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   When people think of a"singing canary", the bird that most often comes to mind is the popular Roller Canary!
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Rickey henson - 2018-04-27
Looking for mature proven pair roller canaries sent to Spavinaw okla how much shopping and all

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  • Anna Anderson - 2018-04-28
    Hello Rickey
    i do have a pair of roller canaries available for sale.
    reach me via text at +1(434)233-4396 for price and details.
  • Becky - 2018-06-03
    I live in western Arkansas. Looking for one male Herz Roller canary. Please advise, thanks.
Anna Anderson - 2018-04-28
Hello i do have a pair of roller canaries available for sale. reach me via text at +1(434)233-4396 for price and details.

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  • Vincent Thompson Sr - 2018-05-22
    I'm interested in purchasing a pair of Roller Canaires I'm in Charlottesville VA please contact me with price and availability of them if you have any available looking for a true young Singer(434-327-9732) my cell number
  • Maggie Bair - 2020-09-12
    Hi I am looking for a roller canary or two. Do you have any available?
Anna - 2018-05-01
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Angiel - 2018-04-28
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Robert Dressler - 2018-02-27
I am very interested in buying a male Waterslager or German Roller. Are there any for sale out there. I live in Texas

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  • Anonymous - 2018-04-08
    Hello, I have about 45 to 50 German Roller canaries for sale please contact me at 209-740-1115.
    Pleased serious buyer only
  • Rickey henson - 2018-04-21
    Looking for a mature pair of rollers ,how much sent to Spavinaw okla 74366
Liz Altieri - 2017-12-09
I live in Southwest Virginia and would like to buy my husband a male roller canary for Christmas. We want a singing canary with a melodious song. We are long-time finch owners but are down to one older orange-cheek.

Bob Blaicher - 2017-09-14
Going back to my younger days. Would love to parent german rollers again. Live in norather Virginia by Dulles airport. Would like 2 quality birds of each sex. As pretty as other canaries, there is nothing to compare to the roller song.

Dale Johnson - 2017-07-08
I'm looking for a Roller Canary breeder in N. California. I used to raise them but gave it up approx 10-12 years ago. I kept two males for their song in my outside aviary. Now one has died and I'm sure the other won't last too much longer. Thanks for your help.

RICARDO MEDINA - 2016-05-14
I want to buy german roller canaries for breeding cell 323 217 0880 email. . . . . . . . . . . . Rickmedina@aol. Com los angeles california 90039

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  • JORGE E. LOREDO - 2016-12-01
    I can help you with that because i belong to Sunshine Roller Breeders Association in Florida . I've been Grand Champion for two consecutive years and champion in my class. We in Florida and here, were I live, Miami, have the best Roller Canaries in USA. and we are the largest Association or club in USA. You can contact me at my cell 786-5542585 or my e-mail
Keith Lusk - 2016-09-14
Im interested in buying different types for my avairy. Would like to start with American Singers and rollers. Could you help? I live in Auburn Ca. Thanks, Keith

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  • JORGE E. LOREDO - 2016-12-01
    i am a roller breeder from florida, and though i live in miami i can sell some of my canaries if you want. My rollers were Grand Champion last year and fo 2 consecutive years i've won in my class. Florida has at this moment the best roller canaries in USA. Sunshine Rollers Breeders Association is the most important Roller Club and with more members in USA. We are going to have our show and contest on next week December 8 to 10th. Let's see if i can win again at least in my class. My phone (cell) 786-5542585