're interested. They love attention and interaction. A good bird loving home is a must. Thank you and I am so sorry about the loss of your bird. They have such personality and become like family members. I am located in north central Louisiana. is my email address if interested.
  • Stephanie Cosenza - 2016-04-11
    Hi, i have one if interested. Thanks
Marce Garcia - 2016-02-24
Hello, i have a half moon conure called Hermes

4 years ago my parents bought me  beautifull conure wich i called ''Hermes'' at first we thought it was a he instead of she. To be honest i did not knew anything about parrots, so i kept her in a cage for like a WEEK. My sister saw that Hermes was unhappy, so she searched the web for information, and that´s when a whole new door opened up for us. Hermes is now living freely. I have some tips for people that want parrots:

- I wouldn´t get another parrot, and if had the chance to never had get hermes, i would. Because parrots need to be free and live the life they naturally should have, i know they are really cute and playfull beings.

- Never cut the wing´s feathers, they are not very good at walking or running, let them feel secure by keeping the wing´s feathers.

- Being a parrot owner is NOT FOR EVERYBODY, you need to have a rutine for you and your parrot, also alot of patience.

- Please dont buy a parrot if you dont have the time to be whit them, they are social animals after all.

- VERY IMPORTANT to learn they´re lenguage, or they will get very VERY frustated 

Hermes has teached me alot of things, and im very gratefull. We and hermes have had our problems in the past (that im still trying to heal), but i love her and she loves me.

Regards from Mexico, if you like to read more about my conure i´ll be glad to reply. Oh and i forgot to point out, that no one, not even animals deserve to live in misery, so try your best!

Joanne Klaus - 2015-03-23
I am looking for a female half-moon Conure, please notify me if you have one or know of one. Will need to be flown to or near Omaha, NE. Thank you!

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  • vanessa milwa - 2015-03-25
    I have one but am in New Jersey. If you are interested contact me on (609) 389-6051 thanks.
  • gordon pizzano - 2015-05-27
    World of birds Chester NJ raises half moon conures and ship if this helps
Alex - 2015-04-20
so, about 2 years ago we got our little bird muffin. we did not get her at the store, she was left in the house we had just moved into and the old owners told us that she had fallen from a tree and they kept her and told us that she was still really young ( she's about 5 inches now). Since we got her she has parts of her body with no feathers. I think she plucks them and besides that she doesn't like people. we put her in her cage by the kitchen so she can hear everyone talk and so she can get us to us, but after 2 years she still doesn't like to handle her. We have never had a bird before, so we don't really know how to work with her or how to make her trust us. we sometimes take her out of the cage and when she's out she usually stands on the shoulders of who ever shes close to. when we sings she sings back to us and we give her pieces of bread as treats since she love it so much! anyway that's kind of our story with her. Today I went to her cage to bring her to the kitchen and to give her food, and usually she is either already standing on the sticks where she stands or she get out of her nest quickly and gets on the sticks. well, today she wouldn't come out of her cage, so I helped her get out and when she managed to get out she couldn't walk properly and she layed in the middle of the cage. I was very worry so, I opened the top of the cage to carry her and check her. surprisingly she did not try to bite me or freak out like she usually does when we try to touch her, so I knew something wasn't right. I tried to feed her and she didn't eat, not even bread, and she loves bread! and she doesn't want to drink water either. she is closing her eyes a lot and squinting and when she stands she puts her head up a little with her beak a bit open and sometimes she opens her beak really big like gasping for air. I put a heating pad by her cage and i put the blanket back on it as well to try to keep her warm and I also turn off the ac off. I put food close to her just in case she wants to eat. Unfortunatly, I don't have a job because im student and my major is very time consuming and I don't think I can afford to take her to the vet. does anyone know what could be wrong with her? she was just fine yesterday. what can I do to help her get better? I hate seeing her like this. i dont know if it's relevant but she laid an egg about 2 months ago overnight, so I didn't see how she act when this happened. could it be that she's going to lay another egg? I apologize for the length of this.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-20
    I'm so sorry to hear about your little Muffin. She has been an awesome companion... and yes, she is ill. I doubt the egg-laying has anything to do with it. It could be something she ate, or it could be something airborne. Is anyone in the neighborhood spraying for insects, or is there anything in the house that could be airborne? You have done the right thing setting her cage that way, but it really is best to get her to an avian veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment right away. Hoping for the best for you two.
Anonymous - 2014-06-17
Pepino loves to be touched! He is a 1 yr old halfmoon conure, demands to be constantly attended to. Can sit on a shoulder all day long, grooms and lets you kiss, and caress his feathers, wings head and under beak. He's a lovely guy (don't know sex so just guessing), loves my husband. And loves to sleep on our chest or in his fur house. Does not say much just 'Pepino' and kissy sounds.

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  • Joanne - 2014-06-25
    Do you or does anyone know a reputable breeder who has Half Moons for sale? I'd love to have one!
  • Gen - 2015-01-11
    I know a reputable breeder here in AZ. Message me @ & I will give you the information. I have an adorable male & he has a huge vocabulary & knows what to say & what they mean. He says, 'you're pretty, I'm pretty, whatcha doing, I'll be back, where are you going? come here, Kiki wanna come out? Kiki come out, Kiki good girl, Good girl, Hi, Pretty baby, Pretty girl, Hi Pretty Girl, Kisses (and makes the noise), Come on, Tiffany, Goodnight, Kiki go night night & I love you. Some things he says w/ attitude. I am having so much fun w/ him it's unreal.
Toni - 2006-10-09
We adopted Joshua at 3 months - and little did we know what a ball of fire we got! He's now 3 1/2 years old and talks no-stop; people will ask how many words he knows, and I just say as many as he wants! When not at home we let him and our little Shih-Tzu, Dixie watch cartoons; so now he's picking up some of their words, the latest being "Okey, dokey, dokey," & we are are saying it too! Bad enough when your pets imitate you, but worse when you find yourself imitating them! We had Dixie for 3 years prior to getting Joshua, she was not thrilled when he came in, but, for him, it was instant love. He loves that little dog and throws her carrots and green beans all day...he tells her to go "Pee Pee" and then says "Good Girl" afterwards! When she comes in he asks if she wants a "Cookie or a Carrot." She in turn, tolerates him now, after all, Joshua is a good food source!
PROS for having a Half Moon: Intelligent, will reward you 10-fold if you take care of them. They are family friendly with us, love me the most and my husband second,(of course, after Dixie!). Beautiful little birds. Loves to ride on my shoulder all day. Will stay on perch without wondering. Definite talkers! And looove you so...
CONS - if spoiled, they will call (or yell) for you by name until you pay attention. Can be loud, & nippy. One thing we hate is that while Joshua lets us kiss him, play bite, and steps up, he won't let us touch his body with fingers or be picked up. Having spoken with several other Half Moon folks, found out that they have the same problem. Don't know if it's breed characteristic, or just coincidence. After 3 years of trying, he now lets us touch his back (if we do it quick!).
All in all, they are definite keepers and worth a little noise & nip for all of the love you get.

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  • LYNND - 2011-12-09
    Most birds instinctively resist having their feathers and bodies handled too much. They aren't like cats and dogs in this way. It's rare for a bird to want to be handled, other than sitting on a finger. In my observation, it is usually the bigger parrots, like Cockatoos, that like to be petted or scratched on the head (rarely on the back or wings, however). If a bird is going to enjoy being handled, it is usually because it is hand fed and super trusting of the one or two people who are permitted to do so.
  • Patricia - 2013-09-11
    Hi. I had a half moon for 13.5 years. (She recently passed away 4 days ago and I miss her terribly.) She let me hold her all the time, flip her over and rub her stomach, kiss her, etc. She did not like to be held in a wash cloth like my other Green Cheeked Conure. The Green Cheek liked to sleep in a hut. The half moon did not. My half moon had a personality plus. She danced, yelled, talked, etc. She will be missed.
Tammie - 2006-10-08
I have a wonderful Half-Moon conure named Frankie. He is incredibly intelligent, happy, outgoing and a great talker. He is not yet 6 months old and says the following phrases, already:
Hello Frankie
Pretty Bird
Such a Pretty Bird
Good Boy
Step Up
Ouch (which he learned to say when he would nip my finger)
He whistles the "cat call" sound and is beginning to whistle the Andy Griffith Show song!

He's a great little bird, allows me to scratch his cheeks and head and loves attention. I'd recommend this species to anyone who is interested in a pet bird.