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   The lovely Spanish Timbrado not only has wonderful elaborate songs but comes in a variety of beautiful colorations as well!
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Costas Zouvanas - 2015-11-20
I would like to buy a pair of canary timbrado.

phuoc huynh - 2015-06-22
i want to buy a timbrado canary but i do not know how much each one and how can i order it

edward horeowitz - 2015-05-14
I am a hoobiest and by sheer accident i hgot a female for a freind and it looked at time of purchase to be male , so now an animal lover i am breeding and trying for a type timambrado and red facters now and of course i have a pair of pure yello as they are a a child a canary was and its easy for me to afford the birds as i am home bound and ,made it my hobby i maintain 4 breeding pairs and as the y produce i take the desired canaries for me to keep and the local pet shops mostly bird sellers only and they sa mine are perfect, tey are indoor i need a hemp air cleaer and i am mostley vegateriz and ythey love my food o also buy any dried flowers seeds etc i have read a and made a food that promotes vigor and etc,iam aemic and have ulcerative coliti,speny sept hopitalizedand i hjad triple bypass and suffered an osteomialitis inmy heart wich led to the rest of the problems, Somi feeed small amounts all day make allmy feed natural except seed i buy the best available knowing i am suplamenting with all the extras. i grind eggshells for calcium and cuttle bone i get on beach and also so far al ahs been smothand birds have started to be my type i like the larger nore defined head and longer tail when adult, i only breed gteat singers and even have a few female sing its good a sweet soft song, i am a bit nerotic and love it was a top american horse trainerin united states andknow wich vitamines do what ad show dogs and parrots so this comes natural to me u like some breeders i am selective skip inbetween pairing ny females and i dont band as to me a bird thry should be open but its not yet posed any problems , my hopes are safe good loving homes and i will buy back any bird should they need to move or etc. where shouldi adverstise and the correct pricing and not be a breeder with liwscence and wnt to sell to homes or show birds as well as some of my stock as show birds who are not winners are great as they have had a great start and i also get history i have a canatry from a spanish family who brought his birds here from the canary islands and he shows with great wins ii have a red male whose brother was champion at the bird show in miami and was sold to a japanese show and breeder, help me advertise and fing the homes and its a hobby as i am always lookint o move up my stock and define colors and better singeres, any suggestions i live in boca raton fla, and throughmy first year and help from a breeder who sells to tio other breeders has taught me alot and me with care nutrition for me and all my animals these are the best i can develop

Anonymous - 2014-12-31
Any ideas what size Rings the Spanish Timbrado has

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-31
    I'm guessing you are asking about leg bands. I'm not sure of the exact size as this is a larger canary breed, but there is a size chart on this bird band site that may help.
Arlinda - 2011-04-17
Can you breed a recessive clear white Spanish Timbrados with another clear white Spanish Timbrados?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-18
    There is no reason not to. They breed easily and there shouldn't be a problem. Remember, frequently the first clutch is for learning. They may not get it right for a couple of times - there aren't any adults (such as in a flock) for them to watch and mimic.
  • benhur - 2011-11-06
    I breed spanish timbrado for a long time the best is you should cross white with a blue or silver then you will get white babies.
  • Mohammad Mohtadi - 2012-10-23
    Breeding two recessive white canaries will give you 100% white recessive chicks and fully carrying the white Gene.
Mohammad Mohtadi - 2012-10-23
I live in the United Arab Emirates and i am looking for a Blue Timbrado preferable Female. Also Recessive Green Males. This is urgent and my phone number is 050-3872028

diana - 2012-06-24
I have (3) 3 month old male T canaries but they arent singing loud like their dad I was wondering why? Also my female has suffocated her 1 week old babies, why?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-24
    The young ones are just too young yet - they should start singing more around 5 - 6 months old as they mature.  The mom probably suffocated the baby by accident.  Too enthusastic to sit the baby or jumped in the nest box too fast or possibly the baby just died and mom tried to sit the baby so it would bealive again.  Some things take practice and learning.
mohammad - 2012-06-10
Hello, if I breed a male classic Timbrado with a female discontinuous Timbrado, what will their offsprings be? a cross breed?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-10
    It would be a hybrid. 
junis - 2012-04-24
I have 1 female timbrado laying an egg. The weird thing is that there is no male bird in the cage, how could this happen ? Is there any chances for the egg to hatch ?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-24
    Females can lay eggs and they do not need a male in order to lay the egg. Female birds can just lay eggs (think of chickens). Because there is no male, the egg will not be fertile so it will not hatch. However, if she is sitting the egg, let her sit it for 14 days and she will probably lose interest and then just throw it out. Have fun.
Charm Cummings - 2011-10-03
Can 'iceberg' lettuce harm my timbrado canary?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-03
    I can't say that it would 'harm' them but it sure doesn't do them any good and it can give them diarrhea - so there is possible harm. There is no nutritional value in iceberg lettuce. Endive, kale - green leafy vegetables - great. Cabbage also can give them diarrhea. Too many grapes or too much fruit can also give them diarrhea so little fruit, green leafy vegetables and anything you eat that is nutricious is fine including chicken. Scrambled eggs with veggies -- great.