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The two Umbrella Cockatoos pictured here are still babies under 3 months old, and still needing to be handfed twice per day!
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--------------- - 2005-12-06
this got me an A on my project thanks to anyone who helps with this site

Mayra - 2005-10-05
I have a 1 month old Umbrella Cockatoo and i know its not a long time but i can only say right now that she is adorable, I agree with everyone, they are alot of work but i guess its getting used to the change of life. i had a Macaw and now i have a Quaker and i have Mollie, and i can only say that Cockatoos are the best little cuddlers and sweet babies.
My Macaw was sweet but too hyper and she would bite. she is gone and i miss her terribly. thats why i had to get another bird but decided to change breeds and i think i made a great choice. a lot of people tell me that when they reach maturity they will change, but until then i will go day by day with her and try to tame her as much as i can. we all have bad days, so why not them.

Rebecca - 2005-09-18
i have an umbrella and she is a big sweetheart. i also have a quaker and although bonnie is huge conpared to sweety, she will back off if he squares up to her. she could easily bite his head off but has never touched him yet. she snuggles up to all of the family not just me. watch your jewelry. all parrots like shiny things but bonnie makes a beeline for my rings. i would not recommend one of these birds until you have thought how long a commitment they are. thinking fifty years is ok on paper until you do it, and can't go on holiday or you feel ill and want to stay in bed. umbrellas don't get it and can scream the house down, not to mention stripping them selves naked.

RMickelsen - 2005-09-16
we got our umbrella in February of this year. He is very attached to my husband and my husband can sit with him for hours. "Barney" rarely meets a stranger and is very much a social bird. He has brought us many nights of laughs at his silly antics. We are really happy that he has adopted us as his family.

Lisa Keller - 2005-05-30
I have had my cockatoo for 1 1/2 yrs now and I believe he is about 9 yrs. old. He came from a San Diego pet shop. I think he may have been mistreated because he freaks out when he sees black or a stick. He has saved my sanity from time to time and he likes to cuddle especially in the morning. He must have 100's of different sounds. I love him so much and I have tamed him quite a bit. He can get very excited sometimes and bite. He does alot of tricks and is very smart. When I come home from work, I will bring him outside so he can watch me water the plants. He will be perched on the back of a chair in the sun and I will mist him with the sprayer. I love the way he smells. He enjoys having his wing muscles massaged under his wings. When I feel like being silly I will blow raspberries on his tummy.

Monika - 2005-05-20
Purchasing a Umbrella Cockatoo is almost like adopting a child. They are wonderful but also a big commitment. He was my only baby before I had children. He and I are having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule (with children). Cockatoos need a lot of attention and it is hard with young children because they don't quite understand how to be gentle. he is caged more than he would like and gets very loud about it. My children are getting older and its getting easier. These birds do prefer to be the "baby" and get alot of attention! Attention is very important to these birds happiness.

Kady-2-14-05 - 2005-02-14
I have a cockatoo and he is very "attention wanting" Most people say that they are sweet kind natured birds but my cockatoo IS NOT!! Unless you hold him every second of the day he can get very grumpy and bite. He definitly has an attitude. The chewing part is correct, my bird has got to be immortal, he has eaten everything in the book that will kill a bird and hes still living. He has gotten a hold of cigerettes, plant fertilizer, permenent markers, elecrtrical wires, you name hes eaten it. He also has a very strange behavioral problem, he hates men, he will only go to women. When we first had him he loved my father to death and wouldnt let anyone touch him. It lasted all of about a week. He also likes trying to climb the lamp and he likes licking the light bulb when its like really hot, is this strange?

Kristi - 2005-01-18
We have had Zeus, our female cockatoo, since she was a baby ... her feathers were just coming in .. boy she was ugly! LOL We allowed the pet store to wean her until she dropped her lunch meal then I took her home and hand fed her the rest of the way. She is now aprox 3 going on 4 years now. She is the sweetest bird a person could ask for. She is not usual in the cockatoos as in that she is not a big yeller .. although when she actually does decide to scream she makes up for all her past silence ... right now she is over preening herself so we are trying to discover why she is doing this. But she is a big baby and would suggest to anyone looking for a snuggle bird to consider the Umbi ... but please research your purchase and understand the cockatoo before purchasing.

Sabrina - 2004-12-18
I have a cockatoo. it is so loving. I take her everywhere I go. she is always sitting on the steering wheel. she is comforting on bad days.

Amri Ahmad - 2004-04-29
I have a male White Cockatoo his name is Alba. He is two years old. From what I discover the White Cockatoo is the best bird for petting. This is because compared to the other parrots that I have eg: Orange Winged & Jardine Parrot, the White Cockatoo is the best.