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Fatima - 2019-11-25
Hello I’m looking for a half moon conure,I live in AZ

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Masood Bahrami - 2019-11-28
I'm looking to buy a pair of waterslager canary. I live in Sacramento ca. 916-400-0442

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Tracy - 2019-11-28
My conure seems like she has lost some balance

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Ossksksmak - 2019-11-24
My blue masked lovebird is a male, but I don’t know if he’s young or old? His beak is a strong blush pink if that helps. How do I know if he’s young or not?

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Thomas - 2019-11-22
My 12-year-old son rescued a mourning dove, now we are trying to find a female as the male has matured and is obviously in need of a mate. Any help will be appreciated, by the way when he rescued it in another 2 minutes it would have been eaten by neighbors cat.

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Anonymous - 2019-11-22
I have available Macaw parrot's african grey Umbrela Cockatoo birds kindly call or watsapp or email me via if interested..

646 494 4468‬

Anonymous - 2019-11-22
I got available parrot's all types available if you are interested in any kindly email me or call me via

‪646 494 4468‬

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Jose Oyola - 2018-06-13
I have Glosters available many new light colors with type and quality in mind Serious inquiries only please 845-544-8201 I do ship

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  • Holly Heiberger - 2019-11-18
    Look for a male gloster canary - need shipped to Sioux Falls sd - can I get prices please
    Need for Christmas
  • Pieter van Eeden - 2018-11-03
    Do you have photos?
  • Steve - 2019-10-14
    Hello am a Buyer (For myself only - contrary to what my e-mail suggests)
    What's the price please - preferably one (believe with one they sing , with two they do not sing) - Thank you
  • Thomas Mckinney - 2019-11-02
    Can you ship 3pairs to Western Australia.
    Thank You
  • Anonymous - 2019-05-11
    Hola José. Tienes canarios para venta.
    Mi teléfono es 850-902-9166.

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clive heldzingen - 2013-09-25
I have 2 feeders in my garden. The black and white whydah chases all the other finches away. how do I solve the problem. I try to chase the whydah away but this doesn't work

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  • Carol Smit - 2019-11-18
    Yes we also now have a problem in Boksburg with one solitary Pintail Whydah he bombards all the other birds and we are afraid they will disappear. Going to move the Bird feeders to the front garden & see if that works??? unless anyone has any other ideas s there seems to be no let up with this one.
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mandy - 2011-10-12
Our bengalese lay one tiny egg a few weeks ago and today we can't see the egg. Can anyone please explain what has happened?

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  • Kari Kenidi - 2012-07-20
    Hi Mandy, Maybe she ate it....? I can't think of anything else but would love to know if u find out. Good luck, Kari
  • chris carey - 2012-10-20
    Some times they will break itor throw it out. Or even pick it it to pieces, I have 20 finches in avery.I see a lot of weird things.I had one female.dye and it mate died in about 2hours. The other pasted, I guess some get really attached. Or maybe it was bad they broke it up.
  • Lori Harvey - 2019-11-15
    I think they are it. They may need more protein, calcium and minerals in their diet.

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