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The two Umbrella Cockatoos pictured here are still babies under 3 months old, and still needing to be handfed twice per day!
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KS - 2010-03-08
I was given an 8 yr old , male cockatoo...first experience..bless his soul, I can't help but love him but they can be challenging at get mad at you & it's like having a spouse mad.....but it sure is quiet...Always a great challenge

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  • Jeannie - 2010-04-23
    What part of Kansas are you from, I am from there until a year ago, I moved to NC, I have an umbrella cockatoo.
  • Carl Mote - 2010-05-04
    I was told that an umbrella cockatoo is like having a chronic two year old child with a bad temper. That is soooo true but if you love your bird and correct him without abuse like a two year old child. I used a little squirt bottle that did both spray a mist or spray a jet stream and used the jet stream and sprayed directly on a foot. That taught him the term no eventually. Remember a chronic two year old child. But the love you get back is unexplainable.
  • Akil - 2010-08-17
    I want to sell my Cockatoo I leave in wisconsin do you know any on interested in it? You can email me I just bought for my daughter who is 6 years old but she want parakeet.
  • margie - 2010-09-13
    How much are you asking for him?
  • Harmony - 2010-11-20
    It is true, these are wonderful birds but you must be prepared for a lifetime commitment and many behavior challenges. These birds can be very sweet but will also bite you HARD if they are scared or upset. Their screeching can be very difficult to live with. They should not be bred for sale because it is not fair to them. They are very loving, especially in the first 3 years of their life - but so often people give them up because they were not prepared for the reality of owning a parrot. Parrots are loud and somewhat dangerous and need LOTS OF ATTENTION. If you are not prepared to take care of a 3 year old child for up to 80 years DO NOT GET A COCKATOO! They are incredibly sensitive and when they are passed from home to home it is like torture to them! Be honest with yourself, if you do not have the patience for the mess, the expense, the noise and the time involved DO NOT GET ONE. I have an 8 year old. By the time I got him at 3 years old he had already had 3 other homes. He is the sweetest creature I've ever known and I love him with all of my heart - and am therefore in it for the long haul but I assure you, had I known how much work, noise and danger I would deal with I wouldn't do it again. He has never hurt me personally - (I'm his "person") but I have to be very careful when other people come in our home - he will fly at their faces and could cause serious damage!
  • Libbie - 2011-04-22
    I have a wonderful Umbrella Cockatoo with only one leg. He broke it the day I brought him home. Got caught in the bird cage and out of excitement he broke it. Had to be amputated. He does great without it. Now, pictures of cockatoos always show how smooth their feathers lay all the way to the tip of the tail. My bird, Q-Tip, has unneat feathers around the tips of his wings and tail. Can you tell me what causes that? He can groom himself all over but his feathers just look tattered.
Anonymous - 2011-04-15
I have a 9 or 10 year old umbrella cockatoo. She has laid 2 eggs. This is normal she does it once or twice a year. However, this time I would like for her to have a baby. I would like to get one fertile cockatoo egg she can lay on. Does anyone have any ideas. I live in Kansas.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-15
    It is not unusual for a cockatoo (or other birds) to lay eggs without a mate. Obviously, the eggs will not be fertile. It is also not unusal to place fertile eggs under another parrot that is known to sit eggs real well. You don't need an umbrella cockatoo egg.
    However, there is no assurance that your Umbrella will sit the egg. They lay them but they may not wish to sit them. If they do sit them, they may not wish to feed them. So you could acquire a fertile egg and your Umbrella may not sit it and probably won't feed it so you would have to hand feed it around the clock every two hours for about a week, then 3 - 4 times a day for another 6 or so weeks.
    That is quite a commitment.
    In any case, if you want to check it out, see if there are any breeders in the area and ask if they will sell you a fertile egg.
    I would not recommend this. It is difficult to do. Your umbrella may not accept another egg. It could be a very expensive proposition with no reward for you or your Umbrella.
    Why not just invest the money and buy a baby Umbrella cockatoo (or another parrot) that your Cockatoo can be friends with. You would have to hand feed it but there is a better chance of success - by a whole lot.
matt - 2010-03-26
Help please, yesterday I brought home a 16 year old female umbrella cockatoo. She is the sweetest bird, but because of her past situation she does chew her feathers and screams a little. But the main problem is my 10 month old african gray started freaking out today, I think it is because of the new bird. We have a 10 month old quaker and he is fine and the gray has been fine with him. Not sure if i will be able to keep the cockatoo if it is just going to stress out my gray. I don't want him to start any bad behaviors because he is stressed. I figure I will give it a couple more days and then have to make a decision. I would greatly appreciate any advice. I really love the cockatoo she is so sweet and entertaining.

RITA - 2009-07-28
Any advice? We purchased a 2yr old Umbrella Cockatoo two months ago, we named him Nikos. he acts like he hates us, he shivers and hovers whenever we come near his cage. However, he will let us feed him bananas and peanuts by hand. He spends most of his day doing laps up, down and around his cage. We give him plenty of toys and talk to him everyday. He won't let us come near him, so we've never held or touched him. He just hovers in the back corner of his cage. What should we do? i wanted a friendly, outgoing , loving cockatoo, not a frightened, aloof one.

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  • Konstantina - 2010-03-14
    I was baby-sitting my now "Baby" umbrella cockatoo, female 25 years old. This bird is so smart but also very sneaky. Once they learn to bite... that's it. You have to make it trust you. Gradually, little by little every day go closer and closer and stay still each time until you see all it's puffed feathers relax, then leave. Repeat this every day. At one point, when it's comfortable you being next to it then extend your hand (let your palm drop down so the bird sees the top of your hand), and stay still until you see it's feathers relax and are not puffed up anymore. Do the same thing the next day but closer until one day it will touch with it's beak your hand which shows that it has accepted you. It takes alooooot of patience with these birds. Note: You have to let IT come to you when IT wants and not you force yourself to IT. My bird always stayed in the cage and now it's always in the living room on the top of the couch. LOL and it I don't take it in the living room, oh God it doesn't take a no for an comes down the cage and walks to the living room. This is our fault because we let it get away with it.
    I hope this was helpful.
    I am at home all day so it's hard, it wants constantly my attention but if you're not there it finds things to do.
    Oh! I never lock it's cage, only when we have dinner because it walks to the table, what can you do it's an extremely social bird.
  • Trinity Mom - 2010-04-23
    Poor Nikos may have been in an abusive situation or may have been neglected. Has he come around yet for you? It takes a lot of time, love and patience. They are incredible birds! Best of luck.
Rhayne - 2010-02-23
I'm glad I have an umbrella cockatoo.

Shirley A Moran - 2009-07-27
Are there any trees that you can not use in cockatoo cages as perches or chew toys

Kelly Martindale - 2009-02-15
We have an umbrella cockatoo her name is Barney, she is 8 years old , she is happy, lovable and well adjusted. The other night she was sitting with me on the lazyboy chair and she decided to crawl under my nightshirt, she was under there for a few minutes when I felt something warm on my chest, I thought she had an accident on me, only to find out she laid an egg on me! We were so surprised. We love her dearly and I thought that this would be a great little tale to share with yous.

Lora - 2009-02-10
Our family has a cockatoo named Peaches, he is our life, we love him so so much. Peaches is about 4 years of age, he was given to us about 6 months ago. He is quite the talker, he always says "Hi" when we come home and "Bye" as we are leaving. He calls me "Mama" and says my husband's name too. He calls for a cat, he says "Here kitty kitty". The thing is, we don't even own a cat. We have a dog, Katie a mini -schnauzer, they get along great. He tells her to "be a good dog" and to "sit". He also Barks like our dog too. Peaches is always asking for a "cracker" or a "cookie" and he will repeat it until he gets what he wants. He sings "Old McDonald had a Farm" sometimes he says the duck or the bird. He tells me that he is a "Pretty Bird" and that he is a "Good Boy", and sometimes he tells me that he is a "Bad Bad Bird". He's very special to me and our family, we all love him dearly. He is my sunshine!

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  • Rachel - 2010-05-18
    How old does a cockatoo have to be to have their true eye color I have 2 umbrella cockatoos that I got for mothers day. From my husband and he told me they were two years old they have black eyes to me and I was told a female has brown eyes is that true?
Brooke - 2008-11-18
Hello your coockatoos a very nice.
I have one but she was a feather plucker so she is half bald, but has grown back a lot of her fethers over time.
I really think they are wounderful animals that make good freinds and they are really nice and friendly until you get bit, but I still think they're sweet animals.


E - 2008-09-23
HELP!!!!My best friend has an U2 named Piper. she is 5 now.My friend recently got a jack russell terrier mix and Piper and the dog don't get along.Piper lays an egg about once a month and recently laid an egg and SHORTLY AFTER, Piper went after the dog. My friend had a rottie for 2 years and they got along fine. I bring my golden there to visit, and they seem to get along fine.Can a canine and a cockatoo co-exist? Any help would be appreciated.Thank-you, :-)E