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   The lovely Spanish Timbrado not only has wonderful elaborate songs but comes in a variety of beautiful colorations as well!
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Emme - 2011-09-05
I got a Spanish Timbrado a couple of days ago. So far my (male) Canary is very bright, and beautiful. He has a swing but, I'm not sure if he needs anthing else.


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  • Adrian - 2011-09-06
    Hey Emme,please give me your yahoo e-mail to ask you something or send me a private message and tell me from where you buy your canary and what price you pay for...I wish verry much to buy a Timbrados canary but they don't exist in my country(I am from Romania) and how I could buy 1Timbrado canary from Spanish or another country who have and they send to me the bird.
  • Adrian - 2011-09-06
    By the way,my yahoo e-mail is
  • Anonymous - 2011-09-08
    Adrian, I am in USA and bought my bird from a regular pet store. I have no idea where you can buy your bird in Romania or Europe. Sorry.
youssef - 2011-01-08
Hello, my name is joseph and I'm lebanese, canary are my favorite bird,
I live in UAE, and here nobody know the canaries type..
I want to buy pair from each type.... How?

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  • Joseph - 2011-01-12
    Hi Youssef,
    You could contact Pedro at Paradise Bird Shop in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. He has many good Canaries of different types:

    Also, the most expert source for information on the Spanish Timbrado Canary would be:

    Hope that helps,
Susan Kuhne - 2007-09-09
As a breeder of Classic Spanish Timbrado Canaries, ...Canaries do need toys. They certainly do! They are very bright, smart, inquisitive birds and are much more content with 'something to do' being quite actively interactive with their toys. Toys of rope, string and paper are best.
Best Regards,
Susan Kuhne

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  • Geoff Martin - 2010-05-15
    Hello Susan, As a breeder/keeper for many years of Fife and Gloster Canaries I have just discovered via the internet the charming Spanish Timbrado Canary-yourself being a breeder of this species could you help me in obtaining some of these birds, or do you know of any breeders in the Tarragona region in Spain? Thank you for any help or information that you may give to me.
  • naji - 2010-12-26
    Price birds.
J.M. Greenwell - 2010-04-18
Where, in the area of hannover germany can one find a timbrado canary breeder? Or purchase a pair of the blue colored birds described on this website?

fscallan - 2009-12-18
where in Metairie, La. can I get the Spanish Timbrado(Blue) canary

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  • Joseph lee - 2010-05-07
    Where can I get white and brown color timbrado canary?